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  1. 1 hour ago, Gaston de Foix said:


    There is more to Risinau's conversion than we have seen. I personally think it's Pike who is the Weaver, our worm in the apple, trying to overthrow the Union from within. 

    There are wheels within wheels.  

    I skipped to the end.  I hope there's a special place in hell for Clover.

    I must say, I rather like Terez in this, and Orso's relationship with her.  "When it came to naked women, his mother was quite the connoisseur".

  2. 9 hours ago, Jabar of House Titan said:

    You need rewrite the last two seasons to make the end of the story work. Maybe even the last four.

    The biggest mistake the creators made was to not make the truth about Jon being a trueborn Targaryen and the legal heir to the Iron Throne relevant.

    The second biggest mistake is excluding Aegon.

    The third biggest mistake is not having Daenerys do or think villainous things that make sense and further her goals in Westeros or Essos. If you get that out of the way before her arrival in Westeros, then people like Sansa, the Tarlys, Varys and even Cersei have legitimate concerns.

    That's a nice spin.

    It won't end like that in the books but I like this ending.

    Yeh.  If they wanted to have Daenerys acting like Timur the Lame at the end, then show her becoming Timur the Lame in Seasons 6 and 7.

    Killing a few slave masters, the Tarlys, and Dothraki Khals, and giving a couple of fiery speeches, does not Timur the Lame make.  They could have really shown her at the end of Season 6 burning Yunkai to the ground, massacring prisoners, and leaving a pyramid of human heads behind her. And, then follow it up with her burning towns and villages that support Cersei in Season 7.  It wouldn't even have damaged her popularity;  most fans  would just say it proved what a badass she was. 

  3. I've no doubt that Daenerys' reputation will be terrible by the time she reaches Westeros.  Murderer of her brother and husband;. Instigator of slave revolts and religious conflict in the East (people may disapprove of slavery, but nobles will sympathise with Eastern nobles who flee across the Narrow Sea).  Her sex life is already being used to trash her reputation in ADWD.  She will indeed be viewed as a whore.  And, she'll be leading an army of Dothraki, Unsullied, Ironborn, and sellswords.

    So, I think the show got right just how unpopular she will be among the lords and ladies of Westeros.  I'm sure Sansa would be disgusted by her.

  4. 1 hour ago, Le Cygne said:

    They are still favored to win best drama, directing, supporting actor. The Iron Throne is 3rd in the running for best writing, it could win, too.


    The articles will be fun. This is funny:

    Despite much fan derision, Game of Thrones took home three Emmys early Sunday for the episode “The Long Night”: Sound Mixing, Score and Music Composition. Given that fans complained they couldn’t see the episode since it was so dark, it perhaps makes sense that so far it’s won for aural attributes.


    32% on Rotten Tomatoes is a better gauge of its quality.

  5. 1 hour ago, DisneyDoc2425 said:

    In addition IMHO we also will see Daenerys' mental state become increasingly more paranoid in TWoW. She hallucinated on two occasions in ADwD with the most significant episode IMHO being a "visitation" from Quaithe while Danny was awake in her quarters in Meereen. Quaithe was clearly not really there bodily. IMHO Daenerys will see future "visitations" (hallucinations) from Quaithe warning her about individuals being out to betray her which will over time cause Daenerys to develop increasing paranoia. Paranoia combined with "I am the blood of the dragon" self-righteous grandiosity (even with possibly some good intentions) is a prescription for ultimate disaster. This is likely to be another deception for readers as the warnings from Quaithe will be interpreted by many as being helpful to Daenerys but ultimately will result in paranoia developing and  building up to have the opposite effect.  Just some thoughts I have. 

    She might be receiving genuine visions from Qaithe.  Dany is so surrounded by magic and the supernatural that it's impossible to tell what's magic, and what's madness.

    Likewise, her hallucinations at the end.  Are they caused by sunstroke and poisoning, or are they a sign of mental illness? 

  6. 32 minutes ago, BalerionTheCat said:

    Westeros return was looking bad for Dany since ADwD. She'll bring dothrakis savages and rapists. She'll be the master of eunuchs slaves. She'll bring R'hllor and red priests, against fAegon, engineered to win Westeros religion support, noble, poor and pious all. She'll bring still more slaves and mouths to feed in a time of winter. At least a part of the Iron Born will be with her too, the other slavers and rapists. Maybe the Pale Mare too.

    She never had worthy counselors too. Only fools and betrayer. The only one worthy, Jorah, she fired. She started her own path to betrayal with Kraznys mo Nakloz.

