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  1. Giskard Reventlov

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    Well, destroying conquered city is not really unheard of in medieval times. Frowned upon, yes,. But it has happened. William the Conqueror basically committed genocide in the North England.
  2. No she didn't and she should have. Lol, yeah, its her fault she came to help incompetent Starks, both Jon and Sansa. Edit; So, she sent Jon to bring a zombie and went to the wall because they begged her to help them..ergo...its Jon&Sansa fault wall came down. Instead of kissing her shoes she lied to her brother just to stab Daenerys in the back and all of that because Sansa didn't like her very much. Pretty c*nty way to thank someone for saving your life.
  3. Yes, that was Danny destroying the wall in blue mask. Also it wouldn't happen if that dummy Jon Snow...of the Starks was not in trouble...again So, when someone saves your ass its polite to say thanks at least, not stab him in the back.
  4. Giskard Reventlov

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    WTF happened to Dothraki ? Should we believe that after Daenerys was murdered they did not kill Jon immediately and then went about their business ? Which is pillaging, rape, murder...etc throughout the Westeros? Instead they waited meekly for months to be transfered back to Essos,so they can go about their business there ?
  5. Giskard Reventlov

    Bran Truly Was The Best Possible Choice To Rule

    "Bran Truly Was The Best Possible Choice To Rule" - Yeah right. It's like - Google would be great president because it knows everything... And his first decision was an act of nepotism and fragmentation of the realm he is a protector of. Also, why would other Lords accept him after he let the North secede ?
  6. True, since 3: Sansa has just been ungrateful, arrogant,c*nt. She betrayed Danerys just because she didn't like her a moment after she sacrificed half her forces to defeat a NK. I really don't understand all the : awww she became a true leader..bs..bs.etc She became LF light only without refinement.
  7. Didn't she said she will bring armies..etc...only if... in that cave?
  8. Didn't Jaime send Edmur to casterly Rock (In the boks) ? Or promised him that he will if he surrenders For nothing ? For getting the help, without witch all northeners & Sansa would be zombies.
  9. Yes, not unheard of but still not very common, or at all. Westeros is very much for agnatic primogeniture in that.
  10. True, but that was 1000 years ago and its not a very common thing in Westeros. Common thing is that when male heirs die out so does the House.
  11. Giskard Reventlov

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  12. Well, yeah, that does not look well for the future.
  13. Well, important thing about Sansa the Queen is that after her, the North won't be ruled by Starks anymore. Her children won't be Starks but will bear a name of her husband. Because, of course, there are no male Starks, so in the world of Westeros it means that your House is extinct. So it would be interesting to see how that plays out.
  14. Exactly! Why would Dorne and Iron Islands stay after Northern Brexit ? And why would North separate when one Stark is the new king? And why would 6 kingdoms accept Stark without the North ?
  15. Giskard Reventlov


    Bittersh*t ?