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  1. I thought it was about Arya finally parting with her direwolf and going to join her human pack. I think it was Obara and Nym. Ellaria, Tyene, and Yara were taken as gifts to Cersei. I also enjoyed the Dany/Varys scene, though, as others have said, it should have happened earlier. I think that Euron was open to Ellaria, Tyrion, or Dany as the gift and took the first one he found. LOL. I also thought of Pirates of the Caribbean when I saw his arrival. But I did enjoy the scene. I enjoyed the episode overall, despite the odd choices of timing mentioned by other posters and the fact that many characters are being wasted right now. I used the Missendei/Greyworm scene as an opportunity to get dinner. I then watched through my fingers (like a horror movie) in case D&D decided to punish those who have complained about the imbalance of male/female nudity by showing us what a eunuch looks like. And can someone just hand Alfie Allen an award, please? In very little screen time, he continues to impress as Theon. I really need him to have a heroic ending--dying to save someone! Cannot WAIT to see Cersei's reaction to the gift.
  2. Olenna killed Joff when neither Cersei nor Joff had done anything to her family. Ellaria killed Myrcella when neither Cersei nor Myrcella had done anything to her family. Now they are complaining about retaliation? Cersei is clearly headed for a justified death, but I find both Ellaria and Olenna to be very hypocritical. I hope they both go before her.
  3. Perhaps the Tyrells army was booted from KL the same time Jaime was because they threatened the HS. If so, it would have been nice if that was mentioned.
  4. If Dany is the child of Rhaella and Tywin Lannister, it would be even better! I think she brokered a deal to trade Cersei for Loras, based on her convo with HS. That's the only reason I'm not completely blaming Cersei for her death.
  5. As my mother used to say, "feed a theory, starve a troll"!
  6. Thanks for clarifying. Also, just occurred to me that Widow's Wail was buried with Joff. Being Valyrian steel, it would have survived the burning of the sept, right? I wonder if Jaime and Qyburn will find it when they go to spread Tommen's ashes. If so, perhaps it can be reunited with Oathkeeper?
  7. I do hope Tyrion avenges Myrcella's death. I hate that it's been forgotten. Upon rewatch, Why was there no mention in the Jaime - Frey convo that Winterfell has been retaken by Starks? The Knights of the Vale had to pass right by the Twins to go up north, so they must have heard something by now. Surely, the demise of House Bolton would mean something to the Freys? Jaime Lannister - best wingman ever? He attracts the ladies, but has no interest in them. I don't think the Mountain raped Unella, but I do think he might be eating her slowly. He didn't need to take off his helmet to rape her, but he did if he needed his mouth to be free. Why is Pycelle the only one around getting any action? Or will we finally get that sex on the Iron Throne scene we've always wanted? Walder Frey didn't take even a bite of the pie before Arya's reveal. That is a miss IMO. The Citadel scene could have happened earlier in the season. I loved how the clerk is the ultimate government bureaucrat! It's a pity that no one could tell Lord Royce that his kinsman was killed by the WW in the very first episode. That might make him think differently about teaming with the wildlings. I like Cersei's crown, and just noticed it's not the Baratheon crown. It that supposed to be a lion on the front? It looks more like the sun.
  8. Since there is no evidence to the people of KL that Cersei had anything to do with the burning of the Sept, perhaps it can be played as "the gods struck down the HS and the others for their crimes against the virtuous Cersei Lannister." That might make people more awestruck by her and follow her. It would be better IMO than letting Dany come in virtually unopposed. Btw, how was Qyburn made Hand before Cersei was named Queen? Did Tommen do that? Also, how can Ellaria say that the Lannisters have declared war on Dorne when they are the ones who killed Princess Myrcella? She's annoying. Can we give her and the sand snakes to Qyburn? Is there anyone left who can suggest that Tyrion is a Targ? Pycelle was the last person left who might know anything about that, right? Or would Varys have been around back then? If not, perhaps that idea needs to be dropped..