    Master Kraznys had it coming.

  7. 13 hours ago, Crazydog7 said:


    Yes the girl who was Superior Pike's "Daughter" who incidentally is now the last survivor of that little group and is the only one who knows what really happened to Crown Prince spoiled man child.  Damn I wish I could read it now but I preordered my copy on Amazon almost 6 months ago.  Anyway there seems to be something of a first name crisis in the Union

    I'd love to know what Pike really thinks of Glokta.

  8. I don't think one can take Sophie Turner's comments as implying anything about Sansa's fate in the books.

    I've never really come to a conclusion as to why Elizabeth I failed to marry.  Granted, the love of her life was Robert Dudley, and there were various reasons why they could not marry, but I'm surprised that she did not wish to continue the Tudor dynasty.

    I think that it would be very important to Sansa to keep the Stark name in existence, and there are no close relatives who could simply be adopted as Starks. She would surely marry to continue the dynasty.  

  9. 42 minutes ago, Varysblackfyre321 said:

    I do not doubt pre-Temple Cosca would slit a child’s throat in a second for a gold coin or two.  Remember, he very much was in selling children into slavery-to which they’d be likely beaten, raped, and yes murdered.

    He’s been a monster longer than he’s known Temple. But here’s the thing; Temple met up with Cosca when he was at a “high” point. He could impress and memorize those around him when he’s like this. The Cosca we see in Red country Joe is decaying. Not morally speaking. But in terms of prestige. He’s sickly, graying, pathetically enlisting some lickspittle writer to make up some bs stories about him him.

    Though I think Temple’s change in Perspective of Cosca has more shifts in himself.

    When Cosca met Temple the man was lost. Everything he’s known and loved had been stripped away and Cosca gave a youthful Temple a purpose and a sense of place.

    Cosca points out how he’s massacred people before sometimes in indirect response to the Advice Temple gave.

    I see Temple saying Temple reminiscing about Cosca used to being better as viewing the past with Rose tinted glasses. 

    On reflection, you're probably right.

  10. 14 hours ago, Le Cygne said:

    You could overlay lines saying anything, including the opposite of everything they did in season 8 (they just pretend those lines never happened).

    They tell, not show. And they change what they tell on a dime. It's just a chaotic mess, the show can't even be considered a story at all.

    (And of course, what they tell is toxic. The plots are nonsense, not only out of character for the characters but for any human being.)

    The messages they give are that rape makes you stronger;. Being a sex slave is fun;. Fighting injustice makes you as bad as the people you fight against;. cruelty is badass;. Honour is stupid etc.

  11. 5 hours ago, HelenaExMachina said:

    Finished my Red Country reread. More enjoyable second time around, loved all the cameos. Kind of sad to see how Cosca is in this. He was always a detestable bastard but in earlier books it was in a more humorous way. In this one he is despicable

    Wasn't he just?  I think Temple mentioned how he had got worse.  I don't think the earlier Cosca would have been a child murderer.

    I wonder why he gave up being Duke of Visserine.  He probably decided it was too much hard work, and sold the city to Monza.

  12. 11 hours ago, Le Cygne said:

    Article I hadn't seen before:

    For as long as it had George RR Martin’s novels to follow, the series triumphed. The farther it ran ahead of its creator, the worse it became. Its defenders dismiss hundreds of thousands of disappointed viewers as entitled snowflakes.

    Can’t they see that the seeds of Daenerys’s genocidal character were sown over several seasons? Don’t they accept that the battle scenes were brilliant, and that the sack of King’s Landing brought the war crimes of the medieval world to life? Like teachers giving a reading list, they refer you to old episodes to prove the rightness of their strictures. They reveal nothing more than their ignorance of fiction. It is not right or wrong but true or false, and if a story feels false to a large enough section of the audience, the artistic project collapses.

    GoT ought to stand alongside Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings as a great fantasy. (I don’t use the genre term dismissively: these are our myths, which will survive after most literary fiction is forgotten.) Yet how many readers have fallen for and fallen into Tolkien and Rowling’s worlds, only to let out a disbelieving protest in the final pages? “Gollum would never have stumbled with the ring into Mount Doom?” “Voldemort’s death makes no sense.”...

    Weiss and Benioff... cannot get their story to make sense.


    I've always been someone who would be quite content for Dany's character arc to end in the shadows, but I'd think it would be seriously bad writing for it to take place in the last 50 pages of ADOS.

