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  1. I heard recently that if GRRM could (or should) be any character in asoiaf, it would be Samwell T. Maybe that explains his longevity in the series...
  2. Hi, thanks. Spoilers. So after GoT finale, what happened to Sam's wilding squeeze and the Craster babe-brood? Did Sam have younger siblings who're capable of running the show there after dad and Dick-on got fire blasted by Drogon? Also, isn't going from an apprentice maester to Grand Maester kind of a jump up the chain (pun intended?) of command over there at the Citadel? I'm sure it helps that your bro(ken Bran) is now King of the Andals, et al, but still... Cheers.
  3. SerShakey

    References and Homages

    Does anyone else see a physical resemblance connection with Gandalf and Ser Barristan Selmy (particularly as Artsan Whitebeard?...)? If this notion has been brought up before, I apologize: the search feature for the forums is down again :(
  4. Thanks for the detailed post (I'm the first one to say that, I know...). Does anyone have any other fun facts about the genesis of characters, places or storylines/theology in the ASoF&I series? (I wonder if Casterly Rock is not an homage to Stephen King's fictional Castle Rock, although I am not sure if the two writers know each other's work or have spoken/written publicly about the other. I wonder if any of GRRM's upbringing or other personal interactions influenced any of the characters in his saga, and if so, how?) He's probably one of the most influential writers and pop culture influencers (w/ the help of the ongoing HBO series) of the latter 20th and 21st century, and if there's any additional information regarding his writing process and the creative origins of his world in this series, it would be much appreciated if anyone could share a web link or scuttlebucket regarding this.