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  1. It was ignorant. If I want stereotypes, I can talk to my father. You are also wrong about part B. Revolutionary China used a rainbow flag during the rebellion against the Qing Dynasty, in order to represent racial and religious inclusiveness. In Chile/Peru/Bolivia the Aymara indians and many other groups use a rainbow flag. I think it has both religious meaning and racial inclusiveness as its point. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Races_Under_One_Union
  2. My apologies if someone has already noticed this: In "The Prince", Chapter 18, Machiavelli states that a ruler should be "a lion to terrify wolves" and that a lion is above the law - and uses force to get what it wants rather than law. http://www.constitution.org/mac/prince18.htm
  3. I am a book reader, however I am not as doctrinaire as some other posters on the forms are. It is clear to me that there is room for the TV show to be its own artistic creation and even improve on the original books. I think the inclusion of a greater role for Osha was one such improvement over the books. That said, I think this episode had some problems: 1. The Volantine girl that may or may not replace Jayne Westerning is obnoxious as hell. If I were a lord who just won a battle, the last thing I´d want to hear is a random nurse bitching at me. Yes, my army injured him, just like he would have done to me, if he had the chance. 1a. In defence of the annoying nurse woman, she is there to point out to the audience in explicit terms that Robb´s excellent military skills are not complimented by political skills. He is in many ways the mirror opposite of Tywin Lannister. Robb wins all battles but loses the war, whereas Tywin loses practically all the battles but wins big. Why? Robb dosen´t have a clear political vision about what he wants. He can kill Lannisters all day, but ultimately he has to decide what the point of all this is: install a new king? Become king? choose someone else? He never does this in a satisfactory way, and it bites him in the ass big time. 2a. She could be lying about being a Volantine and is just Jayne Westerling in thin disguise. Her mother was Volantine if I remember correctly. She also did not answer what side she is on. Anyway, whoever she is, she acts like a rebellious teen from the late 1990s. Obnoxious brat. I actually might become a Fray/Bolton supporter. 2. The Joffrey Torture scene - Not needed. Even Bronn already knows he´s a cunt. The scene itself was well done in that it caused me to cringe, but to what effect? We all KNOW Joff is a real cunt. He just spent some time publicly humiliating his bride to be. 3. Could have seen a little more of the inside of Qarth. Seems like we spent an eternity outside looking in. Positive side: Renly: Is he a ham? I LOL´d. Bolton: Creepy, with a low, smooth voice. Just as he should be. Tywin being practical: I can´t see him caring about smallfolk so much, but then he has a rep for running a tight ship, which to him might logically come first in his list of priorities. I do not think its a big deal for Arya to be a cup bearer a little faster. It moves the story along just fine. Shadow baby: It´s a fucking shadow baby!!! What´s not to like.
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