    And the idea that her "coldness" at Viseys death, or killing the Good Masters at Astapor, or Khals who were debating whether to imprison her, rape her, or sell her to Yunkai, was a sign of her becoming evil, is terrible retconning.

    Despite what D & D claim, I'm not convinced they decided to vilify her before Season 8.  They would surely have told Emilia Clarke if that was the case.

  13. 13 hours ago, Rose of Red Lake said:

    Nobody is saying the Yunkish is the wronged party. That's an ad hominem argument that attempts to turn anyone who criticizes Daenerys into a slavery sympathizer.

    What Daenerys wants to do is always unnecessary overkill, and involves the MOST amount of casualties, and is also the most harsh. You know who else went with the most harsh option? Joffrey. 

    Tyrion had to tell her the obvious, you don't have to burn cities, we just have to attack their ships and threaten their leaders. 

    Destroying the Red Keep at the start of Season 7, would have saved lives, overall.  Butchering the Wise Masters of Yunkai, as soon as they resumed slaving, would have saved lives, because they would not have attacked Meereen.  Sometimes, showing mercy to your enemies comes back to bite you.

    Dany, as portrayed in the show, is someone who believes in an eye for an eye.

    One of the contrasts between the show the books is that in the latter, it's usually Dany's advisors who advocate brutality, while she favours restraint.  And critics (and her advisors) tend to view her policy of conciliation in Meereen as rank stupidity.

  14. 7 hours ago, WolfOfWinter said:

    Dany will win the battle but Aegon will win the war. Killing him will destroy Dany, emotionally as well as politically. Jaime's still loathed 18 years later for killing a mad king. Dany killing a beloved and competent king who's also her nephew after supposedly killing her own brother and husband? She's so fucked.

    The show has proven more than anything how important fAegon is to the overall story. 

    I doubt if he is truly her nephew, but I expect that she will be widely condemned for his and Arianne's deaths.  And, you're right, she'll be blamed for the death of Viserys.  Add to that, slave revolts, religious wars being conducted in her name, and her reputation will be terrifying.  

    Arianne's death is foreshadowed by "Nymeria burned as bright as any man, and so shall I" IMHO.

  15. On 9 September 2019 at 1:50 AM, Le Cygne said:

    Yeah, very bad numbers. And it's an ending that the more it's remembered, the worse it gets. The only remedy is to forget.

    Only the 414 who watched the whole season were asked about season 8 in that poll, and only 24% were very satisfied. And most were not interested in what's next from Benioff and Weiss.

    Also spotting other polls at 60% dissatisfied, I think that's more like it. But they'll win the Emmys because they had the most viewers, and that's how the voting goes now.

    Whereas, I think you'd likely have 75% + saying Very Satisfied for Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, despite controversy over the endings.  There's not much controversy over the ending of A Game of Thrones.  The critical consensus is that it was crap.  It got a rating of 4.2.on IMDB.  if D & D thought they'd produced something good, they'd be doing victory laps at every fan event.

  16. Here we go again.

    If people were trying to burn my own city to the ground, in breach of a treaty, (and Dany's detractors deliberately  omit that inconvenient fact) I'd contemplate paying them back in kind.  Critics of Daenerys treat the Yunkish and their allies as the wronged party in Season 6, episode 9.  The reverse is true.

    War involves killing, or threatening to kill one's enemies and their leaders.  The Starks do it, the Tyrells do it, the Baratheons do it, and Daenerys does it.  She fits in to this world.


  17. 1 hour ago, Rose of Red Lake said:

    The betrayal didnt start with Randyll, he just sided with the people who weren't invading the country with Dothraki. I dont really care if Dany kills him but its pretty clear that he's not going to be a stock villain, because in the books he's rebuilding Maidenpool and making it safe for the small folk, and they are grateful. Dany will surely put a stop to this heinous traitor's madness.

    I expect Tarly's story will be very different in the books.  He'll stand or fall with the Tyrells.  It's FAegon's invasion he'll be fighting.

  18. You don't win wars by being nice.  You win them by burning shit to the ground.  Tyrion's advice caused terrible harm.

    Even in our and age, no general would hesitate to use drones and bombers on the Red Keep.  

    Tarly sided with a woman who murdered his queen and liege Lord. Then he sacked his castle, slaughtered his comrades, and his lord's mother was forced to drink poison.  That is dreadful conduct in any time and place.  Dickon's conversation with Jaime showed he knew what he did was wrong.

    Varys (who had no compunction about committing murder prior to this point) getting upset about the Tarlys is a silly plot device).