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  1. Good updated list! ETA: As for Wenda the White Fawn, I've seen a few compelling arguments that she is, in fact, Septa Lemore.
  2. He's not one of the ones listed as missing. I'll throw in Kyle Condon and Ronnel Stout. Richard Lonmouth. Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover.
  3. Stop looking at my profile.

    1. Mladen


      But it is so precious...

    2. Ser Cold Fingers

      Ser Cold Fingers

      Stop lookin' at me, swan!

  4. I wouldn't want to argue with me.

    1. The Mother of The Others

      The Mother of The Others

      Did you know that you can comment about these comments on people's pages? It's weird! I just discovered this AND Jimboy's Tacos on the same night. Hi to Ms. Apple Martini, which was, by the way, Zack Braff's favorite fruity alcoholic beverage on Scrubs, whereas I like to say MOJITO with all the latin gusto I can muster ....Go Saints! (no arguing took place here)

    2. Kaminsod


      I doubt anyone wants to argue with you, for several reasons.

    3. Ser Cold Fingers

      Ser Cold Fingers

      I argued with myself once. It started out cordial, but then I disagreed with myself, then it turned into an argument...now I don't talked to myself.

  5. It is better to be right than loved.

    1. Dolorous22


      Couldn't agree more.

  6. But I don't want to be a pie.

  7. Fighting the good fight against idiocy.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Terilien


      If anyone can do it here, it's you :D.

    3. Mladen


      Congrats on 15K posts of pure brilliance in your battle against idiocy

    4. Jon's Queen Consort
  8. Do any of you people actually pay attention to what you read?

  9. Every time you say Targs are fireproof, God kills a puppy.

  10. I care more about what or who Izembaro is than I do about anything that happens to Meereen.

    1. The Great Walrus
    2. King of Winters

      King of Winters

      Hilarious, bloody hilarious

  11. We warg dragons.

    1. The Great Walrus

      The Great Walrus

      While drinking apple martini's...

  12. Love your posts! So well written and enlightening, thanks :)

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