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  1. Flashpoint really adds a lot to the general gameplay of Battletech. The Flashpoints themselves are much more fun than run-of-the-mill procedurally generated missions, plus you can now get lostech rewards (including at least a Star League Griffin) outside of story missions. I even got a unique frankenmech variant of the Crab as a Flashpoint reward, that's pretty cool. I wonder if there's more of these sprinkled throughout the various missions. The new 'mechs they added are interesting. The 10-Z variant of the Cyclops sports a unique equipment item, a specialised battlecomputer, that bumps all the 'mechs in your lance to a higher initiative tier. Really powerful, though of course the Cyclops is otherwise a rather underwhelming machine, as in the table top game. It's simply a fast assault 'mech, meaning it doesn't have much space for arms and armour. Still, I'm bringing mine along for every mission because the battlecomputer is just too damn useful. The Hatchetman is tons of fun. I've switched the AC/10 in mine for an AC/5 and used the weight saved to add armour and an arm mod for additional melee damage. Not much else you can do with the 'mech to be honest: it only has three hardpoints, it's very focused on its defining characteristic. But it certainly does excel at that one thing: its melee damage is that of a 'mech twice its size. The Crab gives us a reliable 50 tonner that's faster than the Hunchback/Enforcer/Centurion. This would probably be more useful in a new game rather than one where heavies and assaults dominate as they do in the post-campaign game. The Crab and King Crab are actually two completely different machines. Different look, different weight class, different loadout, different role. It's not a Dragon/Grand Dragon type situation.
  2. Yes. Apparently Eleanor managed to piss off Neil Degrasse Tyson.
  3. I think the idea was that he would have to find one specific person on a planet of 7 billion, but he cheated. Overall I liked this. It definitely feels like a new direction for the show and I'm curious to see where it goes and how it develops.
  4. Thanks for that review. I, too, have been somewhat disappointed with the characters and writing in the POE games (I don't even care so much for the "vivid descriptions", to me they often cross the line into purple prose), so that aspect of Pathfinder sounds promising, plus I really liked the D&D 3.5 ruleset. I won't have time to try this out for the next couple of months, but I'd be interested to hear if your opinion stays this positive throughout the game.
  5. Jon AS

