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  1. Arya Targaryen

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    He didn't start a civil war. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have thought that things will happen as they did. Brandon was stupid enough to come to KL, demanding Rhaegar's head. Aerys was mad, so he summoned Rickard, who was supposed to be Brandon's champion in the trial, and used fire as his own champion, killing both Starks. And civil war didn't start because of this. It started, because after that, Aerys demanded the heads of Ned and Robert from Jon Arryn. So Jon Arryn called his banners, Ned and Robert did the same. It can be traced back to R+L, but without Aeyrs being that stupid, it wouldn't have resulted in a war. It was Aerys, who started a war for no good reason.
  2. Arya Targaryen

    Episode's title is blood of the dragon

    Sadly, I believe the same. I understand that the wolf CGI is much more expensive that the dragons (Ghost should have been in the Battle of the Bastards as well, but they had to choose between Wun Wun or Ghost, because of the budget). But why can't they mention him? Like between Dany's and Missandei's "good heart" talk -I miss Ghost, I hope he is doing fine - or something like that. But, obviously, it would be shocking. Ghost did spend most of 6 seasons without Jon. Hell, he interacted more with Sam, than Jon. What a shame. Nymeria definitely won't be reappearing, due to cost. Ghost won't be in this season, the only scene they shot with him would have been in ep2. And with all the stuff that's coming, I can easily see D&D cutting all direwolf activity, just because. Actually, Ghost will probably die offscreen, so that they won't have to bother with him. Anyway, I think thay actually use real wolves, they record their scenes in front of greenscreen, and use CGI to alter certain stuff (like eye colour for Ghost), and enlarge him. (Wun Wun was the same - it was all makeup, and was digitally enlarged and added later to the scenes). Apperently it costs more than dragons.
  3. Arya Targaryen

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    The point is, they HAD separate chambers and beds. I'm pretty sure most aristocrats had. And how often the husband visited his wife, that's another question. Maybe he did so every night. Maybe he even fell asleep there and only woke in the morning. But the point is, he always had a chance NOT to go there, and sleep in his own bed, because, well, he had a bed. I guess in most cases, that's where he brought his lovers (if he had any) as well. Since the discussion started whith WHY Rhaegar had a bed of his own - of course he had. How often he used that or whether he went to his wife's bed, that's another question. The fact that he had a bed is not proof that he wasn't sleeping with Elia at that point. For the record, since he was fond of his wife (that's what Barristan says), I think that after Aegon was born and Elia almost died, and the maesters told him that she would definitely die from another pregnancy (probably without being able to give birth), that was the point where he stopped sleeping with her (so that he won't endanger her life). It was about a year after the Harrenhal Tournament, where he saw Lyanna. And because he firmly believed the "dragon has three hads" and he believed it would be his 3 children, he went after Lyanna, married her (because he wanted to make his 3rd child legitimate, too), and fathered Jon.
  4. Arya Targaryen

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    I don't know what the official age difference between Jon and Robb is, but I'm sure it's not more than, say, a month. What Jon looked like at the age of 14 is irrelevant. But Catelyn and the others saw him as an infant - and with infants, even half a year would definitely matter. If he was THAT older than Robb, they certanly would have noted, and nobody would have bought the bullshit that Ned fathered him after his marriage to Catelyn. If Jon is R+L (as I think he is), he was born at the end of the rebellion, around the time Ned went to the ToJ. Since the rebellion lasted about a year, and Ned married Cat during the rebellion (a few month into it), Robb was born around the same time, as Jon, which makes sense. Elia died around that time, and for most of the time, during the rebellion, he was at Kings Landing, as a hostage towards the Martells. No way she could give birth to Jon secretly, and manage to send him to Lyanna and Rhaegar for unknown reason (who were doing exactly what for a year?). If Jon would have been born on dragonstone, as you suggest, he would be about a year older than Robb. I'm pretty sure everyone in Winterfell could have told apart a half-year and a one-and-a-half-year-old child.
  5. Arya Targaryen

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    In the books, Jaime at one point has a dream about Rhaegar, who accuses him of not protecting his children, and Jaime says he never thought that they will be killed in the way they were - which, I believe, is true, Jaime really liked Rhaegar, and he kind of feels guilty. So if/when it turns out Jon is Rhaegar's son (legitimate or bastard), Jaime might feel it is his duty to protect him (king or not), as he owes one to Rhaegar.
  6. Arya Targaryen

