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  1. Threedogknight, Akhipill, hobbleit, Lord Calway, EdricBaratheon and AwDA: Welcome to all of you! :)

    Hope you enjoy the discussions!

    AwDA, I’m not sure if there are any Singaporeans around – it may be that you are the first. :)

  2. Actually you'll find that we have a not-insignificant Aussie fan contingent. They post among us almost as if they didn't live in a fictional upside-down place.

    Too right.

    Aussie n00bs are welcome to suss out this thread, which is where we are free to yak about barbies, what the pollies are up to, WA secession or all things Oz without the seppos or the poms poking their noses in (too often). ;)

    However, there are no chook raffles.

  3. Welcome to everyone: manitot, Frostylva, SilverKhaleesi, D777, HHR, DodgerThirteen, 3CityApache, SnowBlind, SeaBicta, Bell, TinyDancer, ThinMintMafia, Mammoth Tamer & Flightless bird.

    Hope you all have fun and enjoy the place. :)

    As always, those of you that are not all of the way through all 5 books yet, watch out for the demon spoilers of doom. The best places to hang out are probably the 'still reading' threads.

  4. Welcomes to WinnerChxDinner, Rhaegar13, Jesstadreamer, I'dsingforyou, FrontRow, BrosBeforeSnows and Hellebore! :)

    Points to BBS for what may be the longest welcome post here :P

    Hope everyone enjoys the place. :)

  5. Busy weekend by the looks of it ;)

    Welcome to everyone: Queen Nymeria, Knyfe, Dena, LordChaplin, shaeyoufool, Frozen Soul, SerCrickard, Vestige, and Geert.

    Hand and a Half! The more West Aussies the better I say. And yes we will be there in the laneway as usual.

    Enjoy the place folks.


  6. Welcomes to Cotter_Pyke, pdoubleum, Winter Child Obsidian Edge and JeorMormont. :)

    OE, the short answer is 'not really'.

    The longer answer is that the General (ASOIAF) forums is a good place to start. Part of the fun of all these theories is that they are still theories, so there is no FAQ or the like of theories that have become dogma (for lack of a better word and i don't for a moment think that these theories have gone that far) as that would likely sound the death knell for all the discussion.

    Kevin, noting your art interest, please be aware of the board rules about the like (extracted from the Board FAQ):

    Q. I've made this awesome design based on the books/TV show, and I want everyone to know they can buy a print/poster/T-shirt/Pog featuring my cool design. Where do I post this information?!

    A. Nowhere. Unless you hold a license to sell commercial products based off George R.R. Martin's intellectual property, you are not allowed to advertise here. Fan art is great, so long as it's non-commercial.

    Otherwise, Cheers to all and enjoy the place. :thumbsup:

  7. I have tried to post numerous threads. None have came through... What is going on? I never been on a forum that you can't even post on...

    I have been through and checked the threads you posted.

    None were approved as they were all duplicate threads.

    If you are having trouble with the search function while the board is in performance mode, try doing a google search such as "site:asoiaf.westeros.org + (topic)" to find existing threads.

  8. Could some of the mods send me an email (or make a post here) and reply why the topic was not approved?

    Duplicate thread.

    Try this one: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/56475-where-is-euron/

    Even though search is down, older threads can still be found. For instance I found this one (and three others speculating about various aspects of the Euron/Victarion storyline) with the following google search terms:

    site: asoiaf.westeros.org + victarion + dusky + woman + euron

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