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  1. Hi Palas, welcome aboard. :) If that type of thing bothers you, and you are only on AFFC, watch out for horrible spoilers of doom while you navigate the place. ;)
  2. [MOD] A gentle reminder to all users. This is an extract from the forum rules/FAQ: Please note the highlighted portion of the quote. Thanks. [/MOD]
  3. Gudday, QoT. Good to see yet another Aussie, even if you are from melbourne. :P
  4. Welcome, Schley :) Seeing as you are only on AFFC, watch out for horrible spoilers as you navigate this palce. Bonjour FrYo. You are off to a good start - Pod shall be blamed, not defended. ;)
  5. Welcome, Jessica. If you are only halfway through ACoK and are bothered by such things, watch out for horrible spoilers of doom as you navigate this place. ;)
  6. More Antipodeans! Awesome. And someone from Iran - which I think may be a first. :) Welcome to all our new boarders - enjoy the place and have fun. :D
  7. At the moment you need to use gravatar. Ran has recently said that the option may be restored in due course, but there are (in the scheme of things) more pressing issues to address.
  8. Welcome everyone. :) Raja is correct about the spoilers - if they are the type of thing that you wish to avoid, the best advice is stick to the "Still Reading" threads. If spoilers do not worry you, have at it! Hope you all enjoy the forums. :)
  9. [MOD] Folks, please lay off the homophobic stuff and the personal attacks. Both are outside the rules of forum. Let's keep it on topic please. [/MOD]
  10. Welcome aboard, one and all. :) More folk from all over the world again, I see. Even someone from an imaginary place. :P Have fun!
  11. Stacks of us mate! Have a squiz at this thread...
  12. Welcome everone. Please forgive us the evil SQL errors of death. :( stormborns, always good to see another Sandgroper around here. ;)
  13. Welcome to all our new boarders. :cheers: As usual, for those it bothers, beware of spoilers. Otherwise, hope you enjoy the place!
  14. A 'well met' to all our new boarders. Good to see the international flavour is continuing. :thumbsup:
  15. A belated welcome to all of our new boarders. :) Dive right on in guys, the discussion's nice. ;)
  16. Adriana, sheindy, servethe_Realm, QSS, NTaB, Trasali and dansnow: Greetings new boarders :) Have fun and embrace the addiction ;)
  17. A hearty welcome to all our new boarders. :) For those of you that are yet to finish, and are worried about spoilers, the best place to hang out would be the "Still Reading" threads. Enjoy! :)
  18. Gudday Adam. Be sure to head on over to the BwB threads to monitor the next meets. ;) Stubs
  19. Well met to all of the weekends new folk. Ser Pattay, Reall old griff, Gregor Blackfinger, Winter isn't coming, AS666, Fire & Blood, Natsha Kingston and DWDF: Have fun with the crackpot theories and general stuff, watch out for spoilers if that sort of thing offends and otherwise enjoy the place. :)
  20. Welcome Ash. Welkom Fredward. Have fun with the place. :) Ash, not so sure about merchant mariners but there are a few military sailors here to share the 'me hearties' with. ;) Fred, aangename kennis...
  21. You'll need a few posts first, LJS. 5, I think.
  22. Wow, a big weekend for intros! A hearty welcome to Blue Walker, Benethon Stark, Lady Octarina, Ladywhiskers, Wisteria, Lady Greeneyes, Yvonesan, SI Monster, Alex the Andal and Orestes. :cheers: I see we have people from Rio, Croatia, Florida and elsewhere. SI Monster – there is a contingent of marines that knock around this place. I’m sure you’ll run into them. To all – enjoy the place! :)
  23. Welcome Kirill, Nina, LaWT, & IK. Have fun and enjoy the place. :) Nina, try the Entertainment threads for anime people. There are many here.
  24. Welcome and Salute to all our new boarders. I see we have sports fans, some new euros, folks that have come to us through GoT and another in the military. I'm sure you'll all find stuff to engage with. ;) Enjoy the place! :cheers:
  25. Welcome, Mexicant. :) You need to get a few posts on the board before you can change your profile. This thread in the Help section may assist. :)
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