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    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Dagmer has some of the nuts Rickon was eating - probably what they were getting the hounds to sniff and track... i don't think he found them there.. he had them with him... but the idea of using the millers kids to prevent Theon losing face presented itself and he dropped the hint to Theon...
  2. It was an interesting episode but the Harrenhall plot is now a bit of a mystery to me (although it was a bit messy in the books too so understandable). I think they will have to introduce the Bloody Mummers and the Reeds at some point soon, even if it happens a bit later than in the books or i'm worried we may miss out on some quality scenes later down the line, e.g... There was a lot of the story i felt was very true to the books... which was nice. LF as a master manipulator is more vividly expressed in the show and it took me a while to get over the lack of subtelty that i'm used to in the books but i understand now... Sam Tarley is not anywhere near as annoying as he is in the first season and the books... which is amazing that D&D have picked up on this... Samwise Gamgee from LoTR films was an awful adaptation from the books and i hated the pathetic character he became - so badly i don't watch the films any more because any scene with him in gets skipped... Sam Tarley was heading that way but thankfully D&D saw the error in that... Things i don't get: The Vault. Don't get the angle here unless it is to tempt Dany's greed. A character integrity-challenge of sorts... that could potentially drive Dany away from Qarth.. Bronn - still wearing his scruffy sellsword clothes... Shouldn't he be larging it up as head of the Gold Cloaks and looking pimp? ...since that was a new thing introduced a couple of episodes back? - or was that Tyrion decision over-ruled without us knowing about it? Did the Pyromancer mention about how Wildfire works better now? i don't recall that... Dagmer Cleftjaw is an old legend and close family friend of the Greyjoys :( They could have at least made an effort with a facial scar... doesn't bode well for later war scars that characters suffer... Jons Ghost dream... i can see why it would be both confusing and expensive to do... but the Fist of the First men scene was very very weak because of it... No Obsidian, No Horn, No Hellcrow, No suggestion of a connection between Jon and Ghost... No hint of sneaky tree people hiding in the background for people to wonder about... The magic was literally lost from that scene... So far i'm a bit disappointed not to have seen Lightbringer \ the Hellcrow and Edric Storm - Storm's End. D&D really did make a massive cock-up with the Melisandre birthing scene and the shadow sneaking through the bars - how the hell can anyone ever make any sense of that... book reader or not? :(