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  1. I loved Arya fingering the knife and looking at Tywin's throat... I think it's a pity that we lost the part where Tyrion sent people to rescue Jaime, but can live with the loss. Okay with the change in why Catelyn frees Jaime. I like the book version better, but I think this makes sense for the series. I thought Ygritte was hilarious! Distracting Jon with all the sex talk and then leading him into the trap. Still think it's a pity to skip where Jon is ordered to do what the Half-Hand orders. Bummed that they changed one of my favorite lines in the entire series. Cersei: "Love is a poison. A sweet poison, yes, but it will kill you all the same." Glad that they kept the part where Cersei tells Sansa about Jaime and the delivery room. I always loved how she periodically forgets that she's supposed to pretend that Jaime is not the father of her kids and talks about him that way. Like the Qarth changes--much more interesting for a tv series. Though, again, I always prefer the book version
  2. Tywin talking to Arya was an improvement on last season's "dude talking to Roz or another prostitute" scene. (I believe the fans have called that expositwhore or something like that.) They need a way to share what a character is thinking in a way that won't affect the story. it has mostly been men talking to prostitutes (Peytr, Pycelle, Theon, etc.) since those women can't do anything with the info they hear. Similarly, Arya won't be able to use the info Tywin is sharing, so the writers decided to use this method. Even, though it is uncharacteristic of Tywin, it's better than another Roz-like scene.
  3. Jaime is barely in ACOK (shows up in catelyn's last POV, I believe), but there is a mention of an escape attempt, so we should see that in the show. I remember reading the book-- waiting and waiting for Jaime to show up--and being very disappointed. On a separate subject, Someone else mentioned it, but I was annoyed that they made Myrcella cry. I loved the part of Tyrion's POV where he thinks that Myrcella Baratheon is a born princess and didn't cry at all (and comforted Tommen) when she went away. I think she'll turn out to be the best and bravest of the Lannisters. Also, I found myself wondering if TV-Arya would have been better off revealing herself to TV-Tywin. He seems like the type who is sensible. Therefore, he would keep her a hostage, but well protected, for Jaime's sake. Just wondering...
  4. Theon thought that Maester Luwin would obey him as Lord of Winterfell. He may not have guarded him and therefore Luwin was able to send more ravens...Or, he may have actually asked him to announce his conquest of Winterfell.
  5. Overall, okay with the changes they made in this episode. The dyslexia thing was strange, but I like that it showed Tywin's true affection for Jaime. It makes a good contrast for his relationship with Tyrion. The riot scene was great. I thought that Sophie did a fantastic job acting the attack scene--it was pretty frightening. I miss Lollys, but considered what happened to her, it's probably just as well that they left her out. I also thought it was better on horses, but I can spare the expense if it saves a character. Love the Dany ending. Unexpected! I'm sure they'll tie it back to her story somehow. I like the Robb/Jeyne changes. We don't see them fall in love in the books, so it explains his actions better. Not sure I liked... The Littlefinger/Arya peekaboo. He seemed to recognize her, but would he let her go if he caught her? I don't think so--he'd keep track of her. Sansa and Shae as friends, but that could be because I don't like Shae... I don't remember LC Mormont telling Jon to obey Quorin without question. It looks like they may leave out the fight where Jon has to prove himself by pretending to be a turncloak. That would be a real pity because it's so critical to his character development. Hopefully, that will turn up in the next episode.
  6. Good episode. Didn't care for the Petyr - Catelyn scene. It seemed uncharacteristic, though I always wondered why he didn't make any play for her after her husband died. Am I the only one glad to know that HBO has some standards and couldn't bring themselves to show us Sansa being too badly beaten? They even blocked the view of the first punch a little. Glad to know some lines won't be crossed.
  7. The way I interpreted it was that he thought she deserved extra money for having to do it with an OLD man like Pycelle.
  8. What I got from the Sansa/Shae scene was simply that, since she has to bottle up her true feelings in front of everyone else, she's taking her anger out on a handmaiden. It's also a good lead into the Sansa-Tyrion marriage.
  9. Is it just me or have they made no mention of Cersei/Lancel so far this season? They had a random scene with them at the end of last season, where it was clear they'd slept together, but there's been no follow-up so far. I thought at the time that the scene in episode 10 was out of place and the fact that it hasn't been discussed in the first 3 episodes confirms that belief.
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