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  1. Thats not how the show portrayed it at all. her being psychopathic from the start that is (Just to be clear). Its the reason so many were lost as to why she just flipped. She showed a propensity towards cruelty against her enemies throughout the series but not towards innocents. Just because you're ego is huge doesn't mean your going to burn a city and its inhabitants to the ground under a white flag. Thats way beyond anything Dany showed up to that point. You may have had some special insight but most people had no clue she would flip like that because the show told them otherwise.
  2. Her last order was to kill all her enemies in the city at that. LOL
  3. And Leto II cause a lot of strife for the "greater good"
  4. Its not really that deep at all. Im going by what the show has established. None of this is guess work. Its just looking at a chain of events, and the limited dialoge between characters. for Example... Does dany make her decision to lead by fear because of Jon spurning her? In the scene they Kiss, He oulls away and then she says "Let it Be Fear then". I mean by that scene it means Jon plays a part in her decision to rule thru fear. Its not deep at all.
  5. I agree on what you said about D&D, however, I said thats what i gleened from the show. However silly the writing may have been. Or the idea. Bran keeps alluding to his ability to see everything. So all that happens after Jon learns his parentage, Bran can be assumed to already know. he even tells Jon he was were he was supposed to be.
  6. i didn't understand how bran told these amazing stories when we never heard them. lol
  7. She may have found other things to force her over the edge indeed. However. Jon wasn't her main concern. It was sansa and people using Jon to take the throne. Which actually happens. So her concern was warranted. According to the show that is. There's no excuse for what Dany did, but it can be argued that without Bran's guidance much of this stuff wouldn't have happened. And I don't think Jons reassurance meant much because she knew what was going to happen... And it did happen. So much for his reassurance (he should have known better and has been written to be terribly dumb and naive for like 3 seasons now). The whole Gendry thing I chalk up to D&D just not realizing what they were writing in LOL
  8. Thats probably true. But, i just wonder... Had Jon never knew his parentage which, really played only one role at the end. To divide he and dany. Had he never known his love for her wouldn't have wavered and she would have probably felt less threatened by Jons popularity or what have you. Because they all knew he was heir to the throne yet sent him to the wall. So that info served 1 purpose seemingly.
  9. Indifference is always the friend of the enemy. To be cold in your dealing means you'll sacrifice 100's of thousands just to make what you think is right, happen. Like why tell jon about his parentage, let it cause the calamity it did, then tell Jon he was where he needed to be. Needed to be for what? I mean i could be wrong.
  10. According to this Episode, Bran is the main Villain. He's literally knew all this would happen. He manipulated Jon by telling him who his parents were yet all that served was to drive a wedge between him and Dany and clear the lane for him to become King. I may be wrong but that stood out to me.
  11. The problem is how did they know where these fleets would be and when. How does Euron know that the fleet was there? Euron also decides he's going to get a prize for Cersei even before leaving KL. Did he know who Ellaria and the Sand Snakes were? I mean he killed everybody else, but kept them. So, he knew before hand he was going to capture them. Attacked Yara's fleet, as if Yara and her fleet weren't Ironborn and weren't seasoned seamen that would have put up a fight. So after this and not loosing any ships seemingly. The fleet apears, BACK in KL, meaning they had to have sailed back pass Dragonstone.... Then leave again and sail hundreds or maybe a thousand miles to CR to burn the Unsullied ships!? The Silence was in both locations. You may say, well he didn't have to sail to CR but, whats the point!? The fleet still had to drop him off. Him prancing thru the city wouldn't take much time in caparison to sailing around dorn and up to CR. Even if he took Yara with him to burn the ships at CR, its still unclear how they knew where these ships would be. Per the book, the reach has more troops then the Lannisters tho. like 35 thousand troops. More then likely knights and commanders... Also, how did this combo of forces outrun ravens and beacon fire? Their forces traveled the length of the reach... hundreds of miles and arrived in front of Highgarden unmolested. Olenna didn't need the tarlys to defend thier lands.
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