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  1. Goodness. I have no idea how you made it. I tapped out at the 15 minute mark. Right about the time he was taking people to task for saying things that you wouldn't say to a friend at your house or a casual acquaintance. (With of course, no acknowledgement that he recently did just that in response to a perfectly polite question.) His lack of self awareness is just staggering.
  2. 50 minutes in. Q: Will there be a 10th anniversary WMF? A: Probably sure. Probably yes. I imagine.
  3. When you finally get to it, do a shot every time cherry conserve gets mentioned. Or brown bread. You'll be in rehab within an hour.
  4. There's definitely stew. What self respecting fantasy novel would go without? EDIT: And your question reminds me of Modesitt's Recluse books. SO MUCH CHERRY CONSERVE
  5. Marmalade is a subset of preserves, specifically citrus preserve with peel.
  6. Or even easier, he could have just skipped that question!
  7. 10 years ago yesterday he announced the publication date for WMF.
  8. Maybe he's using emptied out cheerio boxes to hide copies of book 3.
  9. Missed opportunity to title the thread: ”Use your f*cking head”
  10. Yeah, he’s looking to get indignant. He could have easily skipped that question. It’s a shame.
  11. Looks like a "no" on whether the book is coming this year LINK
  12. As a person with multiple children myself, I'm going to go ahead and state for the record that having all the kids in the house causes productivity to go down.
  13. Likely for being the person who enables Kvothe to go before Roderic Calanthis.
  14. I have thistlepong mentally tagged as “the world’s foremost authority on Rothfuss’ work”.
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