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  • Hitting You With My Man Purse
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    Stop stalking me creeper!!!
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    i enjoy sitting in front of a nice warm fireplace. i can never warm my hands enough. i also enjoy making snowballs, putting hands on bare legs and backs and general underhanded things.

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  1. We should rename this thread to ASL
  2. a late welcome to the boards :)

  3. Welcome to the boards :)

  4. seems you have been waiting a long time! :P

  5. Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you still here?
  6. can't believe the board has status updates. alone in my basement should be the standard one here

  7. good luck tomorrow!

  8. Shit I thought I would be the first. Oh well I suppose you would prefer a message from her over me. Anyway her is my message. Enjoy. Hi.

  9. Hi CH. Just trying this out. I'll be the first to leave a Member Profile comment. Cause I'm cool.

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