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  1. voodooqueen126

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    The sheer numbers of people involved in such a conspiracy would render it impossible. http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a19150/most-conspiracy-theories-are-mathematically-impossible/ And it would be even harder to run such a conspiracy for thousands of years. I think we need to accept that a side affect of incest is poor health, reduced fertility etc. Occam's Razor rather 'elaborate conspiracy of Septon's and Maesters'
  2. voodooqueen126

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    Perhaps the Green Grace is being dishonest: since it is the opposite of the Islamic ruling on other people's marriages. Given that Slaver's Bay is the equivalent of the Barbary States of North Africa (Although perhaps I am taking the analogy to far, religiously the Ghiscari seem to be religiously closer to the Carthaginians, however pagans are usually pretty tolerant of their differences... https://islamqa.info/en/169528 Interestingly, since we are discussing Targaeryn incest, this Islamic website has a very interesting discussion of Magian marriages He replied: With regard to these people who had intercourse when they were still disbelievers, if they believed that this intercourse occurred in the context of a marriage contract that they thought was valid, even though it is invalid according to sharee‘ah, the marriage contract is valid and the children belong to that man. For example, when he was still a disbeliever, a man proposed to a woman that he should be her husband and she agreed, and they thought that this was a marriage contract, then the man and woman became Muslim. We say: Your marriage is still valid and there is no need to repeat the marriage contract, and any children that you had are your children, unless the wife is not permissible for the husband in Islam. An example of that is if he was a Magian and married his sister, as the Magians regard it as permissible to marry mahrams (close relatives). If he married his sister when he was a disbeliever, then he became Muslim and she became Muslim, they must be separated because the woman is not permissible for the man. With regard to the group of people you mention we say: If they believe that what they did of having relationships with these women was a marriage, then it is not zina and the children belong to them. But if you believed that it was zina and you attributed these children to yourself when you were still a disbeliever -- i.e., the zaani said: These are my children -- then they are his children, so long as there is no one to dispute with him on this issue. But if they did not attribute these children to themselves, then they are not their children.
  3. voodooqueen126

    Is Tyrion Lannisters crime to much?

    Agreed so much with this.
  4. voodooqueen126

    When did bastards happen?

    Dorne which has a strong matriarchal influence of the Rhoynar has the least stigma against illegitimacy, perhaps this is rather similar to the lack of stigma against illegitimacy in matrilineal societies such as the Trobridian islands. Beyond the Wall has limited property and inheritance, so there is less stigma against illegitimacy and a strong emphasis on exogamy. Worth noting that illegitimacy stigma varies on Earth-amongst the Yolngu the word for bastard is a hge slur (they pratctice polygyny) but it the stereotype of Native Americans is that they stigmatized illegitimacy less (but I don't know much about them, not being American, I do however know that some were matrilineal, which again brings them closer to the Trobridian islanders). It seems that wildlings do not stigmatise premarital sex at all, but seem to think it is important that a man cares for his children. The North still has a strong influence of First Men culture, but having sufficiently salubrious climate to engage in agriculture, there is property and therefore a need to have property be inherited by ones own children (not from Jon down the road). The remnants of First Men culture, and relatively independent women seems to result in bastards (such as Bael the Bards son with the Stark girl, Torrhen Stark's brother Brandon Snow) achieving prominence. Andal cultures-strong sexual morality, however women have sufficient status in society that they are monogamous, so even if sexual morality is important, it is atleast important for both sexes, even if women are punished more severely for sexual transgression than men- men are still stigmatised for father bastards and the products of such unions are stigmatised. So even though women have a loss of freedom (they don't have it as good as Dornish women or even Northern women) atleast they don't have to watch their husbands' sons with the kitchen girl inherit the property (property that was probably enriched by the wealth that she brought with her dowry) instead their daughters can inherit, and they have a status that say women in polygnous societies do not. The Iron Islands: a rape culture: a man's concubines with his saltwives can inherit, however a Pyke (the product of an affair between a Iron Islander nobleman and an Iron Islander woman) is stigmatized (Cotter Pyke is on the wall). Basically the Iron Islands have the worst kind of polygny (the child of a saltwife inherits before a man's legitimate daughters). Few protections for married women (as there is in a monogamous society atleast) and almost no stigma for men (they are outright encouraged to rape). However there is still some sort of first men influence-which is why Asha is able to be a warrior (like a real life Viking shield maiden). Which brings us to the Dothraki who are even worse: polygnous, rape their slaves and captives, and widows are forbidden to remarry. Not dissimilar to Confucian prohibitions on widow remarriage whilst allowing concubinage. Also from watching Korean serials it seems that the sons of concubines had fewer property rights than legitimate sons, but still had more freedom and independence than yangban daughters. Years ago I read this essay that argued that the Chinese began to heroise women who killed themselves rather than remarry in the Yuan dynasty (aka the Mongol dynasty), however Neo-confucianism began in the Song dynasty, so I am not sure how seriously I take the theory that the Yuan stigmatising of widow remarriage was based on the idea that a woman who remarried was loyal to her first family (which symbolised the song dynasty) and a woman who remained loyal to her husband was like someone loyal to the Yuan dynasty. Not sure if it was this book or this book, or this book, it's not this book since I haven't read it. Mongol women were quite independent (even if adultery was probably severely punished) at least according to Jack Waterford's books on Genghis Khan. Perhaps their nomadic pastoralism is similar enough to hunter gathering that you cannot afford women to be caged in their homes and dressed in clothes that reduce their ability to see/have their feet bound so they cannot walk/neck rings, perhaps this is why Dothraki women aren't cloistered and segregated. My conclusion: matriarchal societies are the best (since both men and women are happy in them, indeed because Trobridian Islander men can't pass on property to their sons, they try and teach them dances and other skills so it presumably makes them better fathers). At least in patriarchal monogamous societies both sexes are held to a certain standard-with a man's bastards unable to inherit property-(albeit women are held to a higher standard) and women still have some status (Medieval Queens, courtly love, a role in public life) Which is better than polygnous societies: women tend to be cloistered, held to ridiculously high standards of sexual morality, whilst men are able to take concubines and multiple wives whose children can encroach on property that the first wife brought into the marriage. Also young men are unable to find mates (since rich old dudes horde all the beautiful girls) and are as a result very miserable (patriarchy hurts men to, as they say), often warlike (as a way of acquiring new women for low status men by rape and slavery) but not always (Confucian societies and Hindu societies when they are not on the defensive*) *Some Hindus, such as the Nayars and Bunts are matrilineal, some practice polyandry-multiple husbands-Hinduism has a broad range. However I am talking about the patriarchal end: Suttee, high female infanticide, and widows being forced into ashrams in Vrindivan,
  5. voodooqueen126

