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  1. Welcome smy and Ser Zartan! Have fun and enjoy the discussions. :)
  2. Welcome to MJasper, wildlin out and Jenny of Oldstones. :) Have fun and enjoy the place!
  3. Welcome Shek, Eithne and Lewka! Hope you enjoy the place. And it's good to see someone reading that SMH article, Eithne. ;)
  4. Welcome Robert and Brittny! Have fun and enjoy the place. :)
  5. If you think there is a specific post that goes against the forum rules, please use the report function. We will endeavour to get to it in due course. Thanks.
  6. l'intello, Windchaser, Katja and Owen: Welcome to you all. :) Congrats on the pending wedding, Owen. Windchaser, you are technically already a member of the BwB by posting here. For more info, check out this part of the forum and/or this site.
  7. Tosca, MattyP, flypanam, and Gianni - Welcome. Have fun and enjoy the place. Gianni - be wary of exploring threads that are not clearly marked as spoiler threads. Probably the safest place for you will be the "AGOT" thread in the "Still Reading" forums. :)
  8. Welcome Ser Kiwi. :) Does reading the boards make up for the Reds win on the weekend? :P
  9. Welcome again, Flit (having already noted your arrival in the Aussies thread)! Gold Seven - Welcome Back! I remember your stuff from the ezboard days. :) And to Moonshine and the Winged Wolf, have fun and enjoy the place. :thumbsup:
  10. Welcome kbob and robodontopus. :) Have fun and remember, only a short wait now!
  11. Welcome PG & Lichtbringer. Have fun!
  12. Welcome to SF33, Clarky and TCF. Hope you all have fun and enjoy the place. :)
  13. Welcome Andy & Emyn! Have fun!
  14. Welcomes to Robb_, The Ranger and chickenly. :) Have fun and enjoy the place!
  15. I believe the term is flOOb, Harry. You are such a nOOb. :P Edit: Oh yeah, welcome to the board!
  16. Welcome MissP. :) 12 of your very own direwolves? (I must hide this post from my SO or she will get Ideas)
  17. Welcome, Ranzadule. Where on Earth do you find the time for all that? Have fun and enjoy the forums. :)
  18. Welcome Yay! and Ser Calith. :) Have fun!
  19. Welcome Joey and Hady :) Have fun!
  20. Welcome, Chris. :) As with other readers who have yet to finish the series, watch out for spoilers and otherwise enjoy the place!
  21. Welcome, Anthony! Have fun with the crackpot theorising!
  22. Welcome valacirca! Like solmyr said in the post above yours, watch out for the evil spoiler here, unless that sort of thing doesn't bother you ;)
  23. There is a system for reinstating names, titles and post counts. Have a look at this thread. However, bear in mind that admin may be somewhat busy at the moment due to re-skin, the arrival of GOT (TV) and a rather large influx of new members. :)
  24. Hi Lindsay! Enjoy the place :)
  25. Welcomes x3! Enjoy the forums and, Basel, watch the spoilers if that sort of thing bothers you. ;)
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