  9. I don't think they will care about Lancel. He abandoned his family and took up with the Sparrows. Kevan, maybe, but they seem to have forgotten about him. ****** KL: I really liked the stylized approach to the KL scenes. It's different from anything else we've seen on GoT. I really enjoyed the explosion of the Sept of Baelor. it was great to see the High Septon lit up like that. When they showed Lancel crawling towards the candles, I was like--bitch, please, don't even try to make him heroic. Although I have not been a fan of book or show Marg, I was surprisingly sorry to see her die with the rest. She was perhaps the only smart person in KL. I was hoping she would escape with Loras. RIP Tommen. Gotta admit, I did not expect that. However, it makes sense. He realized that Marg is dead and he has had issues all season about his failure as a king, so the suicide should have occurred to me. I think that Cersei Lannister looked better on the Irone Throne than anyone we've seen so far. She's far more regal than Robert, Ned, Joff, and Tommen. She also didn't look terribly happy to be there, so I didn't get the impression that this was about her ambition. I hope that she will name Jaime Hand of the Queen because it will set up some conflict for Tyrion as Dany invades Westeros. Did you notice that she and Jaime were in matching clothes (and both looking hot)? That has to mean something. North: Lyanna Mormont rocks. Jon totally needs to marry her when she's a little older. The White Wolf! I think that Sansa should have joined in the chanting. Freys: I was pretty worried that Jaime was going to get killed after insulting Walder Frey in his own house and then sending Bronn off with two women. As happy as I am about Arya killing Walder Frey, the Frey pies were kind of random. I felt that there was no build up to it, like there was in the book. Meereen: Glad that Dany has finally jettisoned Daario. However, this does telegraph that she will marry Jon. Is it just me, or was there more expression in Dany's face than normal>/>
  10. I hope that Sansa and Jon have a conversation next week about how to track down Bran and Arya, whom they now know may still be alive.
  11. it's unlikely that she actually fought. After all, she's, what, 11 years old? she would have come for moral support, not to fight.
  12. Amen, sister! Agreed. I was hoping the "dog" to chew off his face would be Ghost or that Sansa would raise a sword for the first time in her life to kill Ramsay. Either way, I'm just happy he's dead. Excellent episode. Never have I ever been so happy to see a Dothraki horde and Petyr Baelish! How happy was I to finally see the Stark banners back at Winterfell! Now Bran and Arya have to find their ways back homs! Meereen: I was even okay with the flirtation between Dany and Yara/Asha, because I was so happy that the masters were defeated. I liked that Tyrion reminded Dany about her dad and teased the wildfire below KL! Am I the only one who thought it funny that on Father's Day, they had a line about all of the people in the room having bad fathers? (Aerys, Tywin, Balon) Nitpick: Am I the only one who thinks there has been something off with Dany's makeup this season? Winterfell: Very satisfying, despite the death of Rickon (which I wasn't expecting, BTW). I was screaming the entire time. Will have to rewatch when I am calmer and look for details. I guess I'm just happy that Ramsay didn't give him the Theon treatment. The Rickon scene was VERY well done. RIP. Wun Wun died a hero, and played a critical role in winning back Winterfell, so I am okay with that. Don't take this as nitpicky criticism but I have a few questions. Why didn't Jon have Rickon carried back to Melisandre to attempt a revival? Did I miss Ghost in the action? Why did they camp in the same location where Ramsay was able to sneak up on Stannis's army and steal their horses? How did the wood from the pyre that burned Shireen survive in a pile? If Sansa had just been honest with Jon about Petyr and the Arryn forces, would Rickon be dead? He would have definitely waited for them, and Ramsay would have seen the strong forces and "maybe" behaved differently.
  13. nara

    [Spoilers] EP608

    Exactly. I think for television purposes, it is better storytelling to have him kill someone he loves than slowly drift away from her. I remember being appalled when reading the books that Jaime never confronted Cersei about her affairs. He just left her to probably die. It would be even worse to do that in a visual medium like television. Also, the show introduces things as they become necessary, unlike the books, which plant seeds at various times to grow and flower at the right time. Finally, if the show loses either one of them before late into the final season, it would deflate the series IMO, because they are 2 of the best and most experienced actors in the show. The books don't necessarily have the same issue, because both Jaime and Cersei were later POV characters. Also, the death of Cersei Lannister would signify the end of this round of the game of thrones and a focus on the war with the WWs. Not sure that a whole season of the WWs would be that interesting.
