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  1. I hopy you didn't put down any money on that. Holy crap, that was an absolutely incredible final day for the GC.
  2. I actually find this quite interesting, as it showcases both climbing and descending abilities, particularly with Peters' victory the other day. Yet another reason why I'd never finish a Grand Tour: the other day I got terribly nervous on a fairly harmless descent during a little cycling excursion where my speed probably never exceeded half of what those guys are doing (though to be fair, I had to share the road with normal traffic and became acutely aware early on that I need new brakes). Anyway, harsh for Hirschi to be caught 2km from the finish line after such a ride and then not quite clinching it in the final sprint.
  3. A centralised, server-based solution would be a nightmare from the perspective of privacy and data security*. The German government was also pushing for a centralised app, despite various experts warning against it, but gave up on it in the face of Apple and Google adamantly refusing to change their stance on the issue. I guess for once the duopoly of the mobile-OS-market has had a benificial side effect? I'm personally not convinced that a tracking app is going to be all that useful. It'll have to err on the side of caution and bluetooth actually has quite a respectable range, which probably means that many, many people would be sent into prophylactic quarantine despite not having been truly exposed to any infected people. *Germany's RKI already had a major fuck-up in this respect with an app that allows users to donate data from their fitness-tracking apps for research purposes during the Corona crisis.
  4. I just did that last week an am slowly working my way through Andromeda, after originally thinking I'd maybe play through ME2 and 3 again. But a few hours into ME2 the gameplay made me decide to switch over to MEA. So much more dynamic and fun. A pity this game died the way it did. If this had gotten a sequel that improved on MEA the way ME2 improved on the first game it could have been amazing. But I hear Anthem was well worth it to shelve the ME franchise...
  5. I never got into the X series, even though I bought the first one when it came out and picked up all of them through various bundles and sales. I really shoudl get on that one of these days. Currently Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is scratching my space sim itch. It's very much Wing Commander: Privateer with a modern coat of paint and some additional mechanics (and rock music). Seriously, it's eery how much the flight and combat mechanics resemble the Wing Commander games. There's even that little bug/feature where your ship never quite reaches the speed you set and instead stays one point short of maximum... It's also made by a tiny studio and I find the fact that there's not too much stuff to do rather encouraging. For example there are apparently only five different ships (and just like in Privateer, there's not one "best" ship; rather you get to pick one that suits your playstyle) and I've managed to work myself up to the most expensive one relatively quickly. Of course I've completely neglected the story missions so far and so I can't actually say anything about that aspect of the game.
  6. There's also a new start position for Balthasar Gelt, which should help keep the Vampire Counts factions in check on the Mortal Empires map. The new Legendary Lords are great as well, giving the player the opportunity for more varied play on both the Vortex and Mortal Empires maps. The Vortex was a nice goal to give you focus when the game came out, but at this point having more variety in goals is really nice. Also, there's giant freaking dinosaurs on top of what the Lizardmen already had. And last but not least there's the addition of Gotrek & Felix, though to get them before November (I think?), one has to buy the September edition of White Dwarf. I'm tempted to actually do that, particularly since BRIAN BLESSED provides the voice of Gotrek. You can never have too much BRIAN BLESSED.
  7. Hasn't Craig's Bond retired like three times by now, anyway? I don't really care about the continuity in Bond movies, I'm happy to just be along for the ride of any given film. Maybe I'm just not that into the franchise.
  8. Yeah, I just finished listening to it, and it probably would have been more enjoyable with a beer or three. He seems pretty enthusiastic talking about one of his hobbies, though, and thanks to that energy it was still reasonably entertaining to listen to. Probably didn't hurt that I was listening to it while playing a video game that is based on a board game which was essentially an outgrowth of the kind of historical wargames he was talking about.
  9. Yes. Apparently Eleanor managed to piss off Neil Degrasse Tyson.
  10. The test Jemma came up with was really stupid. She had a chance of 25% of not poisoning herself, and when she does in fact not drink the poison she sees that as proof that she's invincible due to time travel shenanigans?
  11. Yes, that's what I said earlier. The German authorities don't get to decide to not execute a European arrest warrant because they've decided the authorities of the country that issued it did so "for political reasons". Which is presumably why the Spanish government made sure to add the embezzlement charge: even if the charge of treason is too different under Spanish law from the German version, the embezzlement is likely to be similar enough to trigger the extradition.
  12. That's the basic assumption behind the European arrest warrant, though. It's not for German judges to decide whether the Spanish government has a case against him, that has to be left to the Spanish justice system.
  13. All the German courts have to check for the extradition if (one of) the charges have an equivalent in German law. And while the articles on treason might be considered too dissimilar in the two countries, Spain was careful to throw some other charges in there in the hopes that one will lead to extradition.
  14. That was a flashback to the scene where Kali created a vision of Brenner, wasn't it? I think it's more the latter, since as you said: previous smaller gates had appeared in various places, including the Byers' home and the woods, and then disappeared without leaving a trace.
  15. Man, D'avin is definitely the most improved character since the start of the series. "How do you feel about apostrophes?" So we get two seasons to deal with the Lady, which I guess means that Dutch and Aneela will ultimately fail in the Green next season (Aneela gets to do the heroic sacrifice, I'd guess) and the last season will be a fight against the Lady in the real world.
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