    Arya character arc

    This. I think Arya will end up as some kind of leader in the books. That being said, I somehow doubt, that the main character's ending will be that different in the show and the books. By main, I mean Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Arya, Bran and possibly Sansa, Jaime and Cersei. Any one of them may die. If not, I believe Jon will sit on some kind of throne (North or IT), and Arya will decide to stay with him. It's him, she is going home to, not Winterfell. I think Bran will die - as the 3ER, I expect some kind of connection to the NK's power, and maybe he has to die, so the NK can be killed. Jaime will kill Cersei, so I'm pretty sure she will die, and Jaime, too. If not, he might become some kind of Lord somewhere, or he can continue as Kingsguard and keep protecting Rhaegars son. Or Night's Watch, if it's still a thing after the Long Night 2.0. But I don't know about Sansa. If Jon sits the Iron Throne, Winterfell will be hers, so she will get what she wanted. (and I'm not sure, I want that, LOL.) Because, as others have noted above, Sansa is D&D's favourite. They dumbed Jon down so that Sansa would appear as more intelligent, and would shine in Winterfell as some mastermind (and I fail to see her as someone like that). Now, that Jon is gone, he somehow managed to regain common sense. But Arya arrived at Winterfell, and I'm seriously worried about how that will play out. And no, I don't think Sansa would betray Jon. But somehow I wonder, what kind of character-assassination will happen to Arya, so that once again Sansa will be the smart one and the one who solves problems (Littlefinger...). That being said, I don't mind if Sansa is the one who brings down Littlefinger - but I will be terribly upset if they dumb down Arya in order to do so. So I keep my fingers crossed that Sansa and Arya manages to work together, Sansa manipulating Littlefinger and Arya seeing through his bullshit, Bran providing some info, and in the end, Sansa can finish him. On a side note - I have no idea how the season will end, whether Jon learns the truth about his parents, whether Cersei is defeated by Dany (I don't think she will die, but she might lose all her powers and allies, like Euron). Maybe Dany manages to take the Iron Throne, sits on it, and that's the end of the season. But whatever it is, and whoever seems like the winning side, I think that will completely change in the last season, even if it's just 6 episodes. So I keep my fingers crossed, that even if in this season Sansa will outshine Arya in Winterfell (and sadly I expect her to do so), in the last season they will surprise us, and Arya might get something back from her book-character.
  7. Arya Targaryen

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    There is. He has a direwolf, just like the other Starks. A son of Rhaegar and Elia would not have one, let alone become a strong warg, as Jon is in the books.
  8. Arya Targaryen

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    They had separate chambers, it is definitely mentioed in the books - and they had a loving marriage. Cat's chamber was the warmest of all, and Ned always had to open the window because he was hot there. It might be different in the show, though.
  9. Arya Targaryen

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    LOL. It"s hilarious. Jon has the Stark look. Would be interesting, if Lyanna is not his mother. He also has a direwolf. In the books he is a strong warg - an abiity that is only runs in First Men's blood. If Jon is R+E, he wouldn't have the blood of the First Men. yes, but I have no idea what you might be refferring to. Jon's deams about the crypt? But Lyanna's tomb is on the upper level, and Jon has to go down deeper to reveal what is hidden there. That has nothing to do with Lyanna.
  10. Arya Targaryen

    What is Arya going to do with that knife?

    VS dagger with Arya? I'm betting on a WW kill. But she might kill others as well.
  11. Arya Targaryen

    Jon legitimacy foreshadowing ?

    I don't think Jon being R+L would need that much evidence. Anyone with half a brain would realise it, once someone suggests the possibility. The whole 7Kingdoms tried to guess who Jon's mother was, Who the woman could have been, with whom the Honorable Ned Stark cheated on his wife. And nobody could come up with a solution. But the idea, that Jon is not Ned's son, never occured to anybody, simply because HonorableNed claimed him. Once someone comes up with the idea, that Jon is Lyanna's son, it will click. I bet, Tyrion, Varys, even Jaime (who knew Rhaegar) will belive it in a second. Dany will belive it, if Jon manages to bond with a dragon. The problem is with the legitimacy. Were they married, and if they were, who can prove that? Bran might know, but that's no proof. HR would know of Jon, but not of the wedding. My guess is Lyanna's tomb (maybe she was buried with a Targ wedding cloak). Or, it won't matter, like, at all.
  12. Arya Targaryen

    Arya V Brienne!!!!!!! Appreciation Thread

    Brienne didn't take Arya seriously in the beginning, that's why she was slower. She started to fight better after she kicked her to the ground. Still it was enjoyable, I like Arya's waterdancing, and the fact, that they did it all by themselves (the actors) and not stuntmen. That's one reason I don't like Oberyn's fight, you basically can't see anything.
  13. Arya Targaryen

    Discusing Sansa XVIII: North and South

    This. I don't fault Jon for not discussing it beforehand - he is determined to go, so nothing Sansa would say could change his mind. And even if the episode summary said "Jon faces a revolt" or something like that, I don't thing it was a revolt of any kind - sure, everybody disagreed with him, but they did, because they are worried about his life. Even Sansa is. It wasn't done to undermine him (in ep1, it was different), but because they don't want to lose him. If Sansa and Jon discussed everything beforehand, as it would be the right place for Sansa to say her opinion, and then we would see the exact same discussion with the Northern Lords - that wouldn't make great TV. I would really like to see characters explaining stuff to others that we already know, but there is a reason why all these discussions happen offscreen. These scene would be useless, especially for those viewer who don't like that character. So I guess they just chose to have one, big council, and Sansa, like every other Lord, is allowed to say her opinion there. For me, it didn't sound like undermining Jon in this ep. If anything, it showed that she genuinely loves her brother, and is worried about his life.
  14. Arya Targaryen

    If Jon becomes King , who will be his Queen ?

