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  1. I've always thought that likely. But Tarly has sworn a holy oath to make sure Marge shows up for her trial. We don't know how devout Tarly is, but if Mace's actions dishonor him, Tarly might be motivated enough to side with (f)Aegon. Of course, he would first have to insure Marge's safety - get her out of KL Once (f)Aegon takes KL, Tarly could then approach the HS about some sort of reconcilliation.
  2. So Elia is catching blind fish in a CotF cave. Are we supposed to seeing some parallels with Bran's story?
  3. Maar should be aware that (f)Aegon is in fact a Blackfyre (if the (f)Aegon Blackfyre theory is true). I assumed that, in the quote above, he was referring to Viserys. ADwD, Daenerys III Of course, this would have been as much as ten years ago, so Maar might not have been part of the GC yet. Still, if he was (and in a position to be considered a captain), we have another data point for the Blackfyre theory. ETA - Timing might be tight on this. So JonCon didn't know Maar before he left. It all depends on how old Dany was when Viserys feasted the GC.
  4. Does anyone know who did the artwork on that page? i couldn't find a credit.
  5. In the v.1 iteration of this thread, someone kindly posted a link to my Dragonfly hypothesis. Since I can't find a link back to v.1, I am reposting the link here - A Dragonfly Among the Reeds- Is Howland Reed the Grandson of Duncan the Small? with humble aspirations that it may someday make the front page.
  6. Does this foreshadow bad news for our favorite cheesemonger, Illyrio Mopatis?
  7. I've always wondered if the five-single-syllable name form for giants is a shout-out to Well Ing Ton Ma Ra- former owner of the NY Giants football team Wellington Mara. During the late '50's, the Giants' Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator were openly compared to Ice and Fire in the press, due to their different personalities. You may have heard of them: They later left the Giants to coach other teams, which met for an epic battle in a frozen wasteland- the 1967 NFL Championship Game in Green Bay- the Ice Bowl.
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