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  1. Zar Lannister

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

  2. Zar Lannister

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Wait I got a magnet two days ago! Is that from my SS? Im about to turn the coffee into Cold Brew by the way.
  3. Zar Lannister

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    OKAY SO... After some investigations to decide whether or not the surplus of goods in the mailbox did indeed belong to SS or a decoy (it’s happened ). I guess I can safely assume that the arrival of A pound of Pike Roast Starbucks Coffee and A Platinum Sinatra (:love:) cd are from my SS. Lany refuses to confirm or deny and I don’t have many clues to who my SS is because WELL, customs took the invoices . So... thank you SS! Your gifts are appreciated.
  4. Zar Lannister

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Questionnaire 1 Questionnaire: Favorite Type of Food (i.e. Italian, Mexican, McDonald's, Burger King, etc): Italian, and Spanish Favorite Scent (i.e. Fruity, Vanilla, Flowery, etc): Clean Linen, Pine, Woodsy... Favorite Hobby (i.e. Scrap booking, Photography, things you collect, etc): Reading. Favorite books or types (romance, true store, mystery or just one you would like): Mostly Non-Fiction, or classics. Favorite animal: Dog. Favorite movies or ty-es (romance, comedy or just a DVD/VHS you would like): Drama. I don't have a current desire for any movies though. I like Indie Films but I'm a bit picky. Well, I also like collecting Academy Award Winners to Best Picture. Sadly I'm not home so I don't have my full collection of movies here, but it's a safe bet I don't have any of the 90's winners. Favorite Music Artist/Type or a CD you would like: Eh, not really, tbh. BUUUUUUUUUUT... I just got (2017) a vinyl player... I COULD actually enjoy a couple of Vinyls... I don't have ANY (in English)... so anything in this department works. Sinatra, Nat King Cole would work (I'm a sucker for the Rat Pack), Christmas Music would work... The Beatles would work... There's a couple of other musicians that would work in fact... and it doesn't have to be a NEW vinyl, like, if you're in one of those places where one can procure a good old working old vinyl in good condition I'd be more than happy! Do you collect anything? Ornaments with a story (classic Christmas themed), and Freezer Magnets from around the world. Is there anything (not expensive) you want or need? See the Vinyl section above. Also, if you live in an area with a Nice Coffee Roaster (like Irving Farms, Intelligentsia, Stumptown, there are a few across the pond too if you're there), or you can order coffee beans, that's also a nice gift. Anything that's not from my home turf is nice. Lany can tell you more about that. What is your favorite: a. Color? Blue b. Type of candy? Chocolate. But it would probably melt given I forward my mail from abroad, so I don't suggest it. c. Type of munchie? I'm actually not that much of a munchie person anymore. Salted Nuts? Beef Jerky (oh my God talk to Lany about the person that makes the Beef Jerky that's a member of the board). <- Sadly I heard she sold her business (I mean I'm happy she made a profit! But sad because it was soooo good). d. Puzzle to do? No puzzles please, I don't have that much free time anymore! I mostly use my barely free time to read and do some studying, so the Puzzles just remain there lingering until they make themselves, which won't happen <.< Do you collect anything for Christmas? (i.e. certain types of ornaments, nativities, snowmen...etc.). Any catholic religious themed ornaments are welcome. Lany gave me one for a secret santa which was one of my favorite all time ornaments. She can give you tips. It was a LiBien hand painted ornament with a scene of the Nativity. I kind of collect ornaments with a story; the idea is when you look at an ornament and ask about it you might learn what it was about. So the Christmas tree in this house is somewhat of a small talk generator when guests are over. It's always fun. What type of hobbies do you have? Reading, mostly. I read a lot. But I tend to be focused into certain types of reads and I'm a bit fickle there being honest, but clothbound / hardcover classics are always appreciated (Koba gave me the Canterbury Tales in clothbound, I loved it, Helena gave me Dracula and Frankestein (Mary Shelley's book is sooo good, still have to catch up reading on these but these have all been great!). I have Wuthering Heights and Confessions of St. Augustine in Clothbound Editions too. I also have GoT in Clothbound, the 75th Anniversary Edition of the Hobbit... a couple of hardbound books with the golden borders... I have a Collection of selected writings from Guy de Maupaissant, among other things... I like books as you can see. You can make a safe bet in this department. If you were going to theme Christmas with just one word... what would it be? Joy! Big family Christmas with everyone down to 2nd cousins...or just immediate family in their jammies? Oh, I wish I could host a party where my second cousins could bring their neighbor's best friend. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I like hosting friends and family. It's often not that big an event but you get the idea of how open to guests I am for that time! Favorite Christmas movie and why? Eh... Does Annie Hall count? Maybe Miracle on 34th Street? :shrug: I don't think I have a favorite Christmas movie, tbh. I think I spend too much time enjoying the holiday and all that comes with it to keep tabs on movies related to it. (I don't like Elf very much, if I could say anything about it). I don't know, the entire holiday has a meaning to me. Religious or non-religious Christmas/Chaunaka/: Religious with an advent wreath and everything in between. If you could spend Christmas in any one of these places, which one would you choose and why: I'd like B, but C is also nice sans velvet (I don't like velvet... never liked touching velvet when I was little.) a. A beach on a tropical island just a few very close family or friends, be lazy and open presents and then have a non traditional dinner including Pina Coladas and BBQ shrimp, wearing swimsuits, Bermuda shorts and tank tops b. Tiny cabin in the woods, fire going, very rustic, warm and cozy with your close family and friends, wearing jeans and sweaters. c. Biltmore Estates, full regalia, all glitter and glitz, all your close family and friends, wearing black tie and velvet d. NYC Christmas, Park Avenue, last minute hustle and bustle, haute couture with a 4 course meal and champagne with 50 of your favorite people. Wearing, of course. the latest fashion favorites. Favorite Christmas music: The Rat Pack, It reminds me of cold winters and hot chocolate, the really thick type with whipped cream on top, even if I can't really eat cream anymore What is your Christmas morning like": B, kinda, might have a bit of a) depending... a. chaotic b. slow and relaxed c. organized, but fast paced d. "Christmas is HOW SOON???!!!!" e. all of the above. Name something you want but will never buy for yourself, just because you cannot see yourself being that flamboyant. ... Hmmm... a Segway? What sizes do you wear (optional answer if you would prefer to not have clothing): Hmm. Medium in Slim Fit. Regular medium doesn't sit good on me. But maybe no clothes... I mean unless you think it's something I could really use... I like really light fabric long sleeve shirts I live in a very warm country. I'm not that big a user of T-Shirts. What colors are in your home: White and some brown color that looks like a coffee drink sold at Starbucks. There's some spark of blue. Most art is black and white. What style is your home decorated in? (i.e. ethnic, country, southwestern...etc...) Eclectic maybe? Anything else your SS should know about you? Christmas is probably my favorite holiday by far. Oh, Lany will have to give you something you need to fill out so that I can get my mail forwarded from abroad (it's more reliable). Don't panic! I won't get the info... it's something customs in the DR keeps and it must go inside the box you send out for me. If you send me something from and online store, don't ask them to hide the invoice (so maybe avoid getting it gift wrapped by the store?). If that form doesn't go inside the box then customs holds my stuff until I can provide the info. It's no biggie BAI, Koba and Helena have managed it before. Do you have any wish lists? I do but it's outdated. Just follow your heart or appeal to Lany's wisdom.
  5. Zar Lannister

