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  1. 5. "Worst episode ever". Boring, poitless, and ****s up Robbs (and now Jons) plot worse than before, impossible that achivement seemed at this point. Dragons were the only few seconds worth watching.
  2. _Oberyn_

    How would you rate episode 306?

    10. Just for Ros dying. I hope all the other HBO bs gimmicks have the same fate.
  3. _Oberyn_

    How would you rate episode 305?

    9. A first solid epiode this season. It went a bit overboard with all the mens pasty arses though :P
  4. Will not happen, show character is completely different and possibly a merge with a more relevant one from the books. Dornish mayheps ;).
  5. 8. Good episode. Some pointless stuff and the Reeds intro was underwhelming but the Bastards intro was good.
  6. _Oberyn_

    How would you rate episode 301?

    7. Ok overall but bad writing, most of the dialogue felt forced and even cheesy at times.
  7. _Oberyn_

    How would you rate episode 210?

    7. Barely, but very poor indeed. Arya Theon Sansa and Sam were ok rest was shite. It felt like an eternity of whores taking more screen time yet not even 30 seconds could be spared for Sir Bronn. Dany was just bolocks but that was expected and Jon there were four instances where the plastic swords were too fucking obvious, not during the fight.
  8. _Oberyn_

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Indeed, and i think I have a braid fetish now :leer:
  9. _Oberyn_

    How would you rate episode 209?

    There is no Lannisters vs Starks :lmao:
  10. _Oberyn_

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Yes, lets reset the poll and add 11. :P People have been way to lineant on giving 9s and 10s in previous episodes
  11. _Oberyn_

    How would you rate episode 209?

    10. Yes writing maters, and everyone who keeps making excuses for bad writing, eg budget/time can have a nice cup of stfu now.
  12. 7. Most of it was good and I was pleased to finaly found the dragonglass. Aryas story fell a bit flat but it can be overlooked. The Lord of Bones was well done. Robbs story is just fucking pathetic It has been dumbed down to some Jerry Springer bs "Are you horny eneough to lose a kingdom". And there is truly no excuse for it.
  13. No dragons = no magic. Whatever it is its an ideal representation of Dany as intended, instead of the bs rose-tinted view that some readers have :P
  14. 9. One of the few good episodes this season, No Idea whats hapeing with Jon now, more pointless changes. I was sad to see the Spice King go, he was the only good thing the tv show introduced. I was hopping he would play a part as a Yunkai Envoy in the future.
  15. 9. Liked the Jons new scenes. And the Spice-king serves a lovely humble pie :P