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  1. Stop looking at my profile.

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      But it is so precious...

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  2. I wouldn't want to argue with me.

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      The Mother of The Others

      Did you know that you can comment about these comments on people's pages? It's weird! I just discovered this AND Jimboy's Tacos on the same night. Hi to Ms. Apple Martini, which was, by the way, Zack Braff's favorite fruity alcoholic beverage on Scrubs, whereas I like to say MOJITO with all the latin gusto I can muster ....Go Saints! (no arguing took place here)

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      I doubt anyone wants to argue with you, for several reasons.

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      I argued with myself once. It started out cordial, but then I disagreed with myself, then it turned into an argument...now I don't talked to myself.

  3. But that's not how we see them doing it up to this point. At this point, all we've seen are them taking dead people's faces. You mention Melisandre, but her glamors don't really resemble how we've seen the FM operate with their faces, so I'm not sure why she's relevant to the argument. Based on what we've actually seen the Faceless Men actually do, for Arya to actually use Sansa's face, Sansa would have to be dead. And I don't see that happening. And LOL at Sansa being a "fan favorite." I love her, yes, and she has her fans, but a huge number of people even on here give her a huge amount of (undeserved) scorn.
  4. I don't agree with it at all but at least it's different. ETA: Isn't the inventory of faces you can take limited to dead people? So if Arya is impersonating Sansa by taking on her appearance, that means Sansa will be dead. Like Jaqen killed Pate and then took his face, and all the faces of dead people that Arya sees in the House of Black and White. Are you willing to go that far with this theory? ETA2: I think the "twist" with this prophecy has already occurred, with people thinking that Sansa ripping the head off the doll fulfilled the prophecy when, I'd strongly argue, it didn't. Which sets up a surprise later on when Sansa actually fulfills it.
  5. Apple Martini

    A King in Hiding: Adding It All Up Part 2

    Thanks, I've been trying to find it. (Broadly speaking, if you're quoting from the books, it's super helpful to cite it so other people can corroborate it easily without going on a fishing expedition.)
  6. Apple Martini

    A King in Hiding: Adding It All Up Part 2

    Well there you go. ETA: I gotta say the drunk/madman and laughing thing, if it is deliberate, is clever as hell. When it's spelled out and put side by side like that, it's also compelling to the point where you'd have to be in deep damn denial not to admit it.
  7. Apple Martini

    A King in Hiding: Adding It All Up Part 2

    :drool: ETA: To put the Jon quote in context, it occurs in SoS during the fight on the Wall and he's trying to rally the men and give them instructions. "Jon laughed, laughed like a drunk or a madman, and his men laughed with him. " So Jon is laughing, during one of his first real trials as a leader, hedged in language that has applied to two different kings, and his men are following him and rolling with it. Interesting. The "... and his men laughed with him" line is what makes it stick out to me, after the parallel with Barristan's thought.
  8. It is better to be right than loved.

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      Couldn't agree more.

  9. But I don't want to be a pie.

  10. Fighting the good fight against idiocy.

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      Congrats on 15K posts of pure brilliance in your battle against idiocy

    4. Jon's Queen Consort
  11. Do any of you people actually pay attention to what you read?

  12. Apple Martini

    Jon Snow the 3headed dragon and mythology.

    That is interesting, and both make perfect sense in the event that GRRM just carried the real-world etymology over. Nonetheless I'd like to ask him about it ... ;) Not really, no. But at the same time I feel like it has to be mean something.
  13. Apple Martini

    Jon Snow the 3headed dragon and mythology.

    Yeah, I don't think it's an actual name, probably more of a title like you said or an epithet.
  14. Apple Martini

    Jon Snow the 3headed dragon and mythology.

    I sort of see these as two separate things. The original prophecy, I believe, would have come before Aegon's Landing, maybe even long before. But the wood witch didn't chime in until much, much later and would have the benefit of more time passing. I don't think it's a case where, hundreds or thousands of years ago, the original seer who wrote the prophecy would have been able to pinpoint it to Aerys and Rhaella, if that makes sense. It's also hard to keep track of which features are found in the PtwP prophecy and which ones are Azor Ahai. Even if they are the same person, it helps to keep the various "markers" separate, because each might mean something different depending on the culture, language, whatever. I think it's incredibly important to remember too that we haven't seen any of these prophecies in their full form. We have a vague idea of what Rhaegar might have read, but we don't know for sure. We have Melisandre's interpretation, told through her words and her followers', and we have the Essosi red priests and their interpretation. Who's right? Is it a mix-up? Do these pieces contradict or do different people have different parts of it? How was the original prophecy "seen"? Was it visually expressed, all written, what language, etc.? Because if the entire thing is based on a vision someone saw, that brings up possible implications for misinterpretation, incorrect words, etc. (think of Melisandre thinking Alys was Arya or Pyke/Harlaw was Eastwatch). I'm also curious about etymology: Does Azor Ahai as a phrase actually mean something, or is it gibberish? Is it possible that if we were to learn its etymological root, it would "solve" it? Is that why we only have bits and pieces of these prophecies and never a complete picture, because a complete picture would make the solution clear?
  15. Apple Martini

    Jon Snow the 3headed dragon and mythology.

    Whether or not it actually ends up being Jon, that's actually pretty much how I interpret the "three heads" thing. I think it's one person with three heads, not three different people. I think there's too much connection drawn between the prophecy and the Targaryen sigil and the Conquest, when, from what I can tell, the only commonality there is what people conclude for themselves and not necessarily anything confirmed in the text. This is very possibly a prophecy that long predates the Targaryen conquest and the three-headed dragon sigil — drawing conclusions about what the prophecy means by using a historical event that postdates it strikes me as putting the cart before the horse. And as usual, I can't help but wonder if GRRM is leaving the separate hanging bits of the three-headed dragon prophecy and the Targaryen sigil, intending people to see a connection that might in actuality not even be there.
  16. Apple Martini

    A King in Hiding: Adding It All Up Part 2

    Can't take credit for this one, but it's good and I could kick myself for not seeing it earlier. Bold is mine, for emphasis. :D
  17. Every time you say Targs are fireproof, God kills a puppy.

  18. I care more about what or who Izembaro is than I do about anything that happens to Meereen.

  19. We warg dragons.

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  20. I just wanted to say that I always figured that Brienne had yelled "sword" and all of the other guesses were the result of people just making it way too complicated for no good reason. :P