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  1. 17 minutes ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    I’m behind on this thread, but did anyone find the sparring scene between Jace and Luke really weird? I get that Jace wants to toughen his brother up, but it just seemed so absurdly aggressive.

    I thought he was toughening him up because they both saw how good Aemond is and he guessed that a confrontation would eventually happen.

    Also, it will make for some excellent guilt when he realizes how tough he was on his little brother and that he was the one who volunteered them as envoys.

    7 minutes ago, Lady Anna said:


    But I personally thought only Matt Smith's most recent wig was bad. The others were fine.

    Rhaena (or Baela—I can’t keep track) is going to need worker’s compensation due to neck pain from her massive wig.

  2. 32 minutes ago, frenin said:

    Do people actually prefer Aemond killing his nephew because Maris Baratheon says he doesn't have balls?

    I'm honestly relieved that they took any path but that, it was that moment when I realize i could never take Aemond seriously.


    PS: That painted table tho.:wub:

    It would have made him even more like Daemon who killed Rhea after she taunted him.

    Btw, I feel like there is a joke to be made about how Daemon and Aemond are the same person, just with their “d” in  a different place, but I am to lazy to think of a clever angle.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Ingelheim said:

    By the way, I've said this quite a few times on Reddit already but I'm extremly doubtful they'll do Blood and Cheese as in the books.


    It’ll be an accident or a misunderstanding…

    Seriously, though, I think you’re right and it will be a pity. That was a key moment for me in terms of my feelings about the Blacks. I was all in until that moment. (I started with The Princess and the Queen, not Fire and Blood.) 


  4. 4 hours ago, The hairy bear said:


    • Otto certainly seems to love suicidal visits to Dragonstone's bridge. I don't think it's very realistic to have him there. Maester Orwyle would make much more sense. Even if Rhaenyra was unwilling to harm Alicent's father, it's not like her only options were killing him or leaving him go free. Why not taking all of them as hostages? At the very least made them stay until she decides on how to answer to Alicent's terms.

    I thought it underscored that the norm is to treat envoys well—even if they are jackasses like Otto—in the lead up to sending Jace and Luke as envoys.

    Plus, they make use of one of their better known actors—which is efficient. But I agree that story wise it makes more sense to have Orwyle do it.

  5. I was worried that Luke’s death would not have an emotional impact because of the way they rushed through everything, but the conversation with Rhaenyra definitely helped.

    Also, while not a Daemon Rhaenyra shipper per se, I definitely got the impression that they loved each other in the book (despite his subsequent affair with Nettles) and was shocked by the strangling scene.

  6. 23 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    I feel like they should have introduced the idea that they don't have full control over the dragons before this. There was Visery's speech in the first episode but I didn't take that literally.

    Maybe they felt they did that in Aemond’s first flight and in this episode when Syrax was screaming but Rhaenyra was calm.

  7. 1 minute ago, zajaz said:

    I've heard many people claim that F&B is somewaht biased in favour of the Greens. If that's the case, though, I'd hate to see a Pro-Black version of F&B, because... yikes.

    Really? I always saw it as being more pro-black (except for Blood and Cheese and when Aegon was initially reluctant to take the crown).

  8. 13 minutes ago, Ingelheim said:

    What's your take on Aemond not wanting to kill Luke and losing control of Vhagar?

    To me it's the most significant change they've made to the book story, even more than Alicent's.

    I think it gives Aemond depth but also deprives him of agency. He basically starts the DoD by accident.

    I like it though, show Aemond didn't seem half as mad as his book version.

    Honestly, not a fan of making it an accident. They did the same with Alicent misunderstanding Viserys’s dying words and is a cop out.  Aemond holding a grudge for his lost eye and taking an opportunity to kill Luke is in keeping with his personality (and not totally unreasonable). 

    otherwise, loved the episode.

  9. 18 minutes ago, Lord Varys said:

    Even if he wasn't in there, we can hope he and other people will cite this incident as part of the reasons why the dragons have to die. The Shepherd's entire narrative is that the monsters are demons who don't protect anyone. They all of the go, not just Rhaenyra's, but Aegon's as well. And showing how dangerous them are by arbitrarily trampling people is pretty good, actually.

    Good point. Your post reminded me of the time Drogon killed that child. Until then, Dragons were cool, but that incident made reality set in.

  10. 7 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    It's only about politics if you believe politics and culture are interchangeable, which I do not. As I said above, I have defended women and the way they're written on this site enough times that I don't think I need to prove myself. There's no denying the volume of accusations of sexism that were lobbed at GOT, D&D, and GRRM--much of it deserved--to the point where the showrunners for this show discussed it quite extensively in interviews leading up to HOTD's release. They're clearly very wary of having the same thing happen to them, and I think we're starting to see signs of that in the writing.


