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  1. Fantastic episode. Loved most of the scenes although I'm not really feeling Jon's storyline this season. Beric vs Hound, Jaime's "scream loudly" line, bath scene, Tywin taking charge of his kids, and a Frey name drop FINALLY. Rated it a 9. Next week looks intense.
  2. 8/10. Great episode. I love that even knowing that Jaime was going to lose his hand, it was still shocking how they did it.
  3. I gave it a 7. I enjoyed it but it was really just there for set-up. Loved the giant and Tyrion/Tywin was perfect. The last scene with Dany and Selmy was great too.A fine re-introduction and they didn't need to keep Selmy's identity a secret like in the book. The rest was kinda slow.
  4. Gave it an 8. Really enjoyed it, the hour went by so quick. I was surprise I liked the episode so much after hearing so many people complain that it was boring.
  5. Is that really relevant? I know I have no place to tell people what they can and can't be offended by but bringing up the oppressed stuff seems like you're looking for Arya's line to mean more than it does. Arya hates the typical "lady" type and if I recall the books correctly, she plays it very fast and loose with the word "stupid". It seemed like something she would say. Westeros is a sexist world; this isn't really an example of it. As a guy, there was a situation in my life where I was treated badly by a female authority figure because of my gender. It's not that big a deal but I didn't like it at the time yet Asha's line didn't horrify me because of it. And her comment is much more vulgar.
  6. Did anyone else love that look Tyrion gave Cersei after the threat? At first, I thought he was going to make a snarky comment which I would usually love but his silence made the scene more powerful. Not only did he seem worried about Shae, but I felt like he was also thinking about what Tywin did to Tysha. Or maybe I'm thinking about it too much. CRACKPOT THEORY: Littlefinger is capable of the duplication trick Pyat Pree can do and is literally everywhere at once. That's how he knows everything. It probably goes without saying that I'm being sarcastic.
  7. I gave it a 9. I understand a lot of the complaints but the faults of the episode were not enough to deter me from enjoying it. Some rambling thoughts: -I've been anticipating Theon taking Winterfell and the riot scene since the start of the season and they didn't disappoint. -Tyrion bitch slap was epic -San/San stuff was nice to see. Heck, the Hound having a line for once made it for me -I love Charles Dance so I don't mind Tywin being made more sympathethic. We'll hate him by the Red Wedding anyway -Dany getting called out on how useless her plan take Westeros is was fun -Poor Rodrik :( Great scene -Iceland looks fantastic -Arya's second kill was lame. People have a right to complain about that. Still love the guy playing Jaqen H'gar though -Why is Littlefinger the new main character of the show that can apparently teleport around Westeros?
  8. I gave it an 8, I really enjoyed the episode. I do agree with some of the complaints like with Craster's look but it didn't really bother me that much. The show did seem to just be ploughing through the scenes without any rest but I guess I can understand that. The bastard purging scene...yikes! Children really aren't safe on TV anymore.
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