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  1. One of the cleaner's family members has the UK version now.
  2. Happy New Year everyone! One thing I'm hoping for in the NY is a return for empathy and consideration of others. Except for racist fascists. Fuck those guys.
  3. He didn't appeal the convictions. The way the defence ran the case was the main reason for that I think. They didn't run a positive case and led no evidence at all. Hard to say if he will appeal the sentence.
  4. The sentence for the Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards will drop today. The court is located opposite where we park in the CBD. At 0715 hrs today, there were already hundreds of people lined up for the public gallery.
  5. That's because the LNP showed it's true colours during Covid. All they did everywhere was whine about protecting profits.
  6. I suspect Kerry Stokes has had enough of Palmer's shit - if the last few days' worth of front pages on the West Australian are anything to go by.
  7. Clive may win. The fucker. Seriously, all his companies have done here in WA is get involved in litigation.
  8. 400+ new cases in Victoria today. NSW back to over 10 per day for the last few days as well. I read one report that 1 in 2 Victorians who were awaiting test results were still going shopping or to visit others. Dumb.
  9. Carrying on the theme of the last few posts, a story that tends to deflate hopes about a vaccine, or at least forces speculation of how a Covid vaccine might look. The Drop Off of Antibodies
  10. [MOD] Folks, Once again, this thread is for rants only. It is not for debate about the merits or otherwise about others posters' rants. Thanks. [/MOD]
  11. Stubby

    Board Issues 4

    Embedded videos are not permitted.
  12. [MOD] If you have seen such posts please use the report function to identify them. [/MOD]
  13. Stubby

    Board Issues 4

    In short, no. The site stays in performance mode while the show is on, due to the incredibly high traffic volume. Once the show has finished for the season things get back to normal fairly quickly.
  14. [MOD] As with another thread, this thread was in danger of being derailed by personal attacks. Please endeavour to keep the debate civil. [/MOD]
  15. Admin's decision will not be revisited on this issue.
  16. The previous thread was deleted by Admin due to open discussion of leaked material. As it stands, I understand it will not be reinstated for that reason.
  17. Investigating it now. It may take a while due to board traffic and other issues atm. :)
  18. Hi Wolfmaid. Where is the (heh) missing link? By that I mean in which post should it be?
  19. [MOD] Folks, If you must post stuff about shows that are currently airing or are about to air at different times around the world, please have the respect to use spoiler tags. Thank you. [/MOD]
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    Board Issues 4

    Just report one of the duplicate threads and include in the report a link to the other. One of us will get around to merging them. :)
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    Board Issues 4

    We are all getting it as far as I can tell from the Bad Pop Ups thread. It's an expansion of the link buttons for the various social media feeds. Dunno what's going wrong but I'm sure it will be addressed.
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