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  1. Davos Seaworth?? More like Davos Cialis, the Hardon Knight.
  2. Speaking of Olenna being dumb, how could she possibly have been surprised that a poison called the motherfucking STRANGLER would not be a pleasant way for joffrey to die?
  3. Sansa has actually gained the skill of political manouvering, even though they don't portray it well. jon is a commander (allegedly), bran is a wizard, arya is an assassin, and sansa is politician. in the grand scheme of things, hers will be the most useful skill, but they will be all-powerful as a team.
  4. no, i understand many things. it would be really weird if the only thing i understood was dodging.
  5. Actually, dragons do fly. And a grown ass woman with intense sword fighting expertise beats a little girl with a metal stick all day every day.
  6. So dumb. Even in a world with dragons, Arya loses this fight 10 out of 10 times. Dumbest scene in an otherwise good episode.
  7. ah, right. Egg was dany's great grandfather and roberts great grandfather. thats fuckin weird. Egg's daughter was roberts grandmother.
  8. Well, his great grandmother was a targaryen. Thats not the same as saying he's a direct descendant in terms of inheritance.
  9. The point is, both in history and in the show, once army enters a city, it is difficult to make it leave again. Especially if it has every reason to want to stay there. Mace could not have gotten the army in without permission, but making it leave is another story. He has no reason to tell them to leave, and 3 reasons to want them to stay. Dear.
  10. This stern, indefatigable king whose word is iron and whose will is stone. He sounds like a badass. He must be in some other show, though... dear.
  11. No, dear, its not the king's call. Once the queen's father has his army in the city while his heir is at risk, he would never order them to leave.
  12. The directing in this episode and in episode 9 was flawless; the writing however this season was pretty shoddy (though, far better than last season).
  13. It's Mace's call, not Margery's, and he would unquestionably want to keep his forces in the city.
  14. That is precisely the problem with allowing armies into your city. Once they're there, its not easy to make them leave. Especially if their Lord is still around. The absence of the Tyrell army is a giant hole.
  15. I thought this as well, but it seems unlikely: First, she likely has a personal guard and retinue, but is not a military commander or the lord or heir of the house, so the amry would not follow her orders or be necessary to escort her. Second, the lord of the house and heir both remained in KL. These are who the army takes orders from, and whom they are responsible for protecting. Once the sept was destroyed, they were obligated to go kill Cersei.
  16. Also what happened to the Tyrell army? Shouldn't they arrest and hang Cersei? Cersei does not have any military support other than 1 freaking huge monster zombie.
  17. I like this season but there were a lot of problems. Here are some of my problems: 1. There is way too much "but at the last minute "________" swept in to save the day. a. Brienne saves Sansa at the last minute. b. Benjen saves Bran at the last minute. c. Littlefinger saves Jon at the last minute. 2. There is so much re-using of previous material a. Dany doesnt burn and everyone bows, almost exactly the same but larger. b. King in the North scene rehashed almost word for word c. Red wedding re-creation scene.
  18. No, no... Margery didn't have anything in mind. They just made us think she did.
  19. You are being way too nice by calling it foreshadowing. Foreshadowing involves subtlety. They didn't foreshadow anything; rather, they straight up showed us what was going to happen at the end of 9 and 10. They showed you the explosion under the sept, they also referenced the wildfire in several different episodes. And they totally told you the vale was coming to save Sansa, in more than one episode. I'm not even arguing with you or disagreeing with you, I'm saying its not subtle to tell us whats going to happen and then deliver on exactly what you said. It's just weird.
  20. Buy why spend all the previous episodes insinuating that Margery was scheming, and had things under control, when in the end she had no plan, no scheme, she just wanted to show off her incredible artistic skills to her grandmother
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