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  1. I don't think we're getting either of these. After reading the first book, I was very sure how the trilogy was going to play out: Book 1: Origin and University Book 2: Exploits and Fame (Past Kvothe) Book 3: Resolve situation in the frame story But book 2 didn't get us there, and Rothfuss has often said that (a) this is a tragedy, and (b) that he's not telling the story we think he is. I think he's set out to subvert a trope, and we're not going to see the bad guys get their comeuppance. We're going to see an unhappy ending. It's long been rumored that the beta readers didn't like the ending, and I think this is why.
  2. I think the oft quoted 'I tricked you into reading a million word prologue' was said tongue in cheek. Back when he used to talk to people, he often said things like: "A good story needs and ending" and "Three books" and "This trilogy will tell Kvothe's story". He's always had plans to continue to write in this world, but my belief (and maybe I'm wishcasting) is that book 3 will be a conclusion to a story.
  3. Rothfuss is only 49 years old. I think the smart money is on him publishing book 3 eventually.
  4. Bottom left when I click on the screen when viewing on an iPad.
  5. My spouse converted me to watching Netflix at 1.25 speed. I don't think I'll ever go back.
  6. Looks like the Sanderson machine will only be 75% as prolific going forward? Miniatures are nice and all, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that his fans would prefer 33% more writing than swag and side projects.
  7. I don't know that I had any huge problems with Broad apart from him being a re-skin of Shivers, who was a re-skin of Logen. Just a little bit too much been there, done that for me.
  8. Correct. The friend should license the IP that they're consuming. They should be sending $9 to the owner of the IP, and $0 to me, as I'm offering the means of delivery for free. This is, of course, impossible to administer.
  9. In my preferred yet impossible to administer world, they would not. They would get paid once per consumer to license the IP, and then the consumer would pay for the means of delivery of the IP. So if I want a HC, paperback, and ebook (For the sake of argument lets say that these cost $30, $15, & $10 respectively) I'd pay $9 to license the IP, $21 for the HC, $6 for the paperback, and $1 for the ebook.
  10. I appreciate the attempt to put words into my mouth. But the burden of proof lies on you. You're the one asserting there's an issue. Lay out a case. Make an argument. Simply repeating that I won't refute your assertions isn't going to work. I'm old as hell. I recognize these internet message board techniques.
  11. Next time see if you can work Hitler into your response. Flippancy aside, I see no moral or legal issue with copyright law. I see attempts to create a moral quandary to justify the breaking of copyright law.
  12. I appreciate the attempt to move the goalposts to the existence of laws in society, but you'll have to find someone else. Perhaps the copyright issue is confusing because of the ease of making copies. If I buy a car, I have the right to use it, lend it, rent it, sell it. What I do not have the right to do is produce additional copies of the car. There are no essays on why this is, or the underlying morality of this arrangement. Purchasing a book is the same legal and ethical arrangement. The only difference is that making a copy of a book (particularly an e-book) is easy, so people attempt to obfuscate the very clear situation with appeals to morality and the impact to the IP creator.
  13. I'm not sure there is one. For me, it's fairly simple. The author maintains the right to produce copies of the IP. The reader, when purchasing the IP has the right to do with it what they wish, save the right of making copies which is maintained by the author. I just don't see the thorny moral dilemma here.
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