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  1. I gave it a five. Maybe it was just me, but something about this episode felt very off. Despite really liking Theon as a character, they really need to stop with the torture scenes. Everyone gets it, now stop. At least reveal the place and identity of the torturer (has anyone reader or not either not figured it out yet or still care)? It's also a shame because the actors are doing a tremendous job in the scenes (Iwan Rheon killing it IMO), but the writing just hasn't been on par. Also, it breaks my heart that the episode had that looonnggg scene with Robb/Talisa, while Cat got about two lines. Michelle Fairely is a fantastic actress and I just wish they would give her more to do. Please, please more Catelyn On the plus side, after one and a half seasons of battering the storyline, they seem to be picking up what's left of Jon's story and trying to salvage it. I was finally sold on the Jon/Ygritte relationship, something that never really clicked with me in the books. And of course, while the bear pit scene itself was a little underwhelming, the continuation of the Jaime/Brienne relationship continues to be one of the highlights of the show. I think my heart shattered a little when they said their goodbyes, and when Jaime was bargaining for her release with Locke, it got to me. So overall, some good scenes, but the ones that were bad (Robb/Jeyne and Theon) really bought the episode down for me. Also:- Best use of "Hodor" EVER in this episode. - Tyrion: "What am I supposed to do over there? Juggle?" LoL :drunk:
  2. I gave it a solid 9. I rather liked most of the deviations from the books; it kept me constantly guessing and I liked it. I had to knock off a point for killing Irri though. I know some people don't understand why others are making such a big fuss, but I really did not like that particular change. Irri seemed to be Dany's last connection to the Dothraki who was a recognisable face from last season, with Rakharo killed off, Doreah not actually being a Dothraki and Jhiqui just missing. Also, she was killed off screen, so they obviously did not do it for the dramatic impact, which leaves me wondering what purpose her death served. Other than that, I loved it. The winterfell scene at the beginning really had me misty eyed, anf the acting was spot on. I also really enjoyed Ygritte. She was neither here nor there for me in the books, but I'm really looking forward to more of her in the show though.
  3. Puzzle

    How would you rate episode 204?

    I give the episode an 8/10. I thought it was a very solid episode, and I loved most of it with some exceptions: Quarth: I thought this scene was awkward, but I can't really put my finger on why exactly and is the reason for most of the points knocked off. I think it's maybe because a) can't understand why Dany will refuse to show her dragons. I suppose it's due to the fear of having her dragons taken away from her, shouldn't her first priority be to stay alive, and the only way she can ensure that is if her and her khalasar are allowed into the city. b ) I don't understand her shouting and threatening to burn the city to the ground. Yeah, I suppose if she is desperate, she might have played the threatening card, but I felt like there should have been more negotiations prior to the threats. On the other hand, I really liked the spice merchant and the creepy bold guy in the background. The Robb/Talisa scene. I'm slightly conflicted about this one. While the acting was fine and I definately agree that the Robb romance storyline definately needs to change from the books because Robb is older and more mature, I'm not sure that this was the best way to do it. It felt too modern, with her lecturing the King In the North so openly in the field. I hope they develop the romance beyond the "king falling for the sassy modern girl who speaks her mind" cliche. Other than that, I thought it was a great episode. Special shoutout to: -The tyrion/sansa/joffrey scene - AMAZING, and plus Bronn's line had my laughing long after the scene was over -Harrenhal was flawless. Tywin coming in like a boss made me so excited -I loved the Stannis/Renly exchange. "Is he ham?" LoL - All hail Stannis, the King of grammar. I loved this line-I thought it really showcased Stannis's personality well.
  4. I rate this episode an 8.5 -I thought Sophie Turner was very good-her scene almost made me cry -I love the Pyke scenes so far. I have always had a soft spot for Theon and I think the show is really driving home his inner conflict and his desire to belong, making his vunerabilities much more apparent. Props to Alfie Allen. The burning of the letter and the way it transitioned into the baptism scene was beautiful. Special shout out to Ramin Djiwandi (sp?) for the score; the music this season, and especially during the baptism scene was phenomenal. -Amazing editing during Tyrion's 1,2,3 scene; it was very fun to watch -Conleth Hill as Varys is absolutely amazing. His face when Tyrion made the proposal to wed Myrcella to Theon was priceless. -Brienne was amazing. I think Gwendoline Christie played her with just the right amount of awkwardness. - Yoren will be missed very much; even on re-watch I had to look away when Amory placed that sword through his neck. Complaints:- I did not see the point of the Jon scene; they could have just shown the Night's Watch leaving Craster's keep, they did not need to be kicked out. -No Hotpie war cry :bang: