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    Hello! I'm Insectile...I've lurked the forums for a few months before joining, then lurked a little longer before actually deciding to introduce myself. I mostly keep to myself on forums. HBO got me hooked to the series. Actually, what really did it was the show's opening with the gorgeous map and music. I loove maps, especially fantasy maps, and all those places looked so interesting. The opening made me instantly curious about the landscape, people, cultures, history, everything. I watched the first episode, and ordered the books online the next day. I've read them all by now, and they've exceeded my expectations :) Some of my other favorite reads are Jim Butcher's Dresden Files and Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I'm also a huge Star Trek: Deep Space 9 fan. I like other Trek series, especially TNG, but not nearly as much as I love DS9. I've probably watched the series 10 times all the way through, and if there's nothing on tv late at night when I can't sleep, I usually stick a random DS9 DVD in the player. Aside from books and tv, I'm a 24 year old female living in Pennsylvania with my boyfriend of two years. I love cats, and until recently we had two. Unfortunately, Dax passed away on Tuesday. Our other cat is a fluffy old Maine Coon named Marshmallow who likes to help me out by catching spiders and eating them. That's it! Nice to meet you.