  14. nara

    [Spoilers] EP608

    Thank you for clarifying that point. I got the impression that the next episode would be very focused, like Blackwater was. I think that means the final one will have a ton of scenes, which is why they supersized it.
  15. nara

    [Spoilers] EP608

    Arya: I was kinda looking forward to seeing Arya play the role of Sansa. I think that would have been hilarious! Oh, well. And farewell, Lady Crane. I really liked her, both as herself and as Cersei Lannister. I laughed when I realized how violent she was (to her lovers and the other actress) beneath that sweet exterior--just like the real Cersei. I actually enjoyed the waif--how different Faye Marsay was in this role compared to her role as Anne Neville in The White Queen-- and enjoyed the chase scene. It was good that they ended the chase with Arya striking out the candle and the episode with her declaration tgat she is Arya Stark. I wonder if that's the last we've seen of her for this season. Jaime: Really glad to see Jaime back to his Kingslayer self, threatening Edmure's baby with the trebuchet and not pointing out that he had nothing to do with the Red Wedding. He's owning his reputation. I enjoyed that entire conversation between Jaime and Edmure. It's amazing what you can do with 2 good actors. Given that they have chosen not to have a break between Cersei and Jaime, Jaime's dialogue, in particular, was spot on. I agree with others that all the mentions of Cat have to mean something. Also, the mention of "the things we do for love" took me back to the very first episode. For some reason, that made me think that Jaime's time will be short. Perhaps he will sacrifice himself for Brienne in some way...If the true war is with the Whitewalkers, maybe the Lannisters will be wiped out this season. The reunion with Brienne and the Oathkeeper discussion was well done. I think they are definitely setting it up for a future romance, though it's likely to be unconsummated or very brief (though I am not a Jaime/Brienne shipper at all.) However, I don't understand why Brienne would not know the Blackfish, nor he her. They were both at Riverrun together with Cat and Robb...Or is that poor continuity on the part of the showrunners? Glad they remembered that Bronn and Pod knew each other, at least. Also, I think Jaime could have told Brienne that Oathkeeper was made from Ice and she should take it to Sansa. I was disappointed that the Blackfish didn't go out in a blaze of glory. It seemed anticlimactic that he died offscreen. I wonder if Jaime will now be able to make it back to KL for Cersei's trial. Tyrion: I wonder where Varys is going? My guess is that it has something to do with the Sand Snakes (unfortunately). I was in agony during the drinking/joke scene, until he mentioned the brothel, jackass, and honeycomb. Nice shout-out to Tyrion's first trial by combat in the Eyrie. But seriously, what a waste of time. Cersei: I continue to love Cersei Lannister. Of all the people in KL, she's the one I want to survive. Lena Headey delivers her lines so well. "I choose violence." Loved the look on Lancel's face when that man's head was ripped off. I was hoping that Lancel would bite it--hopefully later. I'm ready for Tommen and Kevan to die too. I cannot believe that he is being such a jerk to his own mother! Burn them all! I'm sad that we are being robbed of a trial by combat. I guess things can change between now and then. I was really hoping Cersei would get a Trial By Seven like in the Dunk and Egg novella. that would have been super cool to watch. Interesting that the trial will be on the first day of the festival of the Mother. Wonder if that will work in her favor. I wonder if she will threaten to confess that Tommen is not the son of Robert Baratheon. That might diminish the Faith too since they are now aligned with Tommen. I assume the rumors have something to do with wildfire, but I thought Cersei was aware of that already? I gotta go back to that episode in Season 2 to verify. The other possibility is the rumors are related to secret passages through which she can escape and run to Casterly Rock, but that is less likely. The Hound: Glad he got his revenge. Sad that CleganeBowl will apparently not be a thing. When Beric said that cold winds are rising in the north, I thought for sure that it would come out that Sansa was back in the North and it would motivate Sandor somehow. Perhaps Brienne will run into them soon and she'll mention it. By the way, I didn't think the "previously on" showed anything about Beric and Thoros and that was probably confusing for a lot of people.
