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  1. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    Apparently he’s a real top professional, too. Hopefully his game continues to develop. It’s a good sign that Pellegrini’s starting him lately with so much pressure on the club these days.
  2. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    He’s improving, definitely, and learning all the things about playing in the PL (speed of play, time on the ball, etc)
  3. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    Not to mention Antonio’s finishing is absolutely abysmal whereas Vardy’s is not.
  4. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    I don’t think anyone gets it. The first team is full of attacking players (bought by Pellegrini) and has little to offer in terms of toughness, commitment, defensive savvy, etc. I think Pellegrini’s recent strategy is bound to fail because we don’t have enough quality grafters to make it work. We all saw what happened today when Cresswell was replaced by Masuaku. I think we’d be better off if Pelle went balls-to-the-wall attacking in hopes we’ll outscore our opposition often enough rather than this current strategy which seems doomed to fail (Chelsea result noted). 14 of West Ham’s 22 first team players (let’s leave academy players out of the reckoning) have been brought in during Pellegrini’s 1 1/2 seasons in charge. Amazingly, though, of the 7 healthy players who were in the team before Pellegrini arrived, 6 of them started the game today (many believe the Fredericks transfer had already been arranged before Pelle was hired, which would make it 7 of 8) with only Pablo Zabaleta NOT starting. Its crazy, really. I say die by the sword, Manuel. Play the players you spent soooo much money on, play the style of football you’ve (apparently) been building towards, and at least if you go down in flames you’ll have done it on your terms. This, though, this is just sad to watch.
  5. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    Because Haller’s been garbage.
  6. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    I’d quibble only with the part about who’s been shittier.
  7. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    Bad night for fullbacks!
  8. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    I wonder if Tim Sherwood’s applied for the Arsenal job?
  9. Nas!

    Football: Brendan has the last laugh

    I’m starting to like Pablo Fornals. Despite him being totally useless and having produced absolutely nothing so far this season.
  10. I joined after the blood dried, but before the sodium hydroxide ate all the stains.
  11. Nas!

    Gun Control

    Son of a gun.
  12. Nas!

    How did you pick your screen name?

    My name is a killing word.
  13. Nas!

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    I brined and grilled some chicken thighs on the barbecue with a honey mustard glaze, mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach.
  14. Nas!

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Perhaps Lions vs. Bluebombers?
  15. Nas!

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Whimsical mods! Do you see what power has done to you? On topic: Under Heaven: awesome.