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  1. And we've been repeatedly down the path of 'violent man wants to change his violent ways but finds he can't'.
  2. Sure. If he decides to do something else all bets are off. That said, I'm comfortable with my prediction. Maybe we'll get lucky and the occasional poster will drop by and set me straight.
  3. 2006 - The Blade Itself 2007 - Before they are Hanged 2008 - The Last Argument of Kings 2009 - Best Served Cold 2011 - The Heroes 2012 - Red Country 2014 - Half a King 2015 - Half the World 2015 - Half a War 2019 - A Little Hatred 2020 - The Trouble with Peace 2021 - The Wisdom of Crowds The only significant breaks were when he chose to draft multiple volumes at once. I say 2-4 years for the next installment.
  4. I have a vague memory of some baddie (a rogue Aes Sedai?) being built up for a long time, only to be captured and taken away in a wagon with some line like 'and it was clear we'd never hear from her again'. It was laugh out loud ridiculous to me at the time. (It just smacked of 'Oh crap, I have too many plot lines going and I need to tie a few of these off because this is totally out of control'. Huge investment of time/pages/story with no payoff whatsoever.) Had to have been later in the series, but I'm useless for specifics. It's been a decade, sorry.
  5. The "worse" is different. I don't think I'm being spoilery to say that the story just sprawls out of control. The series got popular, Jordan became 'too big to edit', and started believing everything he wrote was gold and every idea he had was worth including. Massive side plots that go nowhere, etc, etc. And this isn't to bag on Jordan. This happens all the time with "Gardener" content creators, and can lead to sprawl, delay, or both. (Rothfuss, Martin, Rowling all leap to mind, or Tarantino if you prefer a different medium.)
  6. You should try Modesitt on for size. It's similar to the above, except: 1. Take a ride to the next village or walk there. 2. Go to an inn. 2a. Eat brown bread with cherry conserve. 3. Have weird/evil people at the inn, escape at the last moment. 4. Continue with point 1.
  7. If you're struggling to get through the first book, stop now and do not waste your time. They get WAY worse after book three.
  8. Eh, reasonable folks can differ. It's not unfinished in my mind. I know how it ends. I'd be interested in reading the way George gets to that ending. Anything else would just be fanfic. Cheers.
  9. Yes, but on the other hand I'm reminded of the scene from the original trilogy where Jezal is complaining about the rain and asks Bayaz to make it go away. Bayaz quips something about rain making no special dispensation for wizards. Point being that Bayaz likes to portray himself as the puppet master that runs the Union, but there are limits to his control and they're probably a lot more restrictive than he'd like to admit.
  10. I just don't see a non-George ending being written. In my mind, it only happens for one of three reasons: George wants "George's ending" out there. There is a feeling that fans are owed an ending. His heirs want to cash in. These all feel unlikely to me. The fans have an ending of sorts, any ending not written by George won't truly be his, and his heirs will be too stinkin' rich to need to violate his wishes.
  11. Perhaps his successes (the betrayal of Orso, claiming power) were not really his doing, but that of Jurand(I think that's the name). It's easy for me to imagine Leo saying what he wanted, and Jurand being the one would actually planned it/made it happen.
  12. Other possibility: Rikke is bad at interpreting her visions and is mistaken about the owl part.
  13. Yeah, this. Joe's at his strongest when he's in the North. He's brilliant at pushing action and plot, and I find his voice in the North to be hilarious. As for the industrial revolution backdrop, well, it was clear he had commentary to make, but I think in an effort to make sure he was understood it got overlong and overworked. I hid this comment behind spoiler tags in the other thread, at at times it felt like reading an essay and he got to a place where the story was serving the backdrop rather than the other way around. Lastly, I think Joe has fallen in love with the plot twist a little too much. When everything is so twisty, we're robbed of narrative tension because we've been taught to view each development with a very skeptical eye. BUT, all that being said, I enjoy the hell out of his work. They're fun reads, and Joe is on my "immediately purchase and consume" list until further notice.
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