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  1. They wrote themselves into this mess and it would be a surprise if they write themselves out of it. I suspect they will just dig themselves a deeper hole with the rape baby storyline they probably have lined up for next year. It will be interesting to see which side of Roe v Wade they fall on. However given we still definitely have Jon's stabbing, the Walk and probably Shireen being burnt to death, I think everyone can have their fill from the forthcoming controversy buffet.
  2. Yep there was a lot of foreshadowing in the book only the child is unlikely to be a product or rape or Ramsay Bolton's.
  3. Oh dear God that is probably why Mel is going with Stannis: so she can comfort Jeyansa after her escape. D&D should be worried if they do....they Greeks really know how to do revenge. Also, Troy: bloody awful film.
  4. This is a very important point. Whilst there still are many problems with rape and society's response in regards to women, it is abysmal in response to men. The lack of support for male victims is terrible. People's attitudes are also much more negative or willing to deny it such as the lack of comment on Tommen and Marg in general (it is at least being discussed here).
  5. Fingers crossed! I suspect that whole same destination thing is the same as two people setting off from Japan and arriving in LA only one arrives at a port after a voyage across the Pacific with many stops on route and the other flies into LAX. Technically they have both made it to the same destination but the journey and the exact details of arrival are very different.
  6. Well she will need to do something next season: since she has no Vale plot the Ramsmary's Baby plot seems bloody likely especially if other characters can be horrible to her about it. Indeed between that and trying to persuade Stannis not to kill Theon because he's a good guy really....because suffering abuse from the same person totally makes you forgive the fact they basically started the downward spiral for your brother and mother, murdered your retainers and friends, pretended to kill your younger brothers necessitating them to go into hiding and then burnt your home to the ground I don't think she'll have time for anything else. But never fear she will get the great ending of Tyrion swooping in to take her back and her being overjoyed and grateful to him, probably apologise to him too for not being happier with her forced marriage etc. Sorry this is crackpot but I would now put money on it that that is roughly where they are heading with their Jeyansa story. If not, I will be very pleasantly surprised!
  7. Not to mention the conversation between Jaime and Edmure "She is carrying my child." No, thought Jaime that's your death she has growing in her belly. Genna Lannister too says Edmure needs to go and that Roslin's child will be fine if it is a girl as they can marry her to their heir ensuring legitimacy for House Frey.
  8. Well so far this season I do not believe we have seen any loss of cocks. There was quite a lot of disgust with the endless Theon torture porn at the time. However you are right about double standards. If we are to have awful additional storylines for the female character why not have it for some of the male ones too.
  9. Because there are so many reasons why this scene was a bad idea we maybe talking at cross purposes about different things. I have objections when these type of scenes are used as shock value, play into unpleasant tropes, play to the nastier wishes of the dark side of fandom or when plot lines are wrung through an insanity wormhole to make them happen, all of which I think have happened in this case.
  10. Given the fact that is almost a certainty, not really. It makes her character even more tragic. She lets the child live and then the Bolton's have won: their bloodline has a direct claim to Winterfell. Even if she kills them all, she has forever linked House Stark to House Bolton. Or she kills the child (so far apart from Moontea we have not seen any abortions) and then becomes a monster with a hollow victory.
  11. Agreed. I've stated earlier in the thread why her choosing to marry Ramsay makes absolutely no sense from the character POV but the fact the writers have been planning this since season 2 when ST was a minor and have gutted her storyline and LF's to get her to this point whilst simultaneously stripping the Winterfell plot of all its other elements seems to suggest the scene was about wanting her character to experience rape at the hands of Ramsay.
  12. Defending a fictional rape is still making excuses for it. Here is another couple of examples to add to those above: "She knew what she was getting into" "She went home with him, what did she expect to happen" Variations of both of these as well as the good old, but there is no rape in marriage excuse have been flying around the comments sections of numerous articles. We can even go back to when book readers were discussing the original Jeyne scene describing it as partly her fault for not fighting back or trying to find a way to escape. The nasty old trope of not resisting meaning it is partly the victim's fault.
  13. No sadly it it is a testament to the kind of awful rape apology we have seen on the Internet regarding this episode that it could be taken seriously.
  14. Defending apologists with Strawman arguements, well there's a surprise. The major problem with her article is that it only tackled a very small section with what was wrong with that scene. Her first statement about counter arguements being weak because there are so many is a terrible Strawman. It is not as if people are putting an arguement forward and when it is debunked and they are trying something else, but that there are so many bloody arguements against the scene, most of which she is ignoring btw. Very few people I have seen write about this are upset there was a rape on TV and yet that is one of the main accusations against those who are horrified by the scene. Honestly it comes across as a woman who just does not like Sansa's character because she is feminine. A bit of a 'Break the Cutie' trope advocate.
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