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  1. Yeah, only a few are really challenging with endgame 'mechs (and then the challenge usually comes from the game not letting you field an entire assault lance for that particular flashpoint) and if I were to do them again I'd definitely go for career mode. Every time I've started such a game my interest ran out after a handful of missions, though. I might give it another shot, since I've also lost interest in the games I've been playing these past few months anyway.
  2. It only lists a couple of missions in nearby systems (and if you travel there without taking the contract first, that particular mission won't be available once you get there), but if you take on a travel contract you don't pay travel expenses, so you only invest travelling time during which you can't earn money through contracts. I relly like the game, though I could never muster the motivation to get particularly far in carreer mode. It's just a bit too unfocused, and I already completed all the flashpoints in campaign mode, so nothing new to explore there.
  3. Well, his crisis management has been especially ill-advided, indecisive and infuriating. Other than that, as others have said: he was just elected party chair, if he'd been rejected for this they would have needed to go looking for a new one immediately (and at that point it probably would have been Merz *shudder*). I don't find any of the parties/candidates that stand a chance of winning the chancellorship this fall particularly inspiring, but Laschet running gives me some hope one of the lesser evils might dethrone the CDU.
  4. Good list! I hadn't tried most of these before and have now started a new campaign with them. It's impressive how much better this makes the game. While I get that that developers need to prioritize certain aspects, something like AI behaviour should surely have been one of those priorities. Then again it seems clear that the game was originally much more ambitious than what we got in the end, with things like the big, empty dropship you can walk around in and the extremely limited character interaction being the most visible vestiges of that.
  5. I feel that bringing Zemo back by any means necessary to allow him to be part of other stories down the line may have been one of the things this series is supposed to accomplish. It seems that with the general chaos following Infinity War this could have been accomplished without our heroes having to spring him from jail. It's especially weird writing considering another story beat the series is pretty clearly headed for is to have Sam take up the shield because the government-appointed replacement for Steve Rogers isn't qualified for the job for moral reasons. Maybe the fact that it's much less self-contained than WandaVision was is a bit of a detriment to the show. It's not terrible, but it's easy to see that it could be much better. The writer of the episode liked the John Wick movies so much he actually wrote three of them.
  6. The game doesn't really care about how many 'Mechs you bring, but every mission has a hard limit on total mass. This quickly feels very restrictive as you will constantly have to shelve a large number of your heaviest machines because you can't use them all at once. Combined with the fact that the mission difficulty is built around attrition, with the game throwing an ungodly amount of crap at you to wear you down, I grew pretty annoyed that I couldn't field the tankiest walking tanks I had available all the time. Basically your strategic success of getting more and better 'Mechs doesn't confer any advantages at the tactical level. I still enjoyed the game (and I at some point installed a mod that removes drop limits, but never got around to actually trying the campaign with that), but a better mission design (as well as a better story...) would have been much appreciated.
  7. I don't see how DoW would fit into what we know of game 3. Beastmen make a certain kind of sense because they're a) an actual Chaos Aligned faction and b) completely shit right now. I just don't see how you'd fix them without also fixing the fact that hordes are simply no fun to play. That seems a rather tall order for the last DLC before moving on to game 3. So if Beastmen are part of the DLC I expect their content to be fairly mediocre (so hopefully still a step up from where they are right now...). Factions that could potentially tie into game 3 directly would be anything in the Dark Lands or further to the east, like Neferata's vampire faction. That would also require very little effort on CA's part. They could also easily throw in some more stuff that's relatively cheap in terms of development cost to make up for a lack of really new content with quantity, like enabling Borid Todbringer and the Red Duke as starting LLs for their respective factions. DoW on the other hand would be fairly expensive and they're mostly associated with Tilea, which won't be on the game 3 map.
  8. Yeah, since it's apparently only three factions to start with, one dedicated lord for each of the gods plus an undivided one (Be'lakor would be the most prominent one, I guess) would make sense. Otherwise Nagash might be a good option, with Nagashizzar being right there at the southwestern edge of the Dark Lands and with him being very much opposed to Chaos it would help balance things both geographically as well as on the order/disorder axis. For the pre-order DLC that is presumably coming, Chaos Dwarfs makes the most sense to me, since they've already expanded the ME map to include the edges of the Dark Lands, whereas the Ogre Kingdoms are well beyond that. I am wondering whether the southern coast of the Dark Lands will be included, and whether they'll include the like of Snikch, Imrik and Malus as factions on the WH3 campaign map from the get-go. Assuming they learned from the Norsca forking issues, doing so should be possible with minimal effort.
