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  1. Welcomes to Jimmy and Ian. :thumbsup: Have fun.
  2. Welcome back, Bana! Your av's not showing up. Is it that same mesmerising one that you used to have?
  3. Welcomes to DarkRaven and HawkZ. Have fun!
  4. Welcomes x3! :cheers: Have fun!
  5. Welcome jedi! Unless you are comfortable with spoilers, stay out of the book threads for a while. ;) Otherwise, have fun and don't mention the midichlorians...
  6. Welcome, Mara! Have fun. There's a bit of coaching in the FAQ about avs etc...
  7. Awesome! Another Aussie, even if you are from Canberra. :P
  8. Welcome Dimnara! Have fun. ;)
  9. Welcome Ai Lvara! :cheers:
  10. Welcome, Ser Gosford! Have fun! Lots of spoilers to dodge but it sounds like you'll be fine if you stay in the insanity that is GC!
  11. Welcomes to Pinwheel and Gatsby! Have fun. :thumbsup:
  12. Welcome TD! Summon Author doesn't normally work outside the lit threads, but whatever works! Maybe someone in the lit threads might do a review for you.
  13. Hmm, Kendall is: Actor Fighter Horserider Bladesman Get your agent onto HBO NOW!!!!
  14. Welcome Raskolnikov. :) Have fun!
  15. is NOT a Wombat-Headed Alien.

    1. brook


      How can we be sure?

  16. Welcome Jon! If you are not into spoilers I'd stay away from the book threads until you get through the books, but otherwise, have fun! :thumbsup:
  17. Heh, you're positively ancient. ;) Otherwise, welcome!
  18. Welcome nOObs x4! Have fun!
  19. Welcome, Jac! I promise not hold the fact that you are British against you if you don't mention the Ashes.
  20. Welcome Painty! We were speculating (in the casting threads) that Sean Bean's fans might start to come over to join us, so its good to see that you are here! I would respectfully suggest that you stay out of the book threads while you are here (and still reading the series) as there are some massive spoilers in some of those threads.
  21. Welcome IT and RAA! Your lives have been irrevocably changed.
  22. More Canadians? The Limecat obviously has his recruiting drive in full swing. :P Welcome, PT and dd.
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