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  1. Urien the Ragged

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    I don't think Euron has any desire to keep the Shields (he knows he can't keep them anyway), he took them so he could give them away and have them retaken from someone else. History will remember that he took the Shields, not that he lost them. He's on his way to the Narrow Sea, in any respect. He's counting on Victarion to be a battering ram, to make a royal mess that he can clean up - but he didn't count on Moqorro. The Red Priest will throw a giant monkeywrench into Euron's plans.
  2. Urien the Ragged

    Wow small things that could be huge

    But i wouldnt hold your breath. There doesnt seem to be anything odd about the nature of Grey Wind's death, or much room for survival. He was filled full of quarrels and surrounded by Freys the last time we saw him. Doesnt seem to be stretch to think the Freys did that.
  3. Urien the Ragged

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    So, it's probably been discussed, but does the apoearance of Alyssa Targaryen, daughter of Jahaerys and Alysanne, pretty much prove Tyrion is the son of Aerys? Or is GRRM messing with us?
  4. Urien the Ragged

    Wow small things that could be huge

    Pretty sure that Grey Wind is dead since his head was cut off and put on Robb's body. I just think that Robb could have escaped via warging. It's hard to say who the ADwD prologue is trying to foreshadow. Robb/Jon/Bran/Rickon/Arya. Robb had, perhaps, the strongest connection with his direwolf, yet we do not know if Robb warged him. I think Raynald is hiding, but I also think that he might be Robb.
  5. Urien the Ragged

    Wow small things that could be huge

    Also, the manner in which Raynald Westerling kind of dipped from the story and hasn't been seen since, but definitely didn't die "on screen." At the time, he was in the process of freeing Grey Wind after he had previously surrendered. What changed his mind? My own little pet theory is that Robb warged Grey Wind, then, when understanding his predicament, warged Raynald Westerling to free him, but too late. Raynald was then injured and fell into the river. Find Raynald Westerling!
  6. Urien the Ragged

    Wow small things that could be huge

    What is the deal with the two dragonhorns? I'm not necessarily talking about Horn of Joramund, but the other horn that would sit on a the dragon's head during flight. Victarion mentions Dragonbinder is one of two horns. Why two horns? Do they both do the same thing? Doesn't seem like duplicating efforts would be necessary, here.
  7. She's not really a zombie. Shes a broken woman that spent 3 days in a river before being brought back to life. I don't think she's lost the ability to reason, she's just not in a great frame of mind.
  8. Urien the Ragged

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    http://grrm.livejournal.com/257002.html that's the link to the specific NAB post i am referencing.
  9. Urien the Ragged

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    GRRM has stated that the Theon I happens before the final Jon chapter in ADWD.
  10. Urien the Ragged

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    It's the paperback ADwD preview chapter.
  11. Of course he had no intention of killing the man he was sworn to defend at all costs, but the white bull told him that it's his job to protect Aerys, not to judge him. Brienne isnt an oathbreaker in that mold. Jaime may have done the moral thing, but a key theme of the series is duty vs. righteousness, and the world falls apart without duty, it can live without the latter.
  12. i've thought about this. Jaime being hung until he's dead, then when Stoneheart leaves him unburied, Thoros will stay behind and revive him. I also like the idea of the hand being animated.
  13. Jaime won't kill Stonheart, but perhaps Brienne will. My problem with Jaime is hat he's broken so many oaths that he deserves to die. Just because he has disdain for the Freys doesn't absolve him from the fact that he assisted them in taking Riverrun. He's imprisoned Edmure for life for nothing more than being a Tully. WHen the Blackfish shown a light on his failures, he could say nothing more than that he was coerced at swordpoint. Jaime could be the most powerful man in Westeros, but he chooses to nurture his weaknesses, being emotionally conflicted but still doing the wrong thing in the end. He should make good with the Tyrells and entrust them to take out the GC, remove himself from the Kingsguard and install himself as Hand. Attack the Faith Militant and bring down the HS, free Margaery, propose marriage to Arianne Martell and then march on the North with the Lannister army, starting in the Riverlands, killing Freys and Boltons as he goes. Manderly would have no choice but to join him, then together they can eradicate Stannis once and for all, uniting the Seven Kingdoms once again under his son Tommen I, who would be a good king under his guidance. Of course Cersei would be given the Rock (but also imprisoned there), where she can live out the rest of her days buggering whomever she wants to.
  14. Urien the Ragged

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    and Ramsay's death, too.
  15. Urien the Ragged

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    if jaime demands a trial by champion, cat will make him fight fire like her father-in-law was made to.