    I really don't know why anyone against Jon/Arya never considers the fact that they were separated early (Arya was 9!). And since then, both of them changed drastically, mostly characterwise, but also physically (instead of a girl and a boy, they become - or on their way becoming - a woman and a man) . I assume they will know by the time they next meet that they are only cousins, so when they reconnect, it with be without the brother/sister connection - which obviously will be there first, because that's how they remember each other, but will change as they realize that they are not the same person as they were years before. And I might be alone in this, but even in the first book, their closeness always struck me as weird, and not like a regular brother/sister relationship. Obviously they thought they are siblings. But their closeness, the way they finish each other's sentences, the fact that this 14-year-old emo boy loves his 9-year-old tomboy sister more than the rest of them together - for me, it is NOT a regular sibling love. Even their similar situations (outcasts in the family) don't fully explain that. They are more like soul mates, who understand each other without words, not just because they know each other well- it's because they are so much alike. Because of this, I think they would make an excellent ruling couple. Arya always wanted to be the Lady-in-charge of her own castle. With Jon being King, and mostly busy elsewhere, she can have the opportunity to run the household in Winterfell (in which she was always much better than Sansa - why include that in the books?),while Jon is running business all over the North (or 7 Kingdoms). And there won't be much conflict between them as they will definitely know without asking how the other would react in a certain situation - because they would react the same way. I definitely don't. Jeyne has been an ass to Arya for most of her life. I just don't see Jon falling in love with her. And there is no political gain in it either. ^this. this is assuming Jon will want to marry one of them because of their claim on Winterfell. I just don't see it. If anything, it will be the other way round. Jon will be King in the North, regardless of his parents - but that would mean Ned's children are set aside. Jon and others might feel a bit guilty about that. In that situation, marrying one of Ned's daughters will solve the problem, and Ned's bloodline will be back in the game, as Queen. Which daughter, it doesn't matter. And I'm sure, that if Jon has to choose between marrying Sansa or Arya, he will choose Arya without hesitation.
  15. Arya Targaryen

    Jon Snow, King of the north and Vale

    Actually I typed out a more accurate, and longer answer to your previous post, and it just disappeared. I tried to make it simpler next time, so it wasn' that accurate, sorry about that. It wasn't clear to me, that "after the war" was meant to mean "after the WW invasion", but for me, it's still the same. I just don't think that the servants and younger relatives of Umbers and Karstrks should be punished because of what the Smalljon and Harald (?) Karstark did. If you think they must be punished (take the lands, the titles, expel them, kill them, spread them, whatever), than we disagree, it's simple as that. You were the one who was so upset about what I wrote in response for your previous post, with CAPS LOCK on and stuff, like you are really offended by my opinion. Chill out, it is just fiction. And yes, I think that when other relatives are available, especially, if children are available as heirs to Houses Umber and Karstark, they should not be wiped out - or their titles and lands should not be taken away. Because it's not their fault. I understand if someone wants vengence like that, I just don't think, it will happen, especially if Jon is the one who needs to decide what will happen to those lands. I don't know much about mediavel systems, but I do think that when the Smalljon gave Rickon to the Boltons, because he feared that his lands will be overrun by the wildlings Jon let through the Wall, it resonated well with all the smallfolk living in his lands - and it's not because they wanted to betray the Starks: it's because they feared for their own lives. We know better, but why would those folks know it in-story? For them, the Umbers did what needed to be done to protect their lands from the wildlings. Should they get a new lord after the war (in Last Hearth or somewhere else, if they have to move), is not the same, as experiencing the royal pardon for House Umber, reinstalling an heir, even if in direct control from Winterfell. And since you are talking about after the WW-war: who is to say that the remaining Umbers and Karstarks and their men won't fight bravely in those wars? I can totally see it. So why would you take away their lands after the WW invasion, if the prove to be a great help? Re: the number of men in Winterfell after Robb left: I might not remember well, but Bran sent like 200 men to fight the Ironborn? And it left Winterfell undermanned (still about 50 or so fighting men). That means 250 men, plus women and children (and other servants) in times of war, when the army is marching south. (Which means in the begining WF population must have been in the thousands (2-3 thousands at least). You can't just man a castle like Winterfell with 15-20 servants, even if it looked like that in the show. they should aim towards 500 or so (men) and at least the same number of women. And the Winterfell crew is practially dead, so they need to gather those men from either the wildlings or from other houses. (I'm also not sure why you counted Arya - she was't supposed to return).