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  1. After more reading and hints of this and that on other threads..,, Asha is not done in her bid for the Seastone Chair. She left the Kings Moot for this reason. She has to aquire Theon to lay claim to the chair. The Dampair will support this to get rid of Euron. Therefore, Theon must be released from captivity and out in the open so Asha can rescue him. Roose Bolton knows that Arya/Jeyne is not Arya Stark. Jamie told Brienne "they" didn't care. But Ramsay might. He is his father's son. While Roose is cunning and intelligent, so is Ramsay. He has Theon, the strutting prince of a few books ago, eating rats and calling himself Reek. Ramsay may think something is hinky in all this. Why does he get the heiress of Winterfell? It may trouble him that his father married a mere Frey, when he could have had "Arya." He might want proof the bride is Arya. Perhaps Fat Walda will "die" in childbirth and Ramsay will have a fatal hunting accident. Or maybe there will be a Pink Wedding. Or I could be completely full of hops.
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  4. Had to look you up. Ealasaid, Connor, Kitzu and now Alice.

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    Hi. I've been gone awhile. Since ADwD is nigh, I am back for chatter.
  6. Sorry. I'm just confused him. Reek is Reek, Then Theon is Reek? Or he's been conditioned to think so? Why would the Boltons want the fake Arya identified? When she was leaving KL, Jaime talked to her. He thought she might be a little older than the true Arya. He said she wasn't Arya - and someone wondered what the Bolton's would think of that. Jaime said they knew. This is right before he hops North to subdue Riverrun. Theon deserves whatever he gets.