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Well /INNNN
  6. Thanks Zar!  Bacon, how did you know?  ;)

  7. I have passed the test. I will diminish, and go into the West with the scummers, and remain Zar. Swing by Mafiascum or the Mafia Discussion Board to catch up.

  8. Zar Lannister

    What do you Collect?

    Whose? :P Feel like Updating This: Currently Have Paperback Boxed Set (Books 1-4) Hardcover ADwD Clothbound AGoT All ASoIaF EBooks + The Dunk and Egg Stories + Dangerous Women Book Lannister KeyChain Lannister Cap Targaryen Cap House Arryn Shirt House Lannister Shirt House Martell Shirt House Tully Shirt House Lannister Scarf The Three OSTs The HBO GoT Companion Book The Unofficial GoT Cookbook The Lands of Ice and Fire Maps GoT Genesis for PC GoT RPG Game for XBox special Ed. Hand of The King Pin Littlefinger's Pin A Game of Thrones Graphic Novels 1 & 2 "A Lannister Always Pays His Debts" Shirt "My Mind is My Weapon" Shirt Things I really want: - The Baratheon & Lannister Crown (this is a Nerd Token for a Lannister fan) - The Special Edition Hardcover Books (Here's the Storm of Swords one Featuring The Lannister Lion: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Storm-Swords-Song-Fire-Book/dp/0007456352/ref=pd_sim_b_4) - The House Lannister Press Set (Wishful thinking!)
  9. Men will read all sorts of things into a knowing smile if you let them.

  10. "Any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king at all,"

    1. King Tyrion I

      King Tyrion I

      Word, Daddy Tywin.

  11. Zar Lannister

    How would you rate episode 309?

    I thought the episode was great. I do agree with TV Robb not being as charismatic as book Robb, though.
  12. I thought this was the weakest of the season so far, sadly. There were a few scenes we could do without (Robb's sexy time, Theon's sexy torture), and some of the other scenes seemed only to be there to stretch the Material until next season (the Bronn and Tyrion chatter, Margaery telling Sansa there's good about her future wedding). I just felt there wasn't as much content.
  13. Zar Lannister

    How would you rate episode 306?

    :dunno: to me, this was a sensible change; the orchestration of sending a KG to kill the HotK is not exactly cunning. An impulsive attack. It sets Cersei up for confirmation bias against Tyrion, which may play off better with her upcoming lunacy. Not really? I feel Gendry inherited book Edric and is being shipped to Dragonstone for similar reasons Edric was there. Setup to possibly interact with Davos.
  14. Zar Lannister

    How would you rate episode 306?

    Really? I thought there were good moments, like the "Boy's" characterization was very good. I thought the change of pulling information from Theon's storyline from Dance into this season was correct (it's also the sensible monetary decision, giving Alfie a 2 year vacation to have him recount his misadventures while away is not as attractive visually as it is reading about it). Thought Tywin and Lady Olenna excelled even if their interactions weren't cannon. Served to see how two players play their cards just like the Varys/LF scene.
  15. Zar Lannister

    How would you rate episode 305?

    I think this is spot on. Jaime's scenes were excellent. I thought the Tywin debacle made Tyrion seem not as sharp, but otherwise I was pleased with the outcome minus the differences in Loras pointed out.