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  1. I see all the talk about the NK raising the dead in the crypts, or around Kings Landing or the Riverlands - but is it possible? Have we seen so far someone being raised who was not killed by a WW /NK /random zombies? I know there are skeleton zombies as well, but they might have been killed by WWs long ago, we don't know for sure. We also know that the wildlings were burning their dead to prevent them from raising, but that's still no proof. Is there anyone, who we know was NOT killed by the Others (or zombies) and turned?
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    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    While I agree that they've changed Jon's character for the worse (mostly to make others seem more intelligent (like, Sansa)), and he makes dumb things over and over again, I wouldn't say his actions didn't matter at all. I was expecting a Jon vs NK epic duel, too, but after thinking it over, it totally made sense that it was Arya, who finished him. Jon was trying to get close to the NK, but he avoided him actively. As Jaime said, if they can only beat the dead by killing the NK, why would he come close? And he didn't. He avoided every situation where he could have been hurt, he didn't face Jon, and even the WWs didn't participate in the battle, because they knew they could get killed by dragonglass. If Jon went to the godswood, the NK wouldn't have duelled with him. There were plenty of zombies and WWs, he would have ordered them to fight. (Theon was no opponent for him...) The only person who could have approached him without being noticed in time, was Arya, as she could move without noise, so neither the zombies nor the WWs noticed her (they were watching the NK, so couldn't see her). In the end, it made sense. But what exactly did Jon do to defeat the NK? 1) He encouraged Arya to become a fighter. He gave her Needle, and that sword was the last connection she had to her home - and Jon. She came back because of him. She went to Winterfell (instead of Kings Landing) because of him. 2) Bran managed to cross the Wall because Sam led him through - Sam wouldn't have been alive if not for Jon. He escaped Craster's Keep when Jon attacked. Edd was the one who let him through at Castle Black - he is Jon's friend, too. 3) One can argue that if the NK stays north of the Wall, they wont beat him. They wouldn't have gotten close to him to kill him. And he could come through because Jon went there, and mostly because of Jon, Dany went there too (and lost a dragon). 4) And he brought an army that more or less managed to keep up fighting until the NK went to Bran (so they had a chance to kill him).
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    Can WWs raise dead who were not killed by them?

    Yeah, after seeing this ep, it is safe to say, he can (or... could). I was wondering about that before 8x03 aired, as I wasn't so sure about that. (anyway, I'm sure in the book the Others can't raise the dead in the crypts, as they can't raise skeletons - "the bones remember", but apperently they changed that in the show.)
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    There must always be a Stark in Winterfell

    It is a saying now, but it must have had some meaning long ago that was forgotten. I've always thought that the walls of Winterfell have the same magic in it than the Wall against the WWs, but it only works if there is a Stark in Winterfell. Or it has to do with the stone statues in the crypts. (at least in the books. I doubt it matters in the show.)
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    What smart things has Sansa done?

    I think Sansa is pretty much capable of being a peace-time Lady of Winterfell or any castle. She was raised as such, she clearly knows the ways things need to be handled. Other than that, she knows 3 things (or persons) better than anyone (or mostly anyone): Cersei, Ramsey and Littlefinger. Littlefinger was in love with her, so he didn't want to do any harm to her, even pretected her in his own ways. She knew very well not to trust him, yet he was able to manipulate her for a long time. Cersei and Ramsey: she has every reason not to trust them, like, at all, considering what she went through. So when they march against Ramsey, she knows that Ramsey might play with Jon, and she is correct - but other than that, she doesn't know a thing. Same with Cersei. She doesn't know her better than, say, Tyrion, but she hates her, distrusts her, and therefore she doesn't believe anyting Cersei says. Right now she is right - but this is pretty narrow-minded. I mean, Cersei really could have had the common sense to realise the danger the Others present. Littlefinger and Ramsey are dead. In case Cersei dies too (whoever kills her...) - what's left of Sansa's knowledge or "cleverness"? Pretty much nothing. She might do great as a Lady of Anything, but as a ruler? I have my doubts.
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    Arya character arc

    This. I think Arya will end up as some kind of leader in the books. That being said, I somehow doubt, that the main character's ending will be that different in the show and the books. By main, I mean Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Arya, Bran and possibly Sansa, Jaime and Cersei. Any one of them may die. If not, I believe Jon will sit on some kind of throne (North or IT), and Arya will decide to stay with him. It's him, she is going home to, not Winterfell. I think Bran will die - as the 3ER, I expect some kind of connection to the NK's power, and maybe he has to die, so the NK can be killed. Jaime will kill Cersei, so I'm pretty sure she will die, and Jaime, too. If not, he might become some kind of Lord somewhere, or he can continue as Kingsguard and keep protecting Rhaegars son. Or Night's Watch, if it's still a thing after the Long Night 2.0. But I don't know about Sansa. If Jon sits the Iron Throne, Winterfell will be hers, so she will get what she wanted. (and I'm not sure, I want that, LOL.) Because, as others have noted above, Sansa is D&D's favourite. They dumbed Jon down so that Sansa would appear as more intelligent, and would shine in Winterfell as some mastermind (and I fail to see her as someone like that). Now, that Jon is gone, he somehow managed to regain common sense. But Arya arrived at Winterfell, and I'm seriously worried about how that will play out. And no, I don't think Sansa would betray Jon. But somehow I wonder, what kind of character-assassination will happen to Arya, so that once again Sansa will be the smart one and the one who solves problems (Littlefinger...). That being said, I don't mind if Sansa is the one who brings down Littlefinger - but I will be terribly upset if they dumb down Arya in order to do so. So I keep my fingers crossed that Sansa and Arya manages to work together, Sansa manipulating Littlefinger and Arya seeing through his bullshit, Bran providing some info, and in the end, Sansa can finish him. On a side note - I have no idea how the season will end, whether Jon learns the truth about his parents, whether Cersei is defeated by Dany (I don't think she will die, but she might lose all her powers and allies, like Euron). Maybe Dany manages to take the Iron Throne, sits on it, and that's the end of the season. But whatever it is, and whoever seems like the winning side, I think that will completely change in the last season, even if it's just 6 episodes. So I keep my fingers crossed, that even if in this season Sansa will outshine Arya in Winterfell (and sadly I expect her to do so), in the last season they will surprise us, and Arya might get something back from her book-character.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Someone on the Neogaf spoiler thread made this: http://i.imgur.com/aUzutrH.gif
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    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    And ADWD as well - Bran's storyline. Some of Theon, too, if he goes to Moat Cailin with Ramsey.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    It probably makes sense if Jon is going beyond the Wall again, before the fight, to kill the NW members at Crasters. This may be the time when Bran opens his third eye and maybe we get some Jon-warging-Ghost as well (and Gohst, finally! after two seasons, it is high time to remind the audience that Jon has a direwolf, too). It would be sort of weird if that happens after Bran is dead (or so Jon thinks). Bran may even be able to communicate with Jon, and tell him that he shouldn't tell anyone he is alive and just leave him to do what he has to.