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  1. Now that Gurkhul is a busted flush (at least, until one of Uthman's sons emerges victorious) it would be interesting to see Khalul try to take control of the Union, via the Inquisition. It was interesting as well to see that the Union did not suffer total defeat in Styria, after all.
  2. On that note, I've made the mistake of arguing with people on Quora who really do think that using force to free slaves is immoral, and that the slave dealers of Slavers Bay are in the right. In one sense, it's great to see them running about in the wild, but still a bit disturbing to hear arguments that haven't seriously been made for 150 years.
  3. Well, he did act with gusto. When you perform karaoke, you have to do it with conviction, and while his "evil men" speech was a rotten piece of sophistry from start to finish, and "who has the best story?" was stupid, he did deliver both with aplomb.
  4. Fortunately, they didn't win much, and I'm very pleased that D & D got nothing for the pile of faeces called The Iron Throne.,
  5. Obviously, I'm very happy that D & D themselves won nothing. I was in two minds about Emilia Clarke and the other actors. On the one hand, I wanted them to be rewarded for having to perform to such appalling scripts. On the other, I didn't want the series to be endorsed. In the end, two awards is far fewer than expected, so that is to the good.
  6. Thank the Lord that the Iron Throne did not win. D & D lost on both directing and writing. Fingers crossed AGOT doesn't win Best Series Edit: Dammit.
  7. I think it's very good. It's unusual to have heroine who's a corrupt alcoholic, ba
  8. I think the Industrial Revolution is perhaps too rapid. 100 years of economic development takes place over 30 years (in the modern world, an industrial revolution can take place very rapidly, in East Asia, for example, but that would be done by borrowing existing technology and know-how). But, in general, I find that part of the plot fascinating. I really enjoy seeing economic issues addressed in fantasy, which is unusual. I also like the way that while you pull no punches in describing the injustices in Valbeck, you don't make all the workers into saints, nor all the better off into villains.
  9. I hate to wait so long, but pleasure deferred is pleasure enhanced.
  10. The huge influx of refugees would be a factor that both causes unemployment, and drives up prices. I expect too that in the early years of the industrial revolution in the Union, you'd have wild booms, followed by very sharp recessions, which would cause cyclical unemployment.
  11. I'm not suggesting she would ever feel sorry for them. But, she's an intelligent woman. Just as her father realised that he couldn't hold Dagoska if 80% of the population were treated like shit, she might come to realise that things have to change if she wants them to stay the same. In real life, that's why many rich and powerful people accept reforms, not from the goodness of their hearts.
  12. I didn't get the impression that Savine wanted to be more ruthless towards the workers. She's certainly not a nice person, but I was getting the impression that seeing at first hand, both the conditions in Vallimir's factory, and the living standards of the poor, were helping her to realise there are limits to how far you can push people. Any intelligent capitalist can grasp that reform is preferable to being strung up.
  13. Does anyone else have the impression that Zuri is an Eater?
  14. Yes, I did wonder if Old Baldhead had something to do with it. Obviously, he doesn't want the revolt to succeed, but he has some purpose of his own in stirring things up.
  15. There are wheels within wheels. I skipped to the end. I hope there's a special place in hell for Clover. I must say, I rather like Terez in this, and Orso's relationship with her. "When it came to naked women, his mother was quite the connoisseur".
  16. I loved the revelation about Superior Risinau. I guess he was a brutal inquisitor (hence Glokta's belief in his loyalty) but then underwent a conversion. Vallimir's factory is hell on earth. Unfortunately, everything that takes place there takes place in real life.
  17. Interesting revelation about Vik Dan Teuffel. Enjoying it so far.
  18. SeanF

    How would you have ended it?

    Yeh. If they wanted to have Daenerys acting like Timur the Lame at the end, then show her becoming Timur the Lame in Seasons 6 and 7. Killing a few slave masters, the Tarlys, and Dothraki Khals, and giving a couple of fiery speeches, does not Timur the Lame make. They could have really shown her at the end of Season 6 burning Yunkai to the ground, massacring prisoners, and leaving a pyramid of human heads behind her. And, then follow it up with her burning towns and villages that support Cersei in Season 7. It wouldn't even have damaged her popularity; most fans would just say it proved what a badass she was.
  19. SeanF

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I've no doubt that Daenerys' reputation will be terrible by the time she reaches Westeros. Murderer of her brother and husband;. Instigator of slave revolts and religious conflict in the East (people may disapprove of slavery, but nobles will sympathise with Eastern nobles who flee across the Narrow Sea). Her sex life is already being used to trash her reputation in ADWD. She will indeed be viewed as a whore. And, she'll be leading an army of Dothraki, Unsullied, Ironborn, and sellswords. So, I think the show got right just how unpopular she will be among the lords and ladies of Westeros. I'm sure Sansa would be disgusted by her.
  20. SeanF

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    She might be receiving genuine visions from Qaithe. Dany is so surrounded by magic and the supernatural that it's impossible to tell what's magic, and what's madness. Likewise, her hallucinations at the end. Are they caused by sunstroke and poisoning, or are they a sign of mental illness?
  21. SeanF

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Master Kraznys had it coming.
  22. I'd love to know what Pike really thinks of Glokta.