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  1. I sold mine earlier this year for $225. https://www.ebay.com/itm/272783607504?ul_noapp=true
  2. I have now sold this set, so Becca you can take it off the list, thanks.
  3. I haven't used them, but Camelot books has handled a few numbered and lettered sets: http://camelotbooks.com/order-info/consignment
  4. Updated, now includes matching letter of "The Best of Subterranean" book: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/272816634592?
  5. My mega Lettered Edition set for sale now also includes the matching letter of "The Best of Subterranean" collection, containing a Twilight Zone script by GRRM. Sub Press didn't offer that particular book to lettered set owners first, and I didn't see the email for 40 minutes and missed out initially. But when a lettered Best of Sub became available, Bill at Sub Press kindly kept me mind. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/272816634592?
  6. Becca was referring to set sold by Camelot Books for around $20k, see starting on page 32 of this thread. eBay set you mention talked about on page 34.
  7. I have listed my Lettered Edition set for sale, which includes the full Meisha Merlin & Subterranean ASoIaF series plus other GRRM books with the same matching letter such as Portraits of His Children, Rogues, Dying of the Light, and the forthcoming The Book of Swords. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/282582657185? Listing on eBay for exposure, but not really expecting to sell it on eBay, if at all. And see my other listings for a lot more Game of Thrones book rarities.
  8. I'm interested in any GRRM lettered books with letter "S" if you have any. Thanks.

  9. Knight of the Seven Kingdoms won't exactly match the main series, since it will be "slightly oversize" and there are 750 numbered editions instead of 500 or 448. Funny how it keeps increasing. Who wants to bet on 750 numbereds of Winds of Winter now?
  10. I consider it a part of the overall ASoIaF series, yes, but then I also consider Rogues one too since it has a ASoIaF story/history lesson in it. (Even if it's an abridged story that will be published in full eventually in the GRRMarillion or whatever, which will undoubtedly have a $1k+ Sub Press lettered edition...) But then I'm also trying to get all GRRM books of my matching letter I can.
  11. It seems the only new art might be new endsheets, but it doesn't really say they'll be illustrated. And of course we've been promised illustrated endsheets several times before that didn't happen.
  12. The lettered edition of Rogues was $750 too, but housed in a traycase not just a slipcase like Knights will be. Not that that excuses it... Have we heard when Rogues is supposed to ship? Haven't seen anything on it in a long time.
  13. Got my lettered copy of AGoT Subpress today. Lettereds shipped first this time. The lettered is supposed to have an extra full-color piece, like the last two books were supposed to but didn't. But hey, maybe the third time's the charm. Here are the 4 color interior illustrations in the lettered: Vol. 1, after page 192: Fold-out color illustration of Bran and his direwolf Vol. 1, after page 494: Fold-out color illustration of the Vale of Arryn Vol. 2, after page 296: single-page color illustration of Catelyn meeting with Walder Frey Vol. 2, after page 472: single-page color illustration of Riverrun
  14. Yeah, the book collector in me just couldn't be the person who buys one and breaks the set. And no MM Clash of Kings has ever sold for near that price. Maybe $500-800.
  15. German seller sellling MM GoT and CoK #196, and potentially breaking them up: http://www.ebay.com/itm/George-R-R-Martin-A-GAME-OF-THRONES-Meisha-Merlin-signed-ltd-ed-196-500-/291405835364?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43d9242c64 http://www.ebay.com/itm/George-R-R-Martin-A-CLASH-OF-KINGS-Meisha-Merlin-signed-ltd-ed-196-500-/291405850247?hash=item43d9246687 MM GoT has consistently sold for higher than that, but it's been a while...