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  1. Only to meet the Sansa diaphragm once inside the Gates of the Moon.
  2. I think he is a relative. Perhaps Syrio wrote his letters describing his time in KL describing Cersei, Tyrion*, Jaime, Robert and the Stark sisters. He is then murdered by the Lannister regime. If the family [Phario Forel] was informed of Syrio's death, it would've most likely been blamed on the Starks. *Perhaps Syrio and Tyrion crossed paths before the Winterfell trip, at a tavern or brothel.
  3. Doesn't Shae pretend to be an innocent maiden with a fiancee at the trial? Supposing the playwright (distant relative of Syrio Forel) was at the trial/heard accounts of the trial, he would be forced to assume that Shae was the innocent that she pretended to be at the trial.
  4. So the Barristan chapter hasn't been put up online though?
  5. The Tyrell victory over the Ironborn could be a pyrrhic victory. In that they win, but loose their own fleet in the process.
  6. You mean fail to kill her because she escapes with her direwolf? What other choice would they have? If Margaery dies (or Aegon perceives her as cursed) they have no other way of making a Tyrell grandchild sit the Iron Throne. the raven's in the Godswood at storm's end whispered "Justice for Elia" "true son" "Justice for Elia" "true son", could goad Aegon into murder.
  7. Does anybody think that Myrcella might be at risk from capture by Jon Connington and co? If so what will Jon C do?
  8. Even if Tommen dies, they could marry WIllas to Myrcella. Where is Myrcella in all of this? Isn't she travelling up to Kings Landing via the Stormlands?
  9. /random thought/ Elia sneaks off to play a cave, caves tend to be in mountains... both Summerhall and Griffins Roost are near Mountains. So it seems that there was a cave that sacred to the children of the forest in the mountains near Griffins Roost and therefore very close to Summerhall. The Prince of Dragonflies and Jenny of Oldstones died at Summerhall. Jenny of Oldstones was friends with that dwarf woman on the hill at high heart, and Jenny said that the dwarf was a child of the forest (having seen an actual child of the forest in ADWD, we know they are nothing like that unfortunate creature woman described in ASOS). /Random thought/
  10. apparently it's the second Arianne chapter so there is time for him to have heard of Kevan's death.
  11. Thanks guys. thanks! I did this http://imageshack.us/f/580/lafarroniere.jpg/ so far not much.
  12. But it doens't let me. I put in the image from the URL. But it just ignores me.
  13. How to get a profile picture

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