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  1. I think it's fairly easy to understand how the KFC thing happened, and throwing around terms like "AI" or "algorithm" makes it sound way more complicated than the simple human error that it probably was: somebody got the job of feeding their twitter bot with a list of "special occasions" at which it should send out special promotional messages. That person grabbed the first list they could find without double checking it and that's all there is to it. The fanciest algorithm possibly involved here might be Gauss' Easter Algorithm, which would allow them to automate the process of calculating all the Christian holidays in Germany (every other national holiday has a fixed date, no calculation needed). But it might just be the case that some intern gets the job to manually change all the religious dates in a text file once per year.
  2. In Wrath of the Righteous I made it to Drezen and liberated it and appear to be on the path of becoming an Azata, though some paths haven't even been an option so far and I don't think I missed them. I'm really glad I reached a natural stopping point before going on vacation, makes it much more likely that I'll pick it up again once I'm back. Oddly possibly the mythic ability I like the most for my main character might be the unlimited rage one. I tend to use rage very sparingly, as with all limited resources I always think "what if I need it in the next fight?". Now my main character will actually get some good use out of his signature class ability.
  3. Oh, that actually sounds like there's more than I thought, cool. But let's see if I can make it through once before I start planning another run... Went with Bloodrager -> Dragon Disciple for lots of strength, aming for feats like Intimidating Prowess, Cornugon Smash and Dreadful Carnage to demoralise enemies as I beat them over the head with sharp metal implements. I always enjoy the simplicity of fighter types, partly because playing a low level caster in a CRPG tends to involve a lot of time simply being a sub-optimal archer because you have nowhere enough spells per day for all the combat encounters and partly because they get to use all those shiny swords and armour. Though with the mythic abilities that grant additional spell slots this is apparently less of a problem in this game. I actually thought the first deadline was the least annoying in that game. You had plenty of time to hit up all the available areas, which made you level 4-5 for the showdown, which seemed about right to me. Later on you have the kingdom management fucking with your plans. You want to level up an advisor? Sure, go ahead, but doing so will result in a time skip of X days. And you do this multiple (5+) times for every advisor. At other times you'll give them a job that will take 60 days to finish, then an event that only this advisor can tackle pops up with a deadline before those 60 days are up. At that point it no longer feels like a challenge, but like the game's RNG fucking with you. (Though to be fair, missing out on an event doesn't mean you lose, it's just extremely frustrating) Yeah, to me it always felt like the kingdom management actively got in the way of the "real" game that I'd signed up for. If I ever try it again I'd probably set that to automatic and see how that goes. Inventory management was also a bit annoying, particularly with the insane amount of vendor trash in the game (really devs, just give me money, don't make me collect wooden spoons...), but you can alleviate a lot of the frustration by buying up every bag of holding you can find.
  4. I decided to get Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. I abandoned my last attempt at Kingmaker at about the 3/4 mark, but enjoyed it well enough to want try this. I'm only early in act 2 but so far I'm finding it more engaging than its predecessor. The only thing I'm not sold on is the crusade army management (well, that and the use of the term "crusade"). If I wanted to play HoMM then that's what I'd be playing, I came here for the insane amount of character options provided (and maybe the story). The mythic path concept seems interesting and could in fact add to replayability since it's a bit more complicated than a simple good/evil binary, though I can't imagine the deviations being massive. I figure you'd still be playing through roughly the same areas, but the character motivations and the enemies you're fighting might change.
  5. Basically I think people care when it serves their interests to do so. The president said something you agree with? Great, here's the head of state making a good point why everybody should do as you say! The president said something you disagree with? Who cares, it's just a symbolic office with no real power anyway. In that respect I believe Joanna's right in that it will embolden those opposed to further aid to Ukraine or harsher sanctions.
  6. Or Quasar's Quantum Bands. Which even makes a roundabout kind of sense to me since Quasar also had a connection to Captain Marvel, both Vaughn as a kind of successor to Mar-Vell and Phyla as his daughter. I hadn't realised they'd changed her powers, but I agree that they're probably hard to pull off in live action and ultimately Kamala as a character isn't defined by her superpowers. And I guess the Inhuman connection was off the table to avoid association with what I think is still the MCU's biggest flop? Anyway, I'm looking forward to this.
