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  1. 4 hours ago, The Anti-Targ said:

    Anti-vaxxers becoming increasingly militant hereabouts. May well end up with some actual violence at some point. There has already been anti-vax vandalism in a few places.



    State Daddy (otherwise known as Premier McGowan) had to close his electorate office due to credible threats of violence by antivaxxers over here. People have been charged for their threats.

  2. On 11/14/2021 at 9:59 AM, Paxter said:

    Not really a great look if McGowan is considering changing his border stance based on a test match. But perhaps this is a beat-up job from Hunt?

    Anecdotally, I think most Western Australians are happy to wait for the 90% threshold before opening.

    McGowan replied publicly to Hunt saying "stop making things up". So yeah, it was a beat up.

    And it is pretty clear that WA folks are quite happy and that there is a ton of stuff to show that the protesters are just the usual RW & libertarian crowd.

  3. Quote

    While the WA government's hyper alert stance has certainly helped and should give them some credit, I think luck is a larger factor in their success. There is a level of confidence in the WA government's ability to control COVID-19 (and their subsequent hectoring/crowing over other states for being failures) that isn't warranted, in my view.

    @Jeor WA is not hectoring others states for being failures. It is simply defending it's actions in reply to the demeaning way the Cth & NSW have attacked us for being stricter. Morrison thinks we are 'cave dwellers' and we are the hectoring ones? Pull the other one.

    Again, the facts speak for themselves. NSW & the Cth in particular preferred $$ over people.  Now they are trying to bully the rest of the nation to do the same.

  4. 1 hour ago, Jeor said:

    True, I'd forgotten that. But McGowan's "lockdown" then was a Clayton's lockdown - schools remained open and there were no travel radius restrictions, and he eased it within days. The truth is, despite talking a big game, the lockdown wasn't as hard as other states (Victoria) and in my opinion he got a lucky break. It certainly wasn't due to the hardness of the lockdown (though I admit the speed of it probably helped). I should add to my earlier comments, I don't wish for a Perth outbreak, of course!

    Mate there was no need for a travel radius restriction, because WA restricts the types of travel allowed for the whole city.  The record speaks for itself.

    The fact of the matter is that the NSW and Cth govts dropped the ball so hard it went pear shaped.

  5. 25 minutes ago, The Anti-Targ said:

    It does feel like there are aspects of what I think of as a lockdown that have been missing from the NSW lockdown from the beginning. But maybe part of the problem is the lockdown didn't start soon enough, so it's proving very difficult to bring it under control. I suppose the best that can be said is without the NSW "lockldown" the course of the outbreak would be so much worse that it is.

    The central problem is that you can't have a piecemeal lockdown between LGA's.  Every lockdown instigated here has been metro-wide.  Every day that Sydney was not in complete city-wide lockdown has prolonged and aggravated the issue.

  6. 6 hours ago, Skyrazer said:

    And now we got Reynold's supposedly calling Higgins a "lying cow".

    I guess it never rains, but pours in Canberra....

    I think it's gone beyond "supposedly".  Which doesn't sit well with her teary comments in the senate - the same day that she dropped this howler.

    As for Porter, it seems the only chance that the investigation is rejigged will be dependent on the findings of the SA Coroner.

  7. 3 hours ago, Skyrazer said:

    I bloody hope so.

    Was in Canberra when NSW had their lockdown and had to rush back to Melbourne to avoid getting locked out. Now we've got everyone at work scrambling to get their WFH arrangements sorted at the last minute.

    Lockdown fatigue is really starting to hit.

    Ours just got called off as of Midnight Saturday. Stay safe and post if you need to vent.

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