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I came here with such hopes. Oh well have preorded the new new anthology.
  6. I hope the fifth season gets onto the Mexican cartels, since I don't know much about them. I find that historical dramas are a great jumping off point to historical research.
  7. Just finished. I am glad they are doing a third season with the Cali Cartel. I think looking at the big picture is much more interesting.
  8. voodooqueen126

    THE PUNISHER now a Netflix series

    Well Jon Bernthal is very hot. Which is a bonus. But would seriously prefer if he patrolled something other than Hell's Kitchen.
  9. surely they use multiple writers?
  10. Binged watched it in 2 days. Amazing show. Amazing how Holbrook looks like Steve Murphy (whom he plays) with the thinning blond hair, pale skin and bland facial features... Not as likable as the guy who plays Marco Polo (where the same concept of white guy gives entry in the world of non white characters). Pedro Pascal was amazing. Wagner Moura is an amazing actor: he plays Pablo as so likable and affable, yet this merely serves to enhance his evil.
  11. voodooqueen126

    Pratchett II: The Wrath of Om

    I bought it today. Won't get to read it until I write another thousand words of my book.
  12. voodooqueen126

    Pratchett II: The Wrath of Om

    I also find that Vimes has a huge chip on his shoulder and this is the reason that the Watch series is my least favourite after the Rincewind books. My favourite is Witches and I am so happy that the final discworld novel is Tiffany Aching.
  13. voodooqueen126

    Foreign shows

    I have started watching the Japanese Drama "Gou: Himatachi Sengoku" which is set between 1569-1615 during the late Sengoku early Edo period. If you love Game of Thrones, then you will love this, since there are a lot of parallels between the characters. For instance Cha-Cha is perhaps like GRRM's original intention for Sansa. Hideyoshi is a combination of Petyr Baelish with a little bit of Tyrion (because he is constantly called 'monkey' by the other characters) also one of the rare instances were an ENF* male is portrayed villainously. Tokugawa Iyesau is sort of like Tywin Lannister, but funnier and a better manipulator. He doesn't start off as a villain either, but it is gradually revealed/grows. Actually, when I watch Korean serials I notice this as well: very few characters are truly evil in K-dramas, and it seems J-dramas are the same. I put this down to Mencius's belief that humans being naturally good, though I would have to find a C-drama that is well written enough for me to get past the 2nd episode to confirm. the heroine Gou, is more naive a than book 1 Sansa as well as being much stupider than the heroines in K-dramas, but is the tomboyish Arya character that is forced to grow up. Hatsu is cool because she is neither the refined perfect lady like Chacha, nor the outspoken tomboy like Gou. I love how she is always eating sweets and dumplings. I think Gou's first two husbands represent perfect manhood: the first (name escapes me, but he is definitely the best looking, like a Japanese Tatanka Means) is good because he doesn't insist on consummation (Gou was historically 12 or 13 when she first married), and holds no resentments when Hideyoshi forces Gou to divorce him. Toyotomi Hidekatsu is handsome, romantic, kind, a good soldier, who is yet compassionate to the Koreans*. Hidetada Tokugawa is more like an actual person, with flaws, where love slowly grows between the two. *As someone who watches so many K-dramas and is familiar with WW2's Pacific theatre I barfed a little at that.
  14. voodooqueen126

    Orange is the New Black

    She can simply explain to Lady Pornstache that her mother was lying and crazy narcissist and can you please take my baby in, pretty please. Given that a child's life, welfare and future are involved, now is not the time for Dayanara to wallow in her feelings.
  15. Only to meet the Sansa diaphragm once inside the Gates of the Moon.