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  1. Daena the Defiant

    The betrothal of nephews, cousins and nieces ...

    The only bit of text I could ever really find was this: That seems to imply that future Lord Robb would grant the lesser Stark holdings on his brothers, and they would be ... what? Life estates? Would those holdings revert back to Robb (and Robb's heirs) upon the deaths of his siblings, or would they in effect create lots of smaller Stark holdings that follow the lines of descent from Bran and Rickon (cadet houses?). It's never really been clear.
  2. Daena the Defiant

    What if Lysa Tully birthed her child with Petyr?

    Yeah, this is all true, but Delena Florent was deflowered and impregnated by the king. A king who, at the time, was young, handsome, popular and a war hero. People would likely to be more indulgent of Delena and more protective of the baby. Petyr Baelish at that point in the story is a nobody, a lesser bannerman of the Eyrie. Any bastard child of the "Lord of Sheepshit" ("who is Lord Baelish?", they'd ask) on the younger daughter of Hoster Tully is not going to be able to compel that much esteem, nor would Lysa be in much of a position to accrue sympathy and avoid opprobrium. In fact, I would very much expect that both Lady Catelyn Stark and her brother, the heir to Riverrun would be very much constrained by societal custom and morality to avoid being seen in 'Poor Lysa's' company.
  3. Daena the Defiant

    What if Lysa Tully birthed her child with Petyr?

    She'd be shunted off to a Motherhouse somewhere, be a novice Septa, starching linen wimples or whatever. The child would have been taken and fostered out as a bastard to a loyal Tully vassal, and end up probably as a household knight or possibly trundled off to the Citadel at some point (if male), or possibly stuffed into a Motherhouse herself, come the day (if female). All of the Riverlands would know of Lysa's shame and she will never make a high value match. Possibly Lord Hoster would, after a safe period arrange for her to marry one of his lesser bannermen. Just like what happened to noble girls in RL who 'disgraced' themselves.
  4. Daena the Defiant

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    Which is not to even mention his penchant for permitting human sacrifice. I mean, that's a very serious character flaw.
  5. Daena the Defiant

    The future Lord of the Crossing

    This, although I don't see why he would need to remove her anyway. He would control her as Lord Protector and lord in all but name, and his heirs would have a thicker strain of blood-right legitimacy if they are her children too.
  6. Daena the Defiant

    Theory: Barbrey Dustin is a very tough fighter

    Someone, somewhere, has a fine theory that she, despite being a Ryswell by birth, is also laced into the Dustin inheritance from another line back a generation or two, so she is basically a legal claimant by blood, as well as running the joint in a regency/dowager capacity. Here it is: The Dustin Fief Will Devolve Back to House Ryswell Anyway Theory .....
  7. Daena the Defiant

    What are Leyton Hightower and the Mad Maid up to?

    You win the internet this day!
  8. Daena the Defiant

    sansa's reputation

    I think she is widely regarded as complicit in Joffrey's murder, but also the Lannister regime has been so disastrous that she might also be celebrated for it. Then there are those who find her a grandly romantic figure, the last heir of House Stark with the largest dowry in the world, so you might be willing to overlook the fact hat she helped murder Joffrey, the Child Tyrant King.
  9. Daena the Defiant

    Brienne's Honor in Pennytree

    Ha! That's my loony theory too.
  10. Daena the Defiant

    Where are all of the cadet branches?

    The Maderlys are "Wardens of the White Knife" and some of the more prominent Dornish lords have "wardenships" in their packet of titles, Warden of the Stone Way - Lord Yronwood, Warden oft he Prince's Pass - Lord Fowler. The fact that both of those are probably means of entry to into Dorne is obviously a relic of the fact that both had a vital role in maintaining the Dornish borders.... which dovetails neatly into an observation you made earlier that the "warden" position is assigned to a military man on the occasions when the incumbent is a woman or a child. Since the odds are fairly high that there have been a regnant Lady Fowler or Lady Yronwood because, well, Dorne, does the warden position automatically accrue to the ruling lady, or is she still expected to assign her husband orbrother, I wonder.
  11. Daena the Defiant

    Most evil act in the series?

    Cersei's torture of the Blue Bard was atrocious but everyone seems to forget about it. Then again, Tyrion had that singer killed and then sold the meat to a bowl shop in Fleabottom, which is was pretty heinous.
  12. Daena the Defiant

    Which historical figure would you like to know more about?

    Mad Danelle Lothston Lady Serailla, The Lace Serpent Shiera Seastar Wenda the White Fawn Queen Visenya
  13. Daena the Defiant

    Lord of WF

    This is an excellent point. I suspect that perhaps that the King in the North would have kept "Lord of Winterfell" as one of his supplemental titles, or as we saw (briefly) with Bran, they would bestow the title "Prince(ess) of Winterfell" upon the heir(ess), which could be largely be ceremonial as the governorship of the Northern Kingdom (which includes the Riverlands) would be largely indistinct from the lordship of the North. Although, they did create a title for Ser Brynden, and made him "Warden of the Southern Marches," which is pretty much the Riverlands and would seem to overlap with the lordship of Riverrun. Perhaps the "old" role of Lord of Winterfell would be distinct from the King in the North, but would still include the position and responsibilities and title of "Warden of the North."
  14. Daena the Defiant

    Lord of WF

    When Robb was "King in the North," it was decided by whomever to instantly confer royal status on his siblings (Sansa and Arya are listed as princesses in the appendices - which is Elmar Frey was bummed that his marriage to a princess [Arya] was quashed) - normally royal status flows from being the progeny of a previous monarch (usually even more restricted through the male line). As Robb's siblings, even under "normal" monarchical pretensions, they would not be due 'princely' titles. Textual Examples: When Robert Baratheon was acclaimed as king, Stannis and Renly didn't assume the title of 'prince.' Ergo, it was decided by Stark/Tully Inc. to pronounce the Stark siblings as princes and princesses in an apparent break from recent precedent. Bran is a bit of a special case, though - as Robb's direct heir, they decided to create him "Prince of Winterfell" a courtesy title to the Kingship of the North (I wonder if that was historical or modelled on the Targaryen style of "Prince of Dragonstone."). Presumably, had the Kingdom of the North been allowed to exist and Robb and Jeyne actually had children, Bran's status of "Prince of Winterfell" would have been transferred to Robb's eldest son. Or perhaps, modeled on the "Princedom of Wales" it is formally invested upon an heir, and the occupant of the position holds it for life, regardless of actual place in the succession, i.e. no longer the heir.