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  1. I thought he was toughening him up because they both saw how good Aemond is and he guessed that a confrontation would eventually happen. Also, it will make for some excellent guilt when he realizes how tough he was on his little brother and that he was the one who volunteered them as envoys. Rhaena (or Baela—I can’t keep track) is going to need worker’s compensation due to neck pain from her massive wig.
  2. It would have made him even more like Daemon who killed Rhea after she taunted him. Btw, I feel like there is a joke to be made about how Daemon and Aemond are the same person, just with their “d” in a different place, but I am to lazy to think of a clever angle.
  3. It’ll be an accident or a misunderstanding… Seriously, though, I think you’re right and it will be a pity. That was a key moment for me in terms of my feelings about the Blacks. I was all in until that moment. (I started with The Princess and the Queen, not Fire and Blood.)
  4. I thought it underscored that the norm is to treat envoys well—even if they are jackasses like Otto—in the lead up to sending Jace and Luke as envoys. Plus, they make use of one of their better known actors—which is efficient. But I agree that story wise it makes more sense to have Orwyle do it.
  5. I thought that Daemon was trying to see if he could bond with an additional dragon—kinda like fighting with a sword in. Each hand.
  6. I was worried that Luke’s death would not have an emotional impact because of the way they rushed through everything, but the conversation with Rhaenyra definitely helped. Also, while not a Daemon Rhaenyra shipper per se, I definitely got the impression that they loved each other in the book (despite his subsequent affair with Nettles) and was shocked by the strangling scene.
  7. Maybe they felt they did that in Aemond’s first flight and in this episode when Syrax was screaming but Rhaenyra was calm.
  8. Really? I always saw it as being more pro-black (except for Blood and Cheese and when Aegon was initially reluctant to take the crown).
  9. Honestly, not a fan of making it an accident. They did the same with Alicent misunderstanding Viserys’s dying words and is a cop out. Aemond holding a grudge for his lost eye and taking an opportunity to kill Luke is in keeping with his personality (and not totally unreasonable). otherwise, loved the episode.
  10. I assume you mean visually dark. I watched with no lights on and adjusted the tv settings a little, which helped a lot.
  11. Good point. Your post reminded me of the time Drogon killed that child. Until then, Dragons were cool, but that incident made reality set in.
  12. Honestly, I didn’t feel the urgency coming out of the meeting, the frantic need to find allies before the Princess even realized her father was even dead. I thought more debate about who could and couldn’t be counted on, when to send a raven, etc might have helped.
  13. But most of the sexism issues were related showing women naked and sexualized on screen far more than men. Ros and the sexposition scenes, the on screen rape of Craster’s daughters, and cave sex are examples of that. It explains why there is much less nudity in this show but it doesn’t explain making the queens less evil. It could be worse. (I’m looking at you, The Green Knight.)
  14. Was anyone else yelling Dracarys? How easily war could have been ended right then and there…though I do appreciate the badassness of Rhaenys God, I hope someone smashes Criston Cole’s head with something. He has gone from sexy to tedious so quickly. And I am tIred of the Aegon vice story. I do enjoy the Alicent-Otto tension and the Aegon-Aemond rivalry. Also liked Mysaria the child advocate. Somehow, I didn’t feel the the suspense in this episode. Will be interesting to see how non book readers reacted. The council meeting that resulted in the death of Lord Beesbury should have gone on longer and had more debate. Instead tHey invested time in the search for Aegon.
  15. Meanwhile, they haven’t figured out how to help women give birth safely. In this universe a lot of mother die in childbirth (Aema, Lyanna Stark, Dany’s mom, Joanna Lannister, etc.) They did a better job matching the actors’ buttocks than their faces or builds!
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