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  1. The one that really fascinates me and is the source of much speculation is Nymeria, who was sent as Doran's proxy to sit in the Small Council. Firstly, it seems be extremely uncommon, if not unheard of, for a woman to be seated on the council, let alone a young woman who is not a lady in her own right or even close relative of one of the landowning magnates, never mind that she is also a bastard and prone to wearing her lingerie in public. I really can't fathom how that is supposed to play out. Of course, I am hoping something cool happens with Sarella the Sphynx.
  2. Not to be wet blanket, but foxes are linked with mischief and magic and general trustworthiness in many, many cultures.
  3. This - although we don't actually know if the Tyrell sisters were already married at this point. Also, doesn't Lord Leyton of Hightower have numerous daughters who should be around the right age?
  4. That would make sense, although under the vague system, one of those daughters would be named as the correct heiress. One would think that those daughters would be openly bitching about the Dowager Lady refusing to give up power - unless they are all minors. Once the putative heiress marries, then I'd expect .... the new Lady Dustin and her Lord Protector husband would give Babs the ole heave ho.
  5. If you do enough hand waving, it's .... probably explained that Lady Barbrey has been in power before the Wot5K, and there is an heir out there somewhere but since Lady Barbrey was successfully governing the lands, it wasn't tremendously urgent, whereas Lady Donella was newly thrust into authority in the middle of a war and the whole thing was just too unstable to leave her "un-secured." But yes, it is an inconsistency.
  6. Asha has some viciously cutting remarks at her Queensmoot.
  7. Don't forget she gave her handmaidens and attendants to be used in medical experimentations, and .... there's always this gem of an episode of how a woman in a position of authority should inspire service and loyalty: "That work can wait," Tyrion said. "The chain first." "M'lord, begging your pardon, Her Grace said those as didn't meet their numbers would have their hands crushed," the anxious smith persisted. "Smashed on their own anvils, she said."
  8. That's........ A NEW THEORY!!! HOLY SHIT, IT'S A NEW THEORY! Thank you, thank you thank you.
  9. You invent her insistence that a 15 year-old boy be sent to the Wall which is widely known as a penal order. Didn't happen. Not in the text. Ned looked shocked. "He asked to join the Night's Watch?" Catelyn said nothing. Let Ned work it out in his own mind; her voice would not be welcome now. Yet gladly would she have kissed the maester just then. His was the perfect solution. Benjen Stark was a Sworn Brother. Jon would be a son to him, the child he would never have. And in time the boy would take the oath as well. He would father no sons who might someday contest with Catelyn's own grandchildren for Winterfell. Maester Luwin said, "There is great honor in service on the Wall, my lord."
  10. Indeed, she didn't object to or prevent him from being housed with his half-siblings in the family apartments, or given the same lordly education as Robb or Bran, and he was allowed to normally eat at the high table with the rest of them. She just let her cadre of servitors and retainers care for his material needs.
  11. Cersei, although she is malevolence personified, has moments when she is hilarious. ""Try not to sound so like a mouse, Sansa. You're a woman now, remember? And betrothed to my firstborn." The queen sipped at her wine. "Were it anyone else outside the gates, I might hope to beguile him. But this is Stannis Baratheon. I'd have a better chance of seducing his horse." She noticed the look on Sansa's face, and laughed. "
  12. And just to piggy-back off of your post, many people seem to miss the point of Margaery as Queen from a Tyrell perspective. The Tyrells are not desirous of having Margaery as queen because of the power she will have in her own right (not that much, she won't set policy or make appointments, etc... although she might be able to use her influence to send favors and perks to her family members). They want a Tyrell as queen consort because her children will be the future heirs to the Iron Throne. That's why they keep pimping her out.
  13. Way, way back in GOT , Tyrell Co. was trying to entice Robert into marrying her (which would require setting aside Cersei) They obviously had their eyes set very high.
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