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  1. Jon AS

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    They've also announced that the third expansion will feature a number of the Unseen. Here's hoping we're getting the full roster of classic 'mechs, from the lowly Stinger to the (arguably) mighty Marauder. The game is still one of my principal time killers. I can always fire it up, play a few missions, redesign a 'mech to try out some new dumb way to blow stuff up or try to keep Dekker alive throughout the campaign.
  2. Marvel does have a Major Victory, too.
  3. Jon AS

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    Yes, the feel is extremely different. But if you think about it, the change in feeling is down to art style, combat mechanics, camera placement, animation speed and a fully voiced protagonist. The game didn't suddenly turn into a shooter. The fundamental workings of the engine weren't completely different at all. I have no doubt that the success of ME2 influenced the development of DA2, though. It came out right as DA2 development was starting and was widely praised for improving on ME1 in most areas. It provided a much more focused and streamlined experience after its plodding predecessor, quite similar to what DA2 does compared to DAO.
  4. Jon AS

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    No, all ME games up to Andromeda used Unreal Engine 3. DA2 on the other hand used a modified version of the DAO engine called Lycium (okay, I had to look up the name ). They simply changed a lot about the game mechanics, some for the better, a lot for the worse, when they made the sequel. If they hadn't done that it might have turned out better. Plus it's pretty likely that consolifying the combat was mandated from above. DA2 still did turn out pretty good, and it still has the best cast of characters in the series and a story that with some tweaking (and thus some more development time) could have made it the standout DA game. As it is, it's one of three flawed but compelling games, and I personally would much rather revisit DA2 than DAO. At least DA2's repetitive sequences are fairly short, unlike, say, the Fade or Deep Roads in Origins.
  5. Jon AS

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    It's neither, as others have pointed out. However, many vocal gamers are entitled, whiny, little shitheads. See also their reactions to, well, basically anything. (This post may have been influenced by my having spent too much time reading video game forums of late)
  6. Jon AS

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    That is indeed great. I think with Ikit Claw and Clan Skryre I'll finally get over myself and properly try playing Skaven instead of getting bored and going back to one of my usual factions after twenty turns.
  7. Jon AS

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    Christian Kane would make for a good Wolverine in my mind, he can pull off the attitude and the action (and he's not exceptionally tall).
  8. Flashpoint really adds a lot to the general gameplay of Battletech. The Flashpoints themselves are much more fun than run-of-the-mill procedurally generated missions, plus you can now get lostech rewards (including at least a Star League Griffin) outside of story missions. I even got a unique frankenmech variant of the Crab as a Flashpoint reward, that's pretty cool. I wonder if there's more of these sprinkled throughout the various missions. The new 'mechs they added are interesting. The 10-Z variant of the Cyclops sports a unique equipment item, a specialised battlecomputer, that bumps all the 'mechs in your lance to a higher initiative tier. Really powerful, though of course the Cyclops is otherwise a rather underwhelming machine, as in the table top game. It's simply a fast assault 'mech, meaning it doesn't have much space for arms and armour. Still, I'm bringing mine along for every mission because the battlecomputer is just too damn useful. The Hatchetman is tons of fun. I've switched the AC/10 in mine for an AC/5 and used the weight saved to add armour and an arm mod for additional melee damage. Not much else you can do with the 'mech to be honest: it only has three hardpoints, it's very focused on its defining characteristic. But it certainly does excel at that one thing: its melee damage is that of a 'mech twice its size. The Crab gives us a reliable 50 tonner that's faster than the Hunchback/Enforcer/Centurion. This would probably be more useful in a new game rather than one where heavies and assaults dominate as they do in the post-campaign game. The Crab and King Crab are actually two completely different machines. Different look, different weight class, different loadout, different role. It's not a Dragon/Grand Dragon type situation.
  9. Yes. Apparently Eleanor managed to piss off Neil Degrasse Tyson.
  10. I think the idea was that he would have to find one specific person on a planet of 7 billion, but he cheated. Overall I liked this. It definitely feels like a new direction for the show and I'm curious to see where it goes and how it develops.
  11. Thanks for that review. I, too, have been somewhat disappointed with the characters and writing in the POE games (I don't even care so much for the "vivid descriptions", to me they often cross the line into purple prose), so that aspect of Pathfinder sounds promising, plus I really liked the D&D 3.5 ruleset. I won't have time to try this out for the next couple of months, but I'd be interested to hear if your opinion stays this positive throughout the game.
  12. Jon AS

    MCU - X

    No, Knowhere, the place the Collector hung out and which got trashed in Infinity War, is the head of a Celestial. Though I'm actually not sure they've mentioned that fact in the movies. Both Guardians movies had other references to the Celestials though, the second one directly and the first one at least visually when giving some backstory on the Infinity Stones IIRC.
  13. Somebody modded the Warhammer and Marauder into Battletech, which is great. Basically the only iconic 'mechs missing from my game now are the Archer, Crusader, Phoenix Hawk, Wasp and Stinger. And the Rifleman, I guess, but the redesigned Jagermech fills that niche quite nicely. Anyway, after modding these two in I continued the campaign I'd started with a lance of light 'mechs, which hadn't turned out that much more difficult, but virtually every 'mech I salvaged was useful, which was cool. First mission after adding the Marauder one showed up together with a Catapult, Jagermech and Shadowhawk. Was a tough fight against my Firestarter, Centurion and two Shadowhawks, but I came out of it with a Marauder. So full of confidence I picked my new 'mech, the Firestarter, Centurion and one Shadowhawk for the next mission, which was a lengthy escort during which I had to fight a Quickdraw, a couple of Wolverines, 2-3 Shadow Hawks, a Vindicator, Kintaro, Griffin, Hunchback (4G variety), a Manticore tank and another freaking Marauder. That may have been the toughest mission the game has ever thrown at me (not counting the couple of times I withdrew because the OpFor just looked way beyond my lance) and at the end I only had the Marauder (which had run out of ammo for its AC/5) and the Shadowhawk (which only had one leg and one lousy medium laser left) to take on the enemy Marauder. Now most of my 'mechwarriors are out of action for several months and it took me a whole month just to get 3 'mechs back into fighting shape so I could go make some money to stave off bankruptcy. I really love this game.
  14. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I think the campaign is completely linear, so the only thing your choices can do is give you little boni and penalties (sometimes probably based on a hidden die role, like the pirate attack event that can happen while travelling). I don't think the characters in the campaign are supposed to do any more than add a bit of flavour.
  15. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Seems that I've reached the point of just messing around in Battletech. I found out that changing your starting lance composition is extremely easy, so that offers an opportunity to play around with a few 'mechs that I got too late for them to seem like a serious alternative in my original run through the game. It also makes me think that it would have been a cool feature to give you a different 'mech based on your character background. Keep the Blackjack for the Federated Suns, give a Draconis Combine character a Panther, a Vindicator for a Capellan, an Atlas for Lyrans...