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  1. has not set his status. Or has he?

  2. That's a good compromise, IMO. Make it opt in or opt out, if that's possible.
  3. I don't know. I think the only value of the system is in the anonyminity. We make all votes public, and I bet we just see the same people getting hit repeatedly - the same people who are already Gen Chat punching bags in the first place.
  4. I think we should be able to give a +1 to Ran's hair.
  5. The temper tantrums alone have made it worthwhile. +1 to the rating system. How meta is that?
  6. Whatever happens, I think some people need to chill out a bit and stop taking everything so seriously. Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm off to give my negative votes to Ran. I've heard once he hits 1000 he turns into a Gremlin.
  7. I am completely emasculated by your reputation score (and I kinda like it)

  8. Dude, where've you been? You under lockdown or something?

  9. I don't even care that you have more profile views than me (well, I dont care that much, is what I mean)

  10. Welcome first genuine new-person to use this thread as intended.
  11. And some of them male, who have a mancrush on him. Er, not me. This guy I know.
  12. I fail at checking comments on my profile page. Sorry.

  13. I am a demon. A DEMON!

  14. Just returning the favour tiger. Not like you need the help, Mr Popular.

  15. Hey kid, I like your style.

  16. The only way out is through that valley and I wouldnt wish that on a broke dick dog.

  17. Here we are again bro. Just you and me. Same kind of moon same kind of jungle. Real number 10 remember. Whole platoon, 32 men chopped into meat. We walk out just you and me, nobody else. Right on top huh? Not a scratch. Not a fuckin' scratch. You know who ever got you. They'll come back again. And when he does I'm gonna cut your name right into him ... I'M GONNA CUT YOUR NAME RIGHT

  18. Facebook huh? This look like facebook kid? DOES IT?

  19. Yeah, the Blackfish suspected (wrongly) that Jon had sold out to the Lannisters in order to get elevated to Lord Commader.
  20. Thanks Bronn. So, a task in mind, one that requires Theon to regain some colour and health. Could be an attempt on roose's life. Could be he wants to sue Theon as a figurehead to try and cow the remaining ironborn.
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