  16. At least it couldn't possibly have been Jojenpaste!
  17. Great episode. That could not have been anywhere near an hour. Bran: Loved seeing King Aerys and the Wildfire in the vision. Nice to see Robb, Cat, and Ned too... I’m not sure how to describe the sound that I made when I heard “when I last saw you…” It was something between a gasp, a squeal, and a shriek… Great reintroduction of Benjen Stark, but how did he find them? Was he where the 3ER was, since the children found him? I hope he lives long enough to reconnect with Jon and Sansa too. Sam: Will someone please kill off Randyll Tarly? He’s been on the show for 5 minutes and I already hate him! Dickon is arrogant, but was not particularly mean to Sam and Gilly, so I’ll give him a pass. So glad that Sam stole Heartsbane. I hope he will put it to good use against a WW. I will say that casting for the whole Tarly family was good, even though I pictured everyone differently. Little Sam is so cute! I loved the way he reacted to Sam’s mom. I wish he really was Sam’s son. Gilly cleans up well!!! And I really liked the way she stood up for Sam. I wish he’d done the same for her. I also liked Lady Tarly telling Randyll off. Women for the win in this scene! Freys: I thought they could have done more to remind show viewers who Lord Frey was, like including the Twins in the credits or having someone call him Lord Frey. Yes, he’s shown on the “previously on…”but I thought it might be confusing for show-only people. And Lord Frey replaced the girl that Cat killed with an even younger wife? What is he—the Viagra distributor for the Seven Kingdoms? Glad they mentioned the Brotherhood. Probably means they will show up to annoy Jaime or Brienne. Tobias Menzies is my hero. 2 roles on Outlander and one on GoT! KL: I was really hoping that Jaime would kill a few people, especially Lancel. He was finally back to his badass self. I laughed as he rolled his eyes at Mace’s “inspiring” speech. (And NCW is so freaking handsome!) At first, I thought that HS saying there was no need for violence was anticlimactic, but it really worked. I thought for sure that Marg was faking her liking for HS, so I was floored when she and Tommen publicly supported him and the faith. I still and suspicious and think Marg knew when she met Tommen that if she converted Tommen she would be spare the Walk of Atonement. ( I will say that Jonathan Pryce is perfect as the HS.) By the way, why should Marg walk naked through the streets? Her crime of supporting her brother did not deserve that level of punishment. It’s different from Cersei, who actually had sex outside of marriage. (Not that I think Cersei deserved it either.) So how can Jaime/Cersei/Mace/Olenna address this new development? Other than revealing that Tommen is Jaime’s child, I can’t think of anything. Or is Margaery taking the Game to the next level? some of her expressions suggested this. Now Jaime is eligible to be Lord of Casterly Rock, but not sure that matters at this point. Now Tommen is on the opposite side of Cersei. I think this is setting up the Mountain to kill him during the trial. I’m really enjoying Cersei as the voice of reason. I so badly want her to get her revenge against the HS and Septa Unella. I know some folks hate that Cersei and Jaime are still together. However, I think this is a set up for the final season when one of them dies and they are tragically torn apart or Jaime kills Cersei. It's more dramatic in either case if there is no estrangement this far in advance. (Though I admit I'm a J/C shipper and I actually like them together.) Arya: First of all, the play is amazingly accurate about what happened in KL. They pretty much have all the facts right. Loved how Arya was the only one laughing at Joffrey’s demise. My second thought about the play is that it must have been produced by D&D, since Cersei Lannister was so sympathetic. (Essie Davis was great in that role. Love her in Miss Fisher’s Mysteries.) I thought it was interesting that Arya could understand Cersei’s pain at losing her son. I believe it’s the first time in the series that Arya has shown empathy for anyone. Needle! Arya has gone back to her identity. Will she return to Westeros next? Dany: I liked her reunion with Drogon, but nothing else terribly interesting. I laughed that the number of ships she needs is EXACTLY the number of ships that Euron is building. How convenient!
