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    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    Wow, lots of well read people here, will definetly have to try many of these out :D Just to add my 2 cents, I can recommend The Dark Tower series; I really love books 1-4 (3 especially, just like ASOIAF) and books 5-6 are decent (haven't read 7 just yet due to widespread criticism). I'd also recommend the Artemis Fowl series, which despite being quite simplistic, is a pretty fun read nonetheless. Just don't expect to get your mind blown. However, the real reason I posted here is that to note I was glad nobody posted His Dark Materials. I remember reading this series as a child (about 10 years old), being quite engrossed in books 1 and 2 and just thoroughly hating book 3. I gave it a second chance when I was about 19 and found exactly the same thing, except this time I could see why it was so bad. Pullman just takes a very promising story and takes a giant shit all over it, pardon my language, and forgive me if you liked the book. It is filled with horribly, horribly contrived situations, author filibusters, ridiculous plot devices (seriously, there's a moment in the story we're introduced to machine that can do literally anything at all - which is then used to move a character from point A to point B and break instantly after that, which just screams laziness and lack of respect to the reader so hard I felt ill), clich├ęd dialogue, and worst of all, the destruction of all the interesting elements introduced in the previous books. The main girl, Lyra, goes from being an interesting free-thinking rogue to an extremely lazily written, apathetic, boring love interest/Eve metaphor or whatever. Seriously, most of the book reads like a horribly corny pamphlet for the author's views, very different from the pointed criticism found in previous books. In case it isn't apparent, big no-no from me. If you want, read books 1 and 2, they are quite interesting, but book 3 just shows such a lack of respect for the reader that the author deserves to be shat upon. Again, please forgive me if you like the book, but I don't think I've ever been this offended by a bunch of paper before.
  2. Since she has already had her telarche (initial breast development), it would be only be a diagnosis of delayed puberty if she had not had her menarche (first period) by 16 years of age. How old is she supposed to be on the show?
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Agreed, 100%! Agreed, also. LF is my favorite book character, precisely because he just comes out of nowhere in books 3 and 4 showing that he's been backstabbing everyone, everywhere, all day long. They're making him too plain. This I have to disagree with. I think it was made abundantly clear in the book that the Tickler is one of the most ordinary men Arya has ever met. Even after having seen him torture people, she would remark that she would look at him and forget he was a Lannister man. Here are the passages And Overall a good episode, IMO, though I feel they are tacking on waaay too many extra scenes that are often redundant (Joffrey/Whores) or just out of character (most new LF scenes). EDIT: I agree, no mention of Beric seems strange, I hope they do not cut him out :( But the Brotherhood is simply the Brotherhood without banners, Dondarrion's men. I do hope they don't keep them in without keeping their awesome leader, also, especially because they kept Ned's mission to him in last season (he even called Beric by name).