    But most of the sexism issues were related showing women naked and sexualized on screen far more than men. Ros and the sexposition scenes, the on screen rape of Craster’s daughters, and cave sex are examples of that. It explains why there is much less nudity in this show but it doesn’t explain making the queens less evil.

    6 hours ago, briantw said:

    My parents were visiting this weekend and I got to watch the foot fetish jerk off scene with them.  That was fun. 

    It could be worse. (I’m looking at you, The Green Knight.)

  11. Was anyone else yelling Dracarys? How easily war could have been ended right then and there…though I do appreciate the badassness of Rhaenys 

    God, I hope someone smashes Criston Cole’s head with something. He has gone from sexy to tedious so quickly.

    And I am tIred of the Aegon vice story. 

    I do enjoy the Alicent-Otto tension and the Aegon-Aemond rivalry. 

    Also liked Mysaria the child advocate.

    Somehow, I didn’t feel the the suspense in this episode. Will be interesting to see how non book readers reacted. The council meeting that resulted in the death of Lord Beesbury should have gone on longer and had more debate. Instead tHey invested time in the search for Aegon.


  12. 1 hour ago, Chataya de Fleury said:

    Moon tea seems to be the most amazing thing ever…apparently, this non-invasive option is:

    Readily available, inexpensive, works every time the first time, and no side effects. DAMN. 

    If only it were that easy in the real world.

    Meanwhile, they haven’t figured out how to help women give birth safely. In this universe a lot of mother die in childbirth (Aema, Lyanna Stark, Dany’s mom, Joanna Lannister, etc.)

    1 hour ago, Arataniello said:

    Interesting factoid - Aegon II's naked buttocks have now been played by two different actors.  He is only character to have this unique "achievement".


    They did a better job matching the actors’ buttocks than their faces or builds!

  13. 1 hour ago, C.T. Phipps said:

    My take on the subject was the producers wanted to get to Daemon and Rhaenyra as a power couple as quickly as possible.

    They unfortunately underestimated that people would be interested in Ser Harwin AND Laenor.

    I think it’s also an HBO thing. After the GOT season 8 backlash, they couldn’t be sure that this show would find an audience.

    Therefore, it was essential for the show runners to get to the action quickly in order to get the series greenlit, and the result is they moved faster than we would have liked. Sadly, we’ve lost some good characterization and storytelling in the process.

  14. 1 hour ago, Rockroi said:

    As... as opposed to Uncle-Fuckers?  And considering the King asks for the prayer?  I think you must be living near Highgarden because this is a Reach.  

    Nicely done.
    Related but not humorous—The Hightowers have always been close to the Faith, right? It seems pretty natural that she would lean towards religion without it being a bad thing. However, taking down Targaryen heraldry was sketchy.

  15. First, glad to see a fellow woman of Indian descent as director!  


    Love the new Jace and Baela!

    Ok with new Luke and Rhaena (though the latter seems to be wearing a very heavy wig for her small head and delicate neck! That’s gotta violate some labor law…)

    Why does Aemond look so old? And frankly, if they are trying to create some doubt as to whether Viserys or Daemon is his father, they’ve done a good job with casting someone who looks a lot like the latter. 

    Hate the new Aegon. He looks too young and doesn’t resemble the previous one. Not issue with the actor himself, but he looks much younger than Aemond .

    No real opinion on Helaena since they have barely included her.

    Little Aegon and Viserys are cuties l, of course.

    Moving on…

    Jace is my favorite character in the book and he did not disappoint. I really appreciate his commitment to learning his duties and behaving like a king. I guess a little strong blood is a good thing. Diplomacy, baby.

    Aemond has now eroded any admiration and sympathy I had for him. That was quick.

    Viserys was the man in this episode. Will miss him! The lost eye was a shocker though.

    The end of Vaemond took me by surprise. RIP-once again, honesty=death in Westeros.

    Was I the  only one pissed that no one bent the knee when the king entered?

    Daemon’s sensitivity was strong this episode (except for when he chopped most of a head off). 

    Interesting what they did with Alicent and making her believe in Viserys’s true wishes. I am curious as to what the at poster who thinks the show favors The Blacks thinks about that.

    Enjoyed the family dinner, but I wish they gave Aegon some redeeming value. Speaking of which, rape? He was already unlikeable… And I confess to being a total mark in believing that Alicent was being kind to Dyana.

  16. 3 minutes ago, EggBlue said:


    when ?! 

