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  1. Gudday and Welcome, Mel. :) Have fun and enjoy the place!
  2. Welcome LadyLoo! You will probably enjoy certain threads in our literature forums if you like the parody stuff. ;) Have fun. :)
  3. Hiya Sooz. Have fun :)
  4. Welcome Khera! Enjoy the forums :)
  5. Hi Will. Hi jeskaw. Have fun and enjoy the place!
  6. Welcome Blaze! Have fun and enjoy the forums. :)
  7. Gudday Ser LC! Hope you enjoy the forums. :)
  8. Welcome esque and He Who Lurks!! Enjoy the forums. :)
  9. Welcome, BmB! Enjoy the forums :)
  10. Welcome, ZombieWife! Have fun and enjoy the forums. :)
  11. Gudday, celticsparrow. Have fun!
  12. Welcome Pevensie! You are in the right place, then. ;)
  13. Welcome SSW! Here, have a chip. What you do with it is entirely up to you. ;)
  14. Welcome Lord Godric and Havemercy!! Have fun! :cheers: :cheers:
  15. Welcome Ser Farbod! Have fun. :)
  16. Welcome Mr Snake and welcome back Lundy!
  17. Welcomes x3!! Have fun. :D
  18. Welcome Stephen! Unless you are one of those wierdos peeps that is OK with spoilers, tread carefully around here until you get through AFFC. :thumbsup: In any event, enjoy the forums!
  19. Welcome, SPotRG! Have a beer: :cheers:
  20. I guess you could draw some conclusions by scaling this sort of image and measuring the stride length etc. :blushing:
  21. Welcome, Rex! What were your conclusions? <--- needs to know such things. :leaving:
  22. Welcome, Vale! Unless you're one of these people who doesn't care about spoilers, play carefully here until you're finished with AFFC. ;)
  23. A hearty welcome to each of LadySansa, Nawal Ganael and Songlian. Enjoy the boards!
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