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  1. Love it! Unrelated: I am really curious how Cersei is going to try to justify getting impregnated by her brother to the public. "The Targs did it" won't work with the way she's been vilifying Dany. If she's no different from Targs, why not follow the one with dragons?
  2. Wouldn't it be funny if the wight they find is Benjen Stark (a younger brother) and he proceeds to valonquar the crap out of Cersei?
  3. I like "The Snowmen" . I do like the way the group was assembled from faces from the past. Giggled at Tormund asking after Brienne and Jon's smile. I'm glad they brought Gendry back, but I wish Tyrion had noticed he looked like a young Robert. Dany looked genuinely pleased to see Jorah, which made me happy. That last look he gave her and the hand-kissing tell me he's a goner next week. I hope it's a good death. The annulment thing made me livid. Elia was brutally raped and murdered protecting their children and Rhaegar had already annulled their marriage? Where would an annulment have left baby Aegon, who was Rhaegar's heir, and Rhaenys? I have never liked Rhaegar and this just made me furious. I agree that polygamy would have been better. Or why couldn't Jon just have been a bastard? Now he is the rightful heir (from Targ perspective) so it will get interesting when Dany finds out. Arya annoyed the heck out of me in this episode. She was terrible to Sansa and needs to grow up. I do like that LF outsmarted her. It's about time he was good for something. I felt sorry for the Tarlys, despite how mean Randyll was to Sam. But I don't get why he would stay loyal to Cersei--that seemed unrealistic. Now, if Cersei held Dickon as a hostage, that would be another thing. And all I could think of was that "the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword". It didn't feel right that Drogon killed them, but I guess that's Dany's version of doing it herself. I really enjoyed the Jaime/Tyrion meeting, and I really felt for both of them. I still think it would have been better with the Tysha reveal. Cersei preggers! It makes me wonder if GRRM is going there with Cersei's tight clothes in AFFC. Her comment to Jaime about betrayal made no sense since he didn't do that and she knows he didn't. But I guess this is her descent into madness. I like this twist, but I feel bad that the baby will die too when she gets her comeuppance.
  4. Or Cale (kale) salad, which became so common a saying it ended up on menus everywhere.
  5. I'm not sure why you interpreted my comment as complaining about acting, but it was not about that. It was about the character Bran becoming emotionless. I believe we can all agree on that, right?
  6. Sorry if this is a double post. Having technical issues. random thoughts: One of saddest parts about emotionless Bran is that in AGOT he is described as so likable that Ned and Cat think that taking him to KL can help build a bridge between Robb and Joffrey, who hated each other immediately. He was also more diplomatic than Robb when left in charge of Winterfell and loving to Old Nan and Hodor. The change is very dramatic. Were Tyrion's conflicted feelings at the battle foreshadowing of the treason for love? Will he betray Dany for Jaime? I had thought Tyrion would be stuck in Dragonstone, but now that he has teleported to KL, will they tease us about valonquar, Jaime vs.Tyrion?
  7. I agree with you, which is why it's a pity that they didn't use the Hot Pie scene to reinforce that the smallfolk believe this point of view. Instead, they did the opposite, and made it clear that people knew it was Cersei.
  8. I thought the COTF created the white walkers and then quickly lost control of them and had to join the Men to fight them. Re: Jaime and the Deepest River, I decided to believe that we were looking at it from a drowning man's perspective. It would seem deep, even if it wasn't really. Same thing I did for the Theon/Sansa leap from Winterfell into barely any snow. Sometimes you have to just patch the holes in what D&D have created in order to not drive yourself crazy.
