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    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    It is odd to see him take pot shots at others when he’s so thin skinned himself. EDIT: That being said, I’m awfully suspicious of the story about him taking shots at Martin during a WMF reading. He did that all the time after book 1, but by the time book 2 rolled around he had been humbled about writing time and had offered numerous apologies for his broken promises.
  2. It's almost certainly "like a lamb", isn't it? Seems that the nickname exists to draw a contrast to the young lion, who is warlike and most decidedly not like a lamb.
  3. Wow. You sound really smart. Did you find that your friends came to resent you knowing so much more than them?
  4. I hear you, but I'm still going to disagree. The whole "wolf is eaten by the lion is eaten by the lamb" thing is pretty on the nose. I don't think Abercrombie is trying to bury this too deep. Keeping it accessible to the casual reader and all that. And really, the fact that there's several guesses for the Weaver in the early pages of this thread suggests to me that he's struck a decent balance.
  5. Sure, but the industrial revolution just happened. Not too big of a stretch to think that the plan that made sense a few decades before is already outdated. But really, even if Bayaz's motivations aren't immediately apparent to us, IMO the combination of his reaction to Jezal's death and the perfect fit of Rikke's vision make him the leading candidate by a wide margin.
  6. For the same reason he killed* Jezal, I expect. I think we're left with RAFO. *Or at the very least, is happy about it.
  7. I don't think that's true at all. He values (a) power and (b) sticking it to Kahlul. A stable union is only valuable insofar as it helps him with (a) and (b). Don't forget, he helped Bethod who was planning to attack the union. His loyalty is to himself and his power, not the union.
  8. Eh, he's not happy with the status quo. If memory serves, he made a speech in the first trilogy about having to reset the board every so often. His knowing smile when Jezel dies kinda cinches it that he's not disappointed with the upheaval.
  9. Though I feel a bit odd knowing that the author visits this board from time to time, I'll offer my thoughts: 1. I don't think there's a better author in the genre at injecting humor into his writing. I'm frequently screenshotting (I read on my phone) bits of phrasing to send to a friend. The humor is clever and without equal in my opinion. 2. I didn't love the choice to use so many children of characters from prior books as main characters. Feels a little too Terry Brooksian to me. For example, there's really no reason to have Rikke be the Dogman's daughter. 3. Joe writes great battle scenes. We all know this. 4. I felt myself smirking when I read the section where Rikke and Savine swapped boy toys. I dunno, it felt a little soap opera I guess. Part of me wonders if Joe was writing this with a TV adaptation in mind. Overall, I quite enjoyed the book. Looking forward to next year! PS The Weaver is Bayaz. Book it.
  10. I was suggesting intentional on his part, not yours. He has to have been asked, and I'd be curious to hear how he dodged the question.
  11. There's one name that's fairly conspicuous in its absence. This is intentional, I assume?