  18. I hope it's not deja vu. Catelyn sent her sworn sword Brienne away on an errand (taking Jaime to KL) and so Brienne was not there to protect her at the Red Wedding. Now Sansa has sent her sworn sword Brienne on an errand...
  19. I suspect that the Blackfish has Riverrun, but it is under siege by Lannister forces, like in the books.
  20. If R'hllor really wanted to convert Robert Baratheon, he should have sent one of his sexualiyty priestesses instead! Great episode. I'm glad Hodor got his hero moment! I'm glad Dany and Jorah made up. Even though his attention was creepy to her and he initially spied on her, I always thought that he was the only one who had her best interests at heart. And how awkward was it for Daario to listen to that conversation! I hate Sansa lying to Jon. That's gonna come back to bite them somehow. Tormund eying Brienne was awesome! I like them together much more that Brienne and Jaime. I enjoyed the Kingsmoot, though I do miss the crow's eye...I actually thought it clever to cast someone who looks like Theon. Also, if the plan is to have him marry Dany, I would much rather this guy do it than the character described in the books.
  21. nara

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I thought those 20 men infiltrated the camp to screw things up, but that more men actually fought Stannis's army. Enjoyed the episode overall. I found the Jon revival ritual underwhelming, though I will give Kit credit for not moving around during what looked like a very sexy sponge bath. Like a previous commenter, I was afraid there would be some sort of sex ritual involved, so I guess I should be grateful there wasn't! How much did I want Jaime to kick the High Sparrow's butt? Also, please let Lancel be the next to get a quick dagger in the back! Was I the only one hoping Tyrion would get the qet the Quentyn storyline (Oh!)? Now, that would have been a bold twist! I thought that Euron looked a little like Theon, so good casting. Happy for the Kingsmoot. I think it's interesting that they are including that because it makes me wonder if democracy is in the future of Westeros. I didn't like the Roose death because it was so unsatisfying--one unpleasant character kills another. Would have preferred a Stark or Theon or even Brienne to have done the deed.
  22. I agree. Trystane clearly traveled with Jamie and Myrcella. My interpretation was that like when Myrcella went down to Dorne, they took a bit of a circuitous route for her protection. Also they had to stop somewhere to get Myrcella's coffin. This enabled the Snakes to catch up with them and arrive the same day at KL harbor. Jamie went by himself to gently break the news to Cersei. He believed Trystane to have genuinely loved Myrcella and innocent of her murder. If he took the boy with him, Cersei could have easily ordered him killed in her initial rage at her daughter's murder. Perhaps Ellaria didn't have enough poison for 2 doses on her lips. And she would not have had a chance to reapply before kissing Trystane. I enjoy this show a lot more now that I accept that's not as well tied together as the books. I cheered and clapped many times during this show, especially during the Sansa scene. I think it was good that she was struggling because this is the first time she's been out in a harsh environment. I also like her taking over the Lady Stoneheart role. It really makes more sense for the show than having an undead woman roam around. So can Jon's own blood be used to revive him, since it is king's blood? In that case, someone had better go scoop it up! I think Doran and Areo deserved better deaths but I think it's wise to start getting rid of characters. I wonder if they will announce that they killed him or if they will take advantage of the fact that Doran rarely left the palace (per one of the lines of dialogue) and pretendhe is still alive.. I will confess to being shocked by the Dorne turn of events. In the show, is Cersei still at risk for a trialfor the crimes to which she didn't confess, or is it just about Margaery and Loras now? On a pickier note, now that Jaime and Cersei have the same haircut, I really wish they had the same color of hair.
  23. Is that speculation or something that Lena or D&D mentioned? (I'm too lazy to watch the behind the scenes stuff.) It doesn't necessarily matter, because her acting is brilliant regardless, but I'm curious. I really liked ADWD and AFFC (the latter slightly less). It was very different in style and pace from previous books, but I still enjoyed it. But I get that I am probably not in the majority. Agreed. I came to terms with the books and the show being separate early this season. It's helped me enjoy the show so much more.
  24. Apparently I should stay in Meereen with Tyrion, because I never thought of tracking!
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