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  1. Daena the Defiant

    Opinion: Coolest Sounding Name

    I will see your King of Winter and raise you Arya Stark, the Night Wolf.
  2. Daena the Defiant

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    I do think that was a hell of a cliffhanger, but I wouldn't exactly say Catelyn is alive.
  3. Daena the Defiant

    Pros and Cons of Stannis accepting the faith of fire worshippers?

    Well, the human sacrifice is a definite con, I'd say.
  4. And their vassals, House Ragingones and House Rocksolid.
  5. Daena the Defiant

    The Gift of Castamere to the Spicers, and the Westerland Response

    I tend to agree, but maybe it's not a "love potion" exactly, but just something that excites his libido (not that a 19 year old male needs much in that aspect) while loosening his judgement.... have Jeyne float around in a thin linen nighgown to tend his wounds. and.... well, what happens happened.
  6. Daena the Defiant

    The betrothal of nephews, cousins and nieces ...

    The only bit of text I could ever really find was this: That seems to imply that future Lord Robb would grant the lesser Stark holdings on his brothers, and they would be ... what? Life estates? Would those holdings revert back to Robb (and Robb's heirs) upon the deaths of his siblings, or would they in effect create lots of smaller Stark holdings that follow the lines of descent from Bran and Rickon (cadet houses?). It's never really been clear.
  7. Daena the Defiant

    What if Lysa Tully birthed her child with Petyr?

    Yeah, this is all true, but Delena Florent was deflowered and impregnated by the king. A king who, at the time, was young, handsome, popular and a war hero. People would likely to be more indulgent of Delena and more protective of the baby. Petyr Baelish at that point in the story is a nobody, a lesser bannerman of the Eyrie. Any bastard child of the "Lord of Sheepshit" ("who is Lord Baelish?", they'd ask) on the younger daughter of Hoster Tully is not going to be able to compel that much esteem, nor would Lysa be in much of a position to accrue sympathy and avoid opprobrium. In fact, I would very much expect that both Lady Catelyn Stark and her brother, the heir to Riverrun would be very much constrained by societal custom and morality to avoid being seen in 'Poor Lysa's' company.
  8. Daena the Defiant

    What if Lysa Tully birthed her child with Petyr?

    She'd be shunted off to a Motherhouse somewhere, be a novice Septa, starching linen wimples or whatever. The child would have been taken and fostered out as a bastard to a loyal Tully vassal, and end up probably as a household knight or possibly trundled off to the Citadel at some point (if male), or possibly stuffed into a Motherhouse herself, come the day (if female). All of the Riverlands would know of Lysa's shame and she will never make a high value match. Possibly Lord Hoster would, after a safe period arrange for her to marry one of his lesser bannermen. Just like what happened to noble girls in RL who 'disgraced' themselves.
  9. Daena the Defiant

    Why do people dislike Stannis?

    Which is not to even mention his penchant for permitting human sacrifice. I mean, that's a very serious character flaw.
  10. House Dunn, because I would just the pink and black double-headed pelican to be blazoned everywhere. http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/Heraldry/Entry/724/
  11. Daena the Defiant

    Renly Gay?

    If you have read all the books, I am just going to direct you to the FAQ article from the Tower of the Hand site: Edit: posting the whole thing was a bit obnoxious - I am just going to leave the FAQ pointer - NOTE the filter was set for all books read.
  12. Daena the Defiant

    How would you rate episode 401?

    Wait so the wedding is next episode already? Wowsers
  13. Daena the Defiant

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] "New" POV 1 - Spoilers for ADwD

    [quote name='grinachu' post='1337055' date='May 1 2008, 06.21']I was skimming through ACOK when I came across this curious passage which I had hitertho overlooked. Any idea on what the book is? It might be something to do with geneaologies and the parentage of Joffrey Baratheon, since Roose later hints to Jaime that he knows the truth, but it might be something else entirely. Either way I doubt the passage is there for no reason whatsoever, and that Roose burns the book is particularly significant since it implies that there is information there that he does not wish to share. At this point he has already decided to sabotage the Stark war effort, by sending Tallheart and Glover to Duskendale. So, any guesses?[/quote] He was just burning all the books in Harrenhal as general measure of making Harhenhal less of an asset to whomever would assume it when he decamped.
  14. Daena the Defiant

    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] "New" POV 1 - Spoilers for ADwD

    [quote name='Maia' post='1331292' date='Apr 27 2008, 12.34']I was never a fan of this theory and now I think that it is highly unlikely. If the Ironborn weren't impressed with Theon as he was, they won't be ready to accept him now that he is a broken wreck. He can't even provide an acceptable facade anymore. And it is past time for GRRM to kill a few more POVs, or he'll need to split the next volume also. If Asha survives ADwD and gets another chance at the Iron Islands, then she'll have to look for a suitable husband and make their combined clout count.[/quote] I kick the idea around that Asha will marry Stannis. To what end, I don't really know, of course. Stan will need to get rid of his Florent wife, obviously, and Asha will need to divorce her sealion.