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  1. Now I’m going to have to go back and look for dillahunt in the crowd. I enjoyed the closure of it and of course I wish there were more. Some parts seemed hasty but it was nice to get that last 30 min. Farnum using the phone was probably my favorite part.
  2. Just popping in to say helloooooo! How is everyone doing? does anyone still go to chat?
  3. I’ve never heard of this I’ll have to check it out! I haven’t seen this. I never finished ceg so maybe I should get on that. Little O is doing so well. He has a teacher that actually supports him this year and he has really done so well with her. His teacher last year pretty much bullied him. She was horrible. He’s doing well in piano and jiu jitsu/wrestling. We have a few neighbors that have kids in his grade and they come by on the weekends so he’s growing up able to play with his friends and that’s so awesome. I’m a proud momma for sure. I feel like ive watched Killing eve but I can’t remember? We have spring break coming up soon, is it the same over the pond? Any plans for break?
  4. Oooh nice theme!! I should change my avatar to the Belcher family. How have you all been? I’m still chuggin along. The wee rose has begun taking steps with her upright push toy. This gives me a very small window to get my home baby proofed ASAP. Trying to get it cleaned today but kinda difficult with her into everything. Any recommendations for binge watches?
  5. This was my biggest mistake when I did prior SS. I should have asked for regional gifts. Those are so awesome!!! I love seeing what people get. Now that we are in a different state where my mail has never been stolen I can participate again next year.
  6. Binged and finished I’m not as smitten as others but I like it. Trent seriously makes me want to turn the mute on during any of his scenes (yes I know it’s meant to but dang).
  7. Right? I spent most of the episode going wtf? And wot was that beetle speech? Sansa? Wot? Wot? Wot? But hey, the giant looked pretty neato.
  8. Just so I'm clear because it's been a while since I've read the series: Vargo does not go to the wall and Jon does not know about Bran, correct? :ack: Craster's daughters may actually miss him :ack:
  9. I lol'd my butt off when she said this. Most people believe she's behind it but the show pretty much set it up that it was her. I always wondered if if was Garlan, but I don't think he exists in the show.
  10. I liked that Sansa's expression seemed to indicate that she understood that Ice was now Joff's new toy :( Her ice cold stares were marvelous, as were the ever so tender moments between her and Tyrion.
  11. I < 3 Olenna. Best part of the episode was the Oberyn - Loras gaze, along with the Brienne - Jaime eye lock. Pycelle is such a dirty old fart. And we finally see Varys! The very saddening aspect of this episode is that we will no longer be graced with Jack's immense talent. He's said he's done with acting after this show, which is disappointing because he really, really nailed Joffrey like no one else could :bowdown:
  12. Fat Walda is actually fat!!! I thought they cast a skinny actress so I'm glad to see she's not.
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