  9. Were your archers and Seaguard set to skirmish mode? I'd recommend switching that off for foot archers, or at the very least for hybrid infantry like Seaguard.
  10. The quest battles are apparently some of the more time-consuming/expensive things to add and Repanse was a free add-on to the base game. The "real" story for the Vortex campaign is the actual Vortex race with the rituals, which the four base factions participate in. So they get the rituals with the corresponding invasions plus the quest battles for their respective LLs. And at the end of the day it's still a Total War game, not an RPG or classic C&C/Starcraft-style RTS. I simply look to the story elements for some nice flavour and to give me a goal other than world conquest.
  11. I think they have finally fixed the "x tide" problem and it's now pretty much a coin toss which factions will come to dominate. (My personal impression is that if I'm playing "order", "disorder" factions dominate and vice versa, but that's probably just some kind of confirmation bias on my part) Probably a result of the armies spawned from the rituals in the Vortex race. Imrik was a cool addition to the game. I recommend trying his Mortal Empires campaign sometime, it's brutal. I've been having fun checking out how the new WE and Skaven additions and now have finally managed to get a Grimgor camapaign going that I'm enjoying. Getting a really lucky confederation with Wurrzag early on (right after he'd confederated a minor orc faction he force-marched into striking distance of Grimgor with a grand total of three units) probably helped.
  12. Crunch means that employees get massively overworked, often for months on end. Overworked people are less productive and tend to make more mistakes. As such, crunch, apart from being an indicator of fuck-ups at the management level, also means more mistakes are going to be made by the developers themselves, resulting in more bugs that need to be fixed. And since crunch usually comes about through bad management setting unrealistic deadlines while refusing to provide the proper resources to actually hit that target, crunch almost definitely leads to a buggier release than games that are released after a competently lead, sane and healthy production time. In many ways, crunch is self-defeating and I dearly hope that the developers subjected to its terrible conditions at least have really good overtime compensation schemes. Many probably don't, and I'm increasingly unwilling to reward corporations who exploit their labour force in such a fashion.
  13. I'm enjoying the Sisters campaign quite a lot. Removing the need to go out and conquer everything to advance your settlements and tech (leave alone recruit higher tier units...) makes a massive difference to the basic Wood Elf mechanics. Then you've got the magical forest mechanics which are fun for being different enough from the Vortex race to be a breath of fresh air while simultaneously maintaining the spirit of the Vortex campaign in general. Plus fast travel via Deep Roots means that while you start out in Naggaroth, you still get to fight pretty much every flavour of enemy the game has to offer from a fairly early point in the campaign. I was hoping there'd be more flavourful forest encounters, but there appear to be only 2 or 3 for every forest, and most are simply about deciding what type of enemy army you want to fight and what short-term event effect you want. The one glorious exception being the "I am Sporctacus" one, where you can free a bunch of greenskin slaves from their Dark Elf captors and after that you'll occasionally get events informing you about slave uprisings in random Dark Elf provinces, which leads to damaged buildings and decline in slaves.
  14. The Dark Lands are the domain of the Chaos Dwarfs, who are most famous for being dedicated to wearing the most elaborate hats in the Old World, They're also dwarfs that use magic, use greenskin slaves as soldiers in their armies and for that purpose created the black orcs because the regular ones were kind of useless. The Ogre Kingdoms are to the east of the Dark Lands. I'm also looking forward to giving the Wood Elves another go with the upcoming DLC. Should be fun.
  15. The VC factions aren't all that dangerous to the player, but the AI often struggles against them because they tend to have really good autoresolve. They are however crap at holding territory so usuall they get pushed back eventually and the two with capitals on the Lustrian continent tend to get destroyed at some point. Noctilus and Sartosa usually stick around unless the player makes the decision to deal with them.
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