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  1. Great pick! Recently saw him in The Domestics and was impressed.
  2. I think Cam Gigandet would make a good Feyd Rautha. Admittedly, he'll be 37 this year but has boyish good looks and is in top notch shape. Plus he's shown throughout his career he has decent range. Any takers?
  3. @WertheadHey Wert, 

    I know you've an interest in the Revelation Space universe and have a question for you.  I just read The Last Log of the Lachrimosa short story and am unsure of what Reynolds wants the reader to infer from it (if anything).  So obviously the entity in the cave on the world Holda has stumbled onto some Inhibitor machinery and seemingly has become one with it and disabled it (?).  I find this confusing, considering nothing in the RS universe can withstand the Inhibitors' tech. I also didn't really understand the significance of the narrator, Vidra, Lenka, and Teterov.   Can you break this down for me?  I just had a hard time taking the story at face value...

    Good luck on your Hugo nomination!! It is well deserved!!


    Frey Filet/Loveable_Lenny

  4. I fully expected an appearance from Coldhands as well, what a letdown. And how do you not have a cliffhanger in a season finale?
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