  7. Turns out that disabling the gates (or more accurately: delaying them to a turn no normal campaign will ever reach) is just a matter of changing an integer in one single file. Won't give you different campaign objectives obviously, but I usuall get bored before reaching those in normal world conquest mode anyway, so I'm looking forward to some fairly standard games now.
  8. The Disciples of the Maw starting position might be a good candidate for easiest in the game at the moment: you start out in the two provinces in the south-western corner of the map that are solely occupied by minor factions. Once you've secured the place (which takes ~8 turns) there are only two entrances you need to guard and can then basically do whatever the hell you want. You'll probably find yourself at war with most of the Empire factions sooner or later, as they don't like you and even getting convenient contracts is only going to keep them off your back for so long, but they don't exactly pose a massive threat to a well-fed horde of ogres. The soul hunting remains annoying. Had a rival lord show up in the Tzeentch Domain several turns after I entered and still beat me to the punch as the AI knows the shortest route to the goal (I assume the teleporters here are randomised for every campaign, but I also didn't bother taking notes during my first campaign). At least with Khorne and Nurgle you can stop rival armies relatively easily and with Slaanesh it's a straightforward "first come, first served".
  9. Finished the Cathay campaign. On normal difficulty the timer showed about 55min on the clock at the end, and with an army that was better suited for this kind of fighting I might have done better. Seems like the summoned Terracotta Sentinels did a lot of the heavy lifting, while e.g. my Sky Djunks performed pretty badly. Of course I only discovered I could replenish a unit's ammo without dismissing and summoning them back when the final boss was ready to keel over. Overall not that terrible a fight, but I'd also resorted to auto-resolving a lot of fighting throughout the campaign, so I hadn't been completely ground down by endless siege battles. Weirdly, the final boss became a legendary lord under my command after the campaign was done. Not sure if that was a bug, doesn't really fit the narrative. Still, this is much worse mechanically than the Vortex. I'll probably try to figure out which factions I like best and maybe play a couple more full campaigns on higher difficulties. But if Mortal Empires dropped tomorrow I'd probably never touch this game mode again.
  10. I mean, the shape of the map is clearly more realistic this way. Just why they thought realism was a priority in a Warhammer game, and one that involves the player assaulting the Realm of Chaos itself is anyone's guess. Maybe the new Mortal Empires map will actually be the whole Warhammerworld, turning the map into an actual globe. So far I've done the tutorial campaign, which was very good for a tutorial, played around a bit with all the factions (as is to be expected they're a pretty diverse bunch) and pushed about halfway through Kislev and Cathay campaigns. Overall I'm liking the game, but it runs markedly worse than WH2 did on the campaign map (battles don't seem to be affected), and I think the Chaos incursion/counterattack mechanics are worse than the Vortex Race in WH2. They encourage turtling even more than the Vortex Rituals did because they force you to send your strongest army off on a fetch quest while demons invade your territories. Still, if the support for the game is as good as for WH2 (and if the WH3 Mortal Empires is actually playable given the performance issues...) this game will keep me entertained for several years.
  11. Oddly I'm in the middle of a B5 rewatch right now. Not sure if this can significantly improve on the original. Sure, there was some awkward filler, particularly early on, and the budget was tiny even by 90ies standards, but the things that made the show great are still damn good. I have a hard time imagining any two actors repeating Jurasik's and Katsulas' performances and dynamic. On the other hand, given that none of the spin-offs panned out it seems as good an idea as anything if one is set on creating more B5.
  12. So no record win for Cavendish, instead a third stage win by van Aert. Winning after attacking up Mont Ventoux, in the time trial and on the Champs Élysées, that guy is just impressively versatile.
  13. People have been asking for an option to disable the Vortex race pretty much since release, I wouldn't hold my breath for waiting for CA to finally implement it. Besides, I don't think they're going to bother changing anything about the Vortex campaign when we're apparently less than six months from WH2 being supplanted by WH3. There'll still be a brief window before they release Mortal Empires 2.0 when the Vortex map will still have some relevancy to a significant number of players, but its days are definitely numbered.