    My bad. She intends to go from Dorne to Winterfell, etc and break the wheel and liberate anyone. Given that she destroyed KL, my assumed that she would do the same to Winterfell. Arya, John and Tyrion all had the same look of fear when she made that speech.


    6 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

    No he's not. Aemond wasn't born in the last episode before the 10 year time jump. So Aemond is at most 11-12. Jace is almost his age.

    I don’t think so. Aemond is not a man grown but he’s at least 3 years older than Jace in the show (4 in the book) based on how old he was when Rhaenyra got married.

    4 hours ago, SeanF said:

    You'd think Sansa would have the wit to have waited until Cersei (who would love nothing more than to get Sansa in the Black Cells for some quality time together) was dead, before trying to put Daenerys underground.

    In all fairness, Dany intended to destroy Winterfell and perhaps Sansa had an instinct that Dany was more dangerous and competent than Cersei.

  18. 5 hours ago, Raksha 2014 said:


    The kid actors are all quite good and convincing in very different roles; none of them are angels.  Jacerys is a great kid, though; he would have made a good king.  

    Jace is my favorite in the book, followed by Luke. I was genuinely sad for them. Jace showed signs of young Jaehaerys’s wisdom in my opinion.

    6 hours ago, Minsc said:

    Similar to how the Blackwood/Bracken fight is easily the least balanced fight ever with the Blackwoods always being in the moral right and winning.

    Do we ever find out in World of Ice and Fire the original cause of the feud? It would be interesting if Brackens were in the right originally and therefore justified their unwillingness to compromise. Or maybe 3 Eyed Bran zoomed back in time and accidentally caused the Feud.

    4 hours ago, BlackLightning said:


    I thought it was really cool when Aemond acknowledged that he heard it from his mother (if she had been exposed, she would have gotten into some serious trouble) but passed the hot potato to the very unprepared Aegon. And how Aegon deflected the sharp questioning by making it about appearance (book line quote!) instead of who he had heard it from. Viserys, nowhere near as bright as he should be, allowed him to shrug it off as teen gossip rather than accept the fact that Aegon is hoodwinking him.

    I think Viserys knew Aegon was playing him but he was once again turning a blind eye to the facts.

    4 hours ago, Cashless Society said:


    I highly doubt that Daeron has been cut, the opening credits show that Alicent has 4 children, they wouldn't do that if they plan to cut him. I'm still with the assumption that Daeron is in Oldtown and that he will be The primary point-of-view character for the Reach portion of the war in the following seasons.

    4 hours ago, BlackLightning said:

    I don't know how on Earth you guys is able to make heads or tails of the opening credits.

    I don't understand the symbols and it moves way too fast for me.

    The credits are terrible. They tried to be too clever for their own good.

    3 hours ago, BlackLightning said:

    First of all, the pig prank was Aegon's idea. Jace and Luc defer to Aegon.

    Second of all, was the pig prank that bad? I thought it was funny. Does it make you a bully if you play pranks and jokes on people?

    I just thought that the boys were being boys and that he was being too sensitive.

    I thought the prank was pretty cruel. Aemond was very sensitive about not yet having a dragon when his younger nephews did, so they made fun of him for it. Luke was too young perhaps to know better, but Aegon and even Jace were not.

    1 hour ago, Tha_Prince_Ali said:

    Rather than making the Strongs Black they should have just made Baela and Rhaena lightskin imo. Jace and Luke look about right to me for being 1/4th Black. But Baela and Rhaena look like they could be my sisters and I have two African parents. 

    I agree. Laenor is pretty light skinned so adding Rhaenyra into the mix could make their kids pretty light skinned. 

  19. 1 minute ago, Minsc said:

    Yeah, Rhaenyra wanted an already maimed child tortured for speaking the truth is hardly better.  Does anyone not think that if the shoe was on the other foot that Rhaenyra wouldn't be making the same demand?

    I didn’t get the impression that she was suggesting torture, just questions. In any case, it was a deflection tactic, not a real interest in questioning him. She knows who is influencing him.

  20. Forgot to mention earlier…sometime between Rhaenyra suggesting Jace marry Helaena and now, Alicent overcame her dislike of strange Targaryen customs enough to betroth Aegon to Helaena. 

    Someone  mentioned that Alicent is beginning to show signs of madness in the episode. Honestly, I think her reaction to her son’s eye being gouged out is pretty natural. However, I wonder if Daemon giggling is just another sign of his impending madness. Related, “an eye for an eye” is foreshadowing “a son for a son”, which I find interesting.

    Separately, did Helaena end up killing that spider? I couldn’t tell what she did.


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