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  1. What I want is a narrative justification, for burning Kings Landing. Not "being triggered by bells" or "she was always evil". People always have a reason for burning cities. That reason may be entirely rational - to induce other cities to surrender, or to deny them to the enemy - even if it's horrible. Or it may be based on some terrible ideology - the city is inhabited by heretics, or a hated ethnic group. But, there's a reason. Dany could have been losing the fight on the ground, and left with no choice but to unleash Drogon if she wanted to win; or she could have accepted a surrender, only for a bolt to go off, leading her to conclude it was another act of treachery, or the fires could run out of control. Those would all have made sense, but would mean she remained a grey character, rather than turning into Satan.
  2. SeanF

    Dany and child murder

    Regarding the crucifixion of the 163 Great Master, it was in response to the crucifixion of children. Yes, she should have investigated each case, but let's not kid ourselves that anyone else would have let the Great Masters off with a beheading.
  3. SeanF

    Dany and child murder

    There's a point that's often overlooked about Dany's anti-slavery campaign. If it wasn't her, it would be someone else. Essos is not a stable continent. The Dothraki raid each other and neighbouring societies endlessly in the hunt for slaves to sell to the cities. Pirates raid shipping and coastal areas for slaves. Tens of thousands of free people get enslaved every year. Cities like Volantis and Qarth are in decline, for all of their wealth. Other cities now lie in ruins. If and when this system goes, it will benefit free people as well as the slaves. Essos is violent and unstable, and the violence and stability is fuelled by the endless hunt for slaves. Dany is simply a catalyst for change.
  4. SeanF

    Dany and child murder

    Astapor was where she saw how the sausage was made, so to speak. Kraznys took great delight in explaining the evil to Daenerys. So, had she arrived, and seen well-treated, content, slaves, I doubt if she would have done anything.
  5. I have a sense that the show runners were starting to go there in Season 5, where Dany started to get pretty nasty towards the native Meereenese. But, then they backed off completely in Seasons 6 and 7. No one's going to persuade me that killing some rapist Khals and executing the Tarlys, and a couple of bloodthirsty speeches, are signs that Dany is becoming a genocidal tyrant. It would actually have been quite easy to show her following through on her threats to Yunkai, and burning the city down, while slaughtering the inhabitants, or carrying out atrocities against the inhabitants of Westeros who wouldn't accept her rule. The cynic in me believes that Emilia Clarke/Daenerys had become too much of a cash generator by that point.
  6. I don't think it's the burning of Kings Landing that will do it. If we want to see Dany breaking bad, it will be during the conquest of Western Essos. That's what was missing from the series. If you want a character to act like Timur the Lame, then establish that they act like Timur the Lame. That may still make Dany an antiheroine, a grey hat, but still an antagonist to the Starks
  7. SeanF

    Who got the most screwed over

    Tyrion got screwed over. In the books, he's Richard III. After Season 4 of the Show, he becomes Saint Tyrion the Perfect, despite being totally incompetent.
  8. SeanF

    Dany and child murder

    1. Yes 2. Hard to say. Some people would likely be involved in slave management by the age of 12. 3. and 4 . Up to a point. But, in this world, 12 will be well past the age of criminal responsibility. There will be 12 years olds serving in armies, sitting on juries etc. 5. Yes, although she performed a forcible abortion on Daenerys.
  9. I think that would make sense if she had suffered another setback, say the Golden Company is beating back her forces. It doesn't make much sense for someone who has just won a triumphant victory.
  10. In a medieval world Dany would be seen as stupid, for destroying her capital city, rather than immoral. The show runners have failed to come up with any plausible reason why she would have destroyed her own capital city.,
  11. SeanF

    Targs and starks

    The Targaryens have a kind of rock-star quality. The Starks have dour ruthlessness and cunning.
  12. SeanF

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    The problem that any Tories for Corbyn would have is that they would not just be ending their political careers, but also ending lifelong friendships. That last point is often overlooked, when people wonder why MP's won't just switch to their side.
  13. In the books, there is quite a lot of evidence that the Targaryens are remembered with affection, both among the Smallfolk and some nobles. I think a Targaryen restoration will attract a lot of support, but it will go to Aegon, not Daenerys.
  14. Well, attractive powerful women are predatory harpies who corrupt men through sex. That's the only way they can get into power. It is known.
  15. Torching the whole of Kings Landing was plainly wrong. But, for the life of me, I can't see what's wrong with torching the Red Keep. It's an entirely legitimate military target.
  16. SeanF

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Under Heaven is really really good.
  17. I do wonder what is the socially correct response when someone threatens to cut your child out of your stomach.
  18. So, doesn't that mean the show was a load of gibberish?
  19. I think he'd have to write the Ladybird guide to his stories, for them to understand them.
  20. And she suffers those losses because she lets Tyrion and others talk her out of her battle plan - namely to fly to the Red Keep and incinerate it. That would have finished the war against Cersei in 30 minutes. In real life (let alone in a medieval setting) no one would object to something so obviously sensible.
  21. There is something a little odd about Dany's reaction. Many people would be delighted that the person who had just threatened to kill them, after years of abuse, had been killed, brother or not. But, I took her reaction to be that of someone in a state of complete shock, not someone who had been plotting to get rid of her brother. Benioff is lying to the audience.
  22. So, why was there ever any need to worry about the White Walkers, at all? If they can't get past the Wall, without Viserion, then they're never going to be a threat to humanity. Jon Snow was plainly an idiot to ask Dany to come North, or to mine dragon glass, or at attempt to capture a wight, or even to warn people about the White Walkers in the first place. Yet, that would seem to me to go against the main thrust of the series. In reality, I think they would have found a way through, or past the Wall, with or without Viserion.