  9. Yes! I believe she went to HG to assemble her troops. Perhaps she sent for sellswords too and was awaiting them. I agree, that was a plot hole and I'm just trying to fill it with my imagination. Bran had a crush on her, but that was before his transformation. I believe that LF provided the poison so she may not have known before using it. Or perhaps, she was just being a bitch to Jaime. I believe it was "flee, you idiot"
  10. I think I'm one of those people. Dany annoys me more than Cersei, because I feel confident that Cersei will have a terrible end. I don't mind her being insane until that time happens. Dany will come out on top, so I have higher expectations of her. May not be fair, but there it is. (In real life, I would hate Cersei much more...) I think you're exactly right. Arya has also learned to use her very small size to her advantage. Now that Brienne is aware of how she fights, she should be better prepared. I agree on Sansa's range. There was a time when she was also in the frozen-look category like Dany. This is much better. LOL. But I did think those final moments--racing into the dragon's mouth, the leap by Bronn, and the underwater sequence, were beautifully done. That might be worth almost drowning... My feelings exactly. it's this type of inner conflict that makes this such a great story. I think you guys just started the best new meme on the internet. Add some pics and go viral! That scene made me think of the scene in S1E1 when the 3 boys (Robb, John, and Theon) are having their hair cut in prep for king's visit. It kinda made me sad. A few points: I'm glad they gave Meera a farewell on screen. Also glad that she was the one who berated Bran for being such a jerk and reminded him of all the people who died for him. Rickon and Uncle Benjen deserve mentions, people! Now that Cersei has the gold but Jaime is presumably missing or presumed dead, how will she react?
  11. Great episode. Gave it a 9. Better Stark reunion than the last one. I do admit for a second I wondered if Sansa was going to mention Bran at all to Arya. Still no mention of Rickon, which is absurd. They are dragging out the LF comeuppance. IMO, no need to wait for final episode of season to do that. Groundwork for Dany/Jon romance was subtle---not! Anvil, baby! Fantastic battle scene! I hope my neighbors didn't hear me scream, yell "form square", and chant "Dickon" or they might wonder about me. Glad to see Bronn and Jaime do their stuff, and it was very brave of Jaime to stay and fight. Also, Tyrion's mixed emotions were good to see. Glad to see Qyburn's device work, but not quite enough. Final shot of Jaime was really well done. They should submit this episode to Emmys on behalf of the director, IMO
  12. But perhaps all the non-bed sex helped keep the spark alive for 25+ years. I really hope it's not Arya, because I don't think she's got a great reason to kill Cersei--even though Cersei is on the List. Now, Sansa is a different story.
  13. Something I read in another thread made me realize that the Jaime/Cersei sex scene had all the hallmarks of "the last time they have sex"-- Cersei not caring about his severed hand, morning after gazing at each other, Cersei's willingness to be public(ish) about the relationship, etc. So the question is which one of them will die? My bet is on Cersei. And if Jaime happens to be the one who kills her (which I hope is true), is it 1) to protect KL from her crazy, 2) to prevent her from becoming dragon food and have a painless death instead, or 3) because he catches her rewarding Euron with sex?
  14. I think the poster was joking about it being rape and referencing the outrage over the botched sept sex scene. I thought Jaime's reluctance was due to embarrassment about his hand. But your ideas about guilt is interesting.
  15. Thanks! Man, I must really not have been paying attention the past couple of seasons.
  16. THANKS! Considering that Cersei wiped out Olenna's entire family, she may consider that she was able to sufficiently torture Olenna for Joff's murder. Show Cersei might be that rational, even if Book Cersei is not.
  17. Thanks! LOL. She would benefit from hearing more about how Jon was elected to his roles twice (LC and KITN). On a side note, with some of the great houses (Martells, Tyrells, Freys, and Baratheons) out of commission (and the Lannisters, Tullys, and Arryns possibly not far behind) Westeros may be in a good position for adopting democratic governance. The Greyjoys already kinda have a version of democracy with the Kingsmoot and Jon has been influenced by the NW LC selection process. Also, the Targs got Westeros by war and lost it by war. As someone mentioned above, the Targs broke faith by killing the Starks and "kidnapping" Lyanna. Dany seems to conveniently forget that when she talks about being the rightful ruler and demanding allegience. It's one thing if she is deliberately forgetting it to legitimize herself, but I think she really believes it. Tyrion or Jon should remind her.
