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  1. I gave it a five... Meereen was ironically the best part of this episode with KL coming in close second, though Robert Strong was cringeworthy in his obviousness. Even the Wall wasn't all bad, when you ignore the fact that Jon's conversation with Sam is pretty much the exact opposite of what happens in the books. My only beef with the Wall is the end where the closing shot is just wrong...the whole scene doesn't live up to the closing scenes from previous seasons, but that closing shot is just bad. O probably wouldn't mint it as much if the shot was made to focus out on the larger surroundings like all the previous season closing shots. But this one focuses in and the result is just weird. From purely visional point, it would have made more sense to end the season with Dany's closing shot. I now realize that I probably shouldn't have made it a five, because I rated it as compared to other GoT episodes, not other TV. It should have been more like 7 or 8. The good parts mostly balance the bad parts out and Dany was spot on.
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