    MCU - X

    No, Knowhere, the place the Collector hung out and which got trashed in Infinity War, is the head of a Celestial. Though I'm actually not sure they've mentioned that fact in the movies. Both Guardians movies had other references to the Celestials though, the second one directly and the first one at least visually when giving some backstory on the Infinity Stones IIRC.
  6. Somebody modded the Warhammer and Marauder into Battletech, which is great. Basically the only iconic 'mechs missing from my game now are the Archer, Crusader, Phoenix Hawk, Wasp and Stinger. And the Rifleman, I guess, but the redesigned Jagermech fills that niche quite nicely. Anyway, after modding these two in I continued the campaign I'd started with a lance of light 'mechs, which hadn't turned out that much more difficult, but virtually every 'mech I salvaged was useful, which was cool. First mission after adding the Marauder one showed up together with a Catapult, Jagermech and Shadowhawk. Was a tough fight against my Firestarter, Centurion and two Shadowhawks, but I came out of it with a Marauder. So full of confidence I picked my new 'mech, the Firestarter, Centurion and one Shadowhawk for the next mission, which was a lengthy escort during which I had to fight a Quickdraw, a couple of Wolverines, 2-3 Shadow Hawks, a Vindicator, Kintaro, Griffin, Hunchback (4G variety), a Manticore tank and another freaking Marauder. That may have been the toughest mission the game has ever thrown at me (not counting the couple of times I withdrew because the OpFor just looked way beyond my lance) and at the end I only had the Marauder (which had run out of ammo for its AC/5) and the Shadowhawk (which only had one leg and one lousy medium laser left) to take on the enemy Marauder. Now most of my 'mechwarriors are out of action for several months and it took me a whole month just to get 3 'mechs back into fighting shape so I could go make some money to stave off bankruptcy. I really love this game.
  7. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I think the campaign is completely linear, so the only thing your choices can do is give you little boni and penalties (sometimes probably based on a hidden die role, like the pirate attack event that can happen while travelling). I don't think the characters in the campaign are supposed to do any more than add a bit of flavour.
  8. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Seems that I've reached the point of just messing around in Battletech. I found out that changing your starting lance composition is extremely easy, so that offers an opportunity to play around with a few 'mechs that I got too late for them to seem like a serious alternative in my original run through the game. It also makes me think that it would have been a cool feature to give you a different 'mech based on your character background. Keep the Blackjack for the Federated Suns, give a Draconis Combine character a Panther, a Vindicator for a Capellan, an Atlas for Lyrans...
  9. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    The Behemoth/Stone Rhino was assault, yeah. The Matar is apparently from a sourcebook that came out in 2013, I'm not counting that as properly predating anything.
  10. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Nah, got lucky: took one out with a headshot. That's newer stuff, though, not appearing before about 100 years after this game.
  11. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Mostly luck of the draw, I think. Those Orions showed up on a two skull mission near the Marik border. The funny thing is that heavier 'mechs are easier to salvage as a whole, because you're unlikely to blow them up on accident while knocking them down repeatedly. Of course usually I just try to take out 'mechs as quickly as possible. Better to get through a mission mostly unscathed and immediately be ready to go on another one than to waste time and risk injuries and major damage to your 'mechs while trying to get that extra part of salvage.
  12. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    BattleMechs are categorised "light" (up to 35t), "medium" (up to 55t), "heavy" (up to 75t) and "assault" (80t+). Within those classes different 'mechs can fulfill different roles (i.e. Spider and Panther are both light 'mechs, but the Spider is a scout whereas the Panther is made for fighting). I have absolutely no memory of how I did that campaign mission, only that after a certain point I found most missions fairly trivial and I never bothered to switch away from just dropping with my heaviest hitters. The only exception being my fronline brawler, where I rotated a Grasshopper, Black Knight and Banshee. Trying to play smarter in a seconod campaign, most notably trying to keep most of my 'mechwarriors alive (of the starting roster, only Behemoth lived to the end of my first campaign). Went pretty well until in one mission the last enemy 'mech standing, an armless Panther, walked up to Dekker and headbutted his 'mech's head right off. Seems Dekker really deserves that meme status. I got incredibly lucky this time around in that I scored a couple of Orion's before even getting the Argo. They make for a pretty solid backbone for my lance, but now I could really do with a Grasshopper or Black Knight to complement them.
  13. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    The Awesome 8Q and the unique Highlander are some of the best stock configurations in the game (though neither the heatsinks nor the gauss rifle in the highlander are replaceable, barring the exploit Werthead descibed above, which I kind of feel like trying now; King Crab with two gauss, hm...). I feel like messing with the default setup for the Highlander is kind of unnecessary, except for replacing basic weapons with better variants. Finally finished the campaign, which is clearly not balanced for a full assault lance as the two last missions were really easy, even considering you can't repair any 'mechs in between. As a reward you get what should be the only Atlas II in the Inner Sphere and Periphery and can then travel to even more star systems. Presumably you'll be able to do missions for Kurita and Steiner up there, as I never encountered them anywhere else.
  14. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I don't recall there being salvage for that mission.
  15. Jon AS

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    The good old demolisher, the one tank to even give an Atlas pause. Luckily they, like all vehicles, are much, much less durable than a 'mech. Finally got my Atlas and King Crab the other day. After never even seeing either one in any random mission, I encountered them in consecutive missions on the same planet. Oh that excitement when your sensors inform you that that 'mech over there weighs the mythical 100t. And then the sobering thought that you'll have to take out two lances of assault 'mechs to get to that sweet salvage... And boy do they wreck enemy 'mechs, the King Crab in particular. Those dual AC/20s hurt. A lot. Of course that means I'm now headed into the campaign endgame. Overall I really like the game, I hope we get more campaigns down the line, I don't think the procedural stuff alone is going to hold my interest.