  18. Please refresh my memory. I'm getting confused about book vs. show. In the show, is this the first time the audience heard who really killed Joff or had that been mentioned before? Also, in the show, was valonquar mentioned as part of Maggy's prophecy? I only remember gold will be their crowns... Thanks.
  19. I believe that was a guess about the future based on preview for the next episode. And Cersei said "fortnight" I believe. You're like my boss. I say, "I can do it in 2 weeks" and he hears "1 week".
  20. I actually didn't mean Olenna literally started the war, but rather that she killed Cersei's child before Cersei killed hers, so her complaint was somewhat hypocritical (but I guess grieving people are not rational). (BTW, that doesn't mean that I don't think that Joff needed to be gone.) And I do think that although Cersei was jealous of Marg and foolishly allowed that to drive her behavior, she only went full-on crazy after Joff's death.
  21. well he did just get off of a boat... A really enjoyable episode all around. Jon meets Dany: I really liked how Jon stood his ground. I felt a little robbed of Melisandre/Davos confrontation, but this made sense. Glad she regrets her actions towards Shireen. Tyrion as mediator was awesome! He really helped them start bridging the gap by negotiating the dragonglass mining. Humor! Davos and Jon falling to the ground, Dany’s many titles vs. Jon’s one title, Dany calling out Tyrion for passing his words as ancient wisdom. Well placed humor and actually funny. Good chemistry between Dany and Jon in my opinion. And best acting by Emilia in a while. Sansa: I was a little put off by how good Sansa was at preparing for winter/war– considering she had no training. Jon , Rob, and Theon received training, but Sansa was still on the young side when she left Winterfell. I can live with it. Stark reunion FINALLY! Great acting by Sophie. She transitioned from tough, in-charge Lady Stark to emotional big sister very well Lannisters: Frankly, I was glad to see justice for Myrcella and I thought that Cersei was far more merciful than she might have been. Really glad that she didn’t give the Dornish women to either Qyburn or Ser Gregor. I am looking forward to the confrontation between Jaime and Euron that has to come at some point. Euron seems to really enjoy toying with Jaime. Cersei/Jaime sex scene. I didn’t really mind it, but I thought it would have made more sense for Cersei to get on top. I think that letting people know she’s having sex with her brother is going to come back to bite her big time. I’m glad they remembered the Iron Bank after all this time. For some reason, I kept expecting Jaime to die—perhaps because Cersei was openly having sex with him. First, I thought that Cersei might accidentally poison him with poison left on her lips—which is absurd. Then, I thought that Olenna might have poisoned the wine in her room—in anticipation of a need to commit suicide or of Jaime joining her for a final drink. I’m glad that Olenna remembered that she killed Joffrey. It’s been annoying me that she conveniently forgot that she started the war with Cersei by killing her son. Now that Jaime knows that Tyrion did not kill Joffrey, will that change how he and Cersei interact with him when they eventually meet? It will certainly affect how Jaime feels about him. Casterly Rock: Enjoyed the callback to Tyrion’s knowledge of the sewers. Really enjoyed the fake-out. Glad to see Jaime as a smart military strategist. And I always enjoy seeing him on a horse. Overall, I liked the back and forth verbal sparring that happened in many of the scenes. Also, good reminders of things we haven’t seen/heard in a while.
  22. Is it possible that Bran requested that Jon not be notified, so that he doesn't come racing up to Castle Black and get distracted from the work he needs to do? Kinda similar to when Bran asked Sam not to tell Jon about the fact that Bran and Co were alive and going beyond the Wall. It's weak, but still...
  23. I think LF provoked Jon to give himself an excuse for a later betrayal. "well Jon attacked me, so I guess I am justified in..."
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