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  1. Winter's Breath

    Could this subtle Jaime quote have serious implications?

    How do we know Jeyne Westerling will show up in the Prolog? Also, there is a theory that the Jeyne Westerling Jamie sees at Riverrun in tFoC is not the real Jeyne. Earlier Catelyen complements Jeyne on having good, wide, childbearing hips. This is mentioned multiple times, I think. Yet Jamie notes Jeyne's narrow hips, in addition to her weepiness, awkwardness, and childlike appearance. The contradiction could be nothing, or could be some other puzzle we look forward to. As to attacking a prisoner's escort, remember we still have a 1000 wolf strong wolfpack...
  2. Winter's Breath

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    We need a first hand account. There are five PoV in the north, and I think GRMM will kill some for us in the upcoming book. There are two at winterfel, Theon and Asha, and either someone dies in the battle, (which we need a PoV to verify) or someone dies later, but survives the battle. If they survived the battle, then they can give an account at the very least. GRMM will not kill two PoV off screen however. I think everyone except Ramsey makes sense at this point. Mance would die before he allowed himself to be tortured, and the letter's information could have only came from Mance or Mel. Mance could have sent the letter himself, told stannis, or told Manderly; and Mel could have faked the letter. But Ramsey, even if he believed he won or actually won the battle, could not have sent the letter. Same goes with Littlefinger, although I would not be surprised if he is involved with the northern politics somehow.
  3. Winter's Breath

    (SPOILERS) Criticise Without Reprecussion

    I almost could not finish the episode. Why two pointless scene where someone gives terms of surrender that everyone knows would be impossible? When did Theorn and Asha acquire steam ships to travel a year long voyage in a few days? What happened to the hundreds of people between Moat Catlin and Winterfel who would have seen the Vale knights marching north? How did John learn how to weave Saidin to protect him from the arrows and horses? All of the dialog actually was quite bad. John: If he was smart he would stay inside the walls of Winterfel, and wait us out Davos: Thats not his way. He knows the north is watching. if the other houses sense weakness on his part, they'd stop fearing him. He cant have that. His's fear is his power. As if staying behind a 100 foot high wall as your besiegers starve and freeze is a bad, cowardly decision. Come on. These are northmen– they understand the ferocity of winter and are not stupid. They would cheer the smart commander who makes tactically sound decisions, not loose respect for them. Also, Why Danny, would you give up part of Westeros for 100 ships? Theon and Asha are beggars at your doorstep. Pardon them for not fighting for your father, their sworn king. Promise not to kill them and keep them as leaders of the iron islands as reward for bringing ships and men. But do not let them break the Iron islands off. Your are their leige lord– by giving you support they are only doing their duty. I'll grant that the cinematography of the battle was beautiful. Yet no similar battles would have a mound of bodies, or a shield wall only five men deep that is somehow unbreakable. Large battles with capable commanders are fought over very large areas, as both sides seek to flank and out maneuver each other. So how come both sides just ran at each other headlong? Lastly, John, WTF did you do to your hair? You'r a fuk'n north man, not a sellsword. The show is no longer Game of Thrones, with subtly and foreshadowing and intrigue. This episode was violence for the sake of entertainment. If I want to see that I can watch a Marvel movie. The only plus was that Ramsey is finally dead.