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  1. Someone on the Neogaf spoiler thread made this: http://i.imgur.com/aUzutrH.gif
  2. And ADWD as well - Bran's storyline. Some of Theon, too, if he goes to Moat Cailin with Ramsey.
  3. It probably makes sense if Jon is going beyond the Wall again, before the fight, to kill the NW members at Crasters. This may be the time when Bran opens his third eye and maybe we get some Jon-warging-Ghost as well (and Gohst, finally! after two seasons, it is high time to remind the audience that Jon has a direwolf, too). It would be sort of weird if that happens after Bran is dead (or so Jon thinks). Bran may even be able to communicate with Jon, and tell him that he shouldn't tell anyone he is alive and just leave him to do what he has to.
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