  14. Yeah, and Neferata would be at the western edge of the Dark Lands, so part of the WH3 base game map. If it's a completely new faction I'd consider Chaos Dwarfs a strong contender, since they, too, could be added to the current ME map quite easily, whereas the Ogre Kingdoms are still a ways off in the east.
  15. Yeah, the DLC and the various changes all seem fun. Even Beastmen seem like they might be interesting to play now. I just need to settle on what campaign to try first... I was thinking it might actually be the opposite: the mercenaries are our Ogre Kingdoms preview and the pre-order bonus will be a faction that slots into WH2 more easily, like Neferata. That way they'd avoid any of the forking issues that kept Norsca out of WH2 for so long after game launch.
  16. Yeah, it was obvious why UAE wasn't chasing down Martin, I was wondering about his motivation, and whether this weekend went more or less as planned for Cofidis, whether Saturday was a fluke/blind luck or whether he expected to do better on Sunday.
  17. Pretty entertaining stages over the weekend, with Martin first climbing up the ranks only to fall behind again the next day. I wonder whether he miscalculated or whether he expected to lose time on Sunday and so tried to build up a bit of a buffer on Saturday. Or maybe it was just dumb luck that he was in the group that was allowed to get away. Anyway, bring on the final week!
  18. I guess Beastmen desperately need something to make them more appealing, but I've basically written them off completely, so not terribly excited about this. I hope the new lizard makes up for it.
  19. Definitely no collapse by Bernal, even with both Yates and Caruso managing some pretty convincing stage wins in the last few days. But man, what a terrible mistake by Cavagna in the last corner. That was shaping up to be a super close finish for the stage win. Glad he didn't seem hurt, and even with that crash he still managed to salvage 2nd place.
  20. Nice win by Martin that sees him join the club of riders who have stage wins in all three grand tours under their belt. Bernal definitely looked vulnerable today, but even if that's not a one-off, that time cushion should still see him through to the final day.
  21. Good call on that, Bernal looked pretty comfortable there.
  22. It's the equivalent of a quest battle, you'll probably not do more than a handful of these per campaign (if that many). It looked fine to me, some good ideas to break up the repetitive battles throughout the campaign, but beyond the basic concept (i.e. the structure of the battle and demon units basically handling leadership like undead) the gameplay I've seen doesn't tell us anything about the new factions, since it seems to have been recorded at the lowest possible difficulty setting. Which isn't unexpected as the game is not due to be released anytime soon.
  23. I don't see how DoW would fit into what we know of game 3. Beastmen make a certain kind of sense because they're a) an actual Chaos Aligned faction and b) completely shit right now. I just don't see how you'd fix them without also fixing the fact that hordes are simply no fun to play. That seems a rather tall order for the last DLC before moving on to game 3. So if Beastmen are part of the DLC I expect their content to be fairly mediocre (so hopefully still a step up from where they are right now...). Factions that could potentially tie into game 3 directly would be anything in the Dark Lands or further to the east, like Neferata's vampire faction. That would also require very little effort on CA's part. They could also easily throw in some more stuff that's relatively cheap in terms of development cost to make up for a lack of really new content with quantity, like enabling Borid Todbringer and the Red Duke as starting LLs for their respective factions. DoW on the other hand would be fairly expensive and they're mostly associated with Tilea, which won't be on the game 3 map.
  24. Yeah, since it's apparently only three factions to start with, one dedicated lord for each of the gods plus an undivided one (Be'lakor would be the most prominent one, I guess) would make sense. Otherwise Nagash might be a good option, with Nagashizzar being right there at the southwestern edge of the Dark Lands and with him being very much opposed to Chaos it would help balance things both geographically as well as on the order/disorder axis. For the pre-order DLC that is presumably coming, Chaos Dwarfs makes the most sense to me, since they've already expanded the ME map to include the edges of the Dark Lands, whereas the Ogre Kingdoms are well beyond that. I am wondering whether the southern coast of the Dark Lands will be included, and whether they'll include the like of Snikch, Imrik and Malus as factions on the WH3 campaign map from the get-go. Assuming they learned from the Norsca forking issues, doing so should be possible with minimal effort.
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