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    GRRM blog post: Theon spoilers for WoW?

    I think so too. The thing that keeps me puzzled is why? Simply for the sake of saving someone he grew up with or has he got a role to play?
  2. And then there is: So. He has written a lot and should at least have finished half the book, but he is still writing Theon. The cliffhanger of the published chapter implies that Theon will be executed in front of the hear tree, the fact that Theon is still alive halfway the book could tell us a lot about: -Bran and what he is planning. Is Theon a part of his plans? What role could he have to play? -Stannis, who has probably won the battle of ice if Theon is still alive.
  3. Or she